Never thought I would be posting this for I, like many others, have not had as many hardships to add glory to the tale. But if my words could mayhap inspire even one amongst those who read it in times to come, I woud be happy to put them out there. The idea of pursuing training in management came from a fascination for doing something different. I am no engineer, not even a commerce grad. I come from the rare breed of arts students who walk this path and rarer still who find some degree success on it. Now success is subjective if you think of it in terms of results. My success finds its roots in a belief in my capability which found a boost even before the results came out. It is being a part of the struggle and that undying faith that you deserve a seat that makes makes you successful. You are the protagonist of this story and no college will define you or your potential. 

My profile happens to be below average. 10/12/UG (BA/LLB) - 89/70/72. Graduated in 2018 so my work ex would come out to be around 11 months in litigation by the time I join. Now the prep part. The thought of appearing for CAT and the other exams came to my mind in December, 2017 but final semester with empirical projects delayed any progress. Fast forward July 7, 2018, I sat with my mother to discuss what course of action to take for my future. She had long been trying to convince me to prepare for the entrance tests but I always had some excuse because I knew I could not get in with just 4-5 months of prep. Long sleepless nights followed and a week later I thought might as well give it a try. I messaged a mentor simply asking if it was possible. He replied in affirmative and then the chase was on.

Readers please note that I had a drop year after my 12th and in my 5 years' law course there was no maths involved so for all those using the excuse of how quant is difficult to manage for arts people, here I was with around 6.5 years of having been away from the subject. All my prep was online and I started my day with around 4 hours of lecture of quant followed rushing to the court, DILR lectures in the evening and RCs before bedtime. Kept this up for a month and then added mocks to the mix. 10 mocks down I was questioning my decision. 10 more and I did so no longer. 

CAT went fine with DILR playing spoil-sport per norm. With the response sheet being released, I knew I had exceeded my expectations but with other subjective elements, you simply never know. 

IIFT blew hot and cold. For about half a day I thought I would not make it with 2 sections below cut-off and I went to Vrindavan to get away from those discussing the paper and to calm my mind. On coming back the answer keys gave me a pleasant surprise. 

XAT was a quiet affair, the paper seemingly simpler with decision making having questions familiar to those who solved previous years' papers. There was an event organized near the center and the loudspeakers made our lives miserable but the ancestral technique of index fingers in the ears worked like a charm.

Final results- CAT/IIFT/XAT- 99.01/99.93/99.92. 

My prep for the interviews followed a diluted version of what Akshay had done. 

The interviews were surprisingly not very challenging perhaps because I was so used to answering uncomfortable questions in my profession or perhaps because academic diversity played a role. Joining XL this year.

The one definite factor that paved the way to where I am was meeting the brilliant people of DT '19. A sense of belongingness is what the group gave me. Seeing them fall, shrug it off, and be ready to take on the world gave me heart when the going got tough. And so it is to my ilk that I dedicate this. And also to those who doubt themselves because they do not come from a specific background or because their profile is poor. If I can do it, you sure can. Take charge of your fate and do not be afraid of taking a leap of faith. You are made of sterner stuff than you imagine. Believe.


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@WetPants  ·  127 karma

@anandnayak bhaaaaiiii...If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. all the best. rule them.

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@mayur_aroraIIM Bangalore  ·  9,223 karma

@WetPants Congratulations for XL dude!!

Have fun there.

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