Phew ! CAT and its associated activities are over for me . Alteast for this year .

I began dreaming about cracking CAT and getting into an IIM sometime in July 2017 , during my third year of engineering . 

Started with a really great Mock CAT season , where barring a couple of hiccups , I did very well. So well , infact that I was obsessed with getting into only the best of B Schools , ultimately making a few bad decisions like not applying for XL and SP Jain . I eventually only applied to all the IIMs ( only coz my dad filled the form and he didn't know which were old and which were new) and FMS .

Then on the D-Day , Murphy's Law raised its head and decided to screw with me . I had a horrible CAT , worse than all my mocks . 

Slot 1 , Bangalore.

After a decent VARC where i attempted around 30 questions came DILR , which was by far my strongest subject , seemed like the easiest in years .In fact it seemed so good that I ended up attempting 28/32 questions ( 7 full sets )  and then the infamous 2019 QA hit me . Solved exactly 2 out of the first 10 questions in 15 mins . Did not improve much in the remaining time . I always knew geometry was my achilles heel but never expected as many questions from that subject as there were in the paper .

Funny part was I still thought that I had a really good CAT and lived in a bubble for a few days till the answer key came out .

I had never made more than 2 or 3 mistakes in DILR , but on that fateful day ended up messing up 2 whole sets and then some .

Final Raw Score was 165 with 70/43/52 individually in VARC/DILR/QA.

This translated to 99.36 percentile .

With just about average acads  and being a GEM fresher meant that I had only calls from FMS , IIMK and CAP ( Didn't attend ) .

Both my interviews at IIMK and FMS revolved about me being a fresher and I could not defend the classic " Why IIM" question as well as I would have liked .

I got rejected by both institutes . Looks like its CAT 19 for me now . Its probably for the best , who knows maybe I may even make it to Joka next year .

After all its a brand new year , new hopes but the same old dreams .

The most important thing is that while we may fall on our backs , we should always get back up and run . As wise men have said , its not about the destination , its about the journey and mine continues .

Special thanks to the PG Dream Team 2019 , you guys helped from slipping into depression and inspired me to keep running . @hathiappa @anandnayak @moinack @ZappAttack @Praharsh_Hathi3 @SmileyKRK @EricR @madscorer @chetanjadhav20 @rohitcd @abckl_123@ronniem1996123@harsh_ranjan100@jbk.hcyju@arshsahay100@aabhasm1996@Racist @mayur_arora and so many others that I could keep going .

To those who got into a college of their choice . Congratulations Guys , you guys worked hard and were intelligent enough to get in .

To the others who will be writing CAT 19 , lets make this journey memorable . I don't know if we'll make it next year or in any of the coming years , but I can guarantee that the effort we put in will give us rewards somewhere , even if it isn't what we planned for .

I know my journey with CAT isn't over yet .

I failed in my attempt to achieve my dream this year but someone reminded me that even failures have to written . It struck me very deeply and so I wrote about all I had to say about CAT . Afterall that is AIWTSAC .

Thanks for reading . :)

DT'19 | DT'18 | CAT'19 - 100.00 | XAT'20 - 99.914 |  CAT'18 - 99.36 |  
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@ashwinhari You were meant for a perfect 100

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@MohitMehar Bas kar stalking!

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