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This post is related to those candidates who are willing greatly to join in Airports authority of India in executive cadre as junior executive in ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS,CNS,ATC, OPERATIONS,IT, COMMERCIAL..and all other JE POST

As we all know AAI recruits after a period of 3 years gap.we as candidates get very few chances to appear for the recruitment process.Also it's so much competitive that we don't get success at one chance.

So it's kind of a small initiative that we write to the AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA to 

(INCREASE THE AGE LIMIT FROM 27 YEARS FROM GENERAL CATEGORY TO 30 YEARS) and similarly other categories will get age relaxed too.

We have seen now maximum psu do have age limit of 30 as they don't recruit on a regular basis.

So why not we request them to do the same so that atleast we get chance to appear for the recruitment process.

The following can be done:

1.Tweet tagging ministry of civil aviation

2.By emailing to the HRD DEPT OF AAI IN NEW DELHI  (dgoel@aai.aero)/(jkgoel@aai.aero)

3.By calling one on one to the HQ OF AAI IN NEW DELHI  (011-24693403) (Mr.d goel)/(011-24616810,011-24632950,011-24632419)(Mr j.k goel)

4.By writting letters to AAI HQ NEW DELHI individually 

Telling about our concern to them and request immediate effects.

We are opening a tgram group to discuss about further process..


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 https://t.me/joincha /MJwkBBiiO2KgC9GA9v08MA 

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Please insert t in joincha(t) and enter the telegram group

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