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Hi guys I have 4yrs of workex in IT and gmat score of 700 I have offers from Australian Graduate School of Management and Melbourne Business School I just wanted to know how Good/Bad these schools are and how Tough/Easy is it finding jobs i...
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I am planning to go for my MBA from Australia next year. Please find below my details:

10%: 75>>
12%: 76%>>
Bachelors: 65% in Electronics and Telecom (Some private college... )
GMAT Score: 650 (Q49, V29) AWA 5 (Time ran out ...)
Work Exp: 3.2 years experience in IT working with Infosys Limited as a Senior System Engineer in Banking Domain with Wachovia bank, one of financial services subsidiary of Wells Fargo, as the client. Have worked on 2 migration projects as of now, handling my current project single handedly from offshore. No onsite experience as of now.
Extra curriculars: Organised many events at account level, was selected as a member of the Self Governance team among 100s of applicants, participated in numerous paper presentation competitions and workshops at college level.
IELTS: Giving next month
Interested in: Have technical knowledge about banking so want to go for MBA finance, International Business (2nd priority)

Please have a look at my profile and let me know what are my chances of making it to the MBS or AGSM in Australia.

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hi there may i have ur email id so we can discuss the possibilities, mine is

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Hi guys
I have 4yrs of workex in IT and gmat score of 700
I have offers from Australian Graduate School of Management and Melbourne Business School
I just wanted to know how Good/Bad these schools are and how Tough/Easy is it finding jobs in Aussie land

hi there i have also got admit from AGSM and MBS ...gmat 720 , 10+ yrs of experience in oil and gas.........

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HI All
My Profile goes like this:
Done my Engg from Bits-Pilani(CGPA:7.57/10)
Working with Oracle for the past 2 years
I have my GMAT next month.

Now my question is with this profile , how good are my success chances to get a AGSM/MBS Admission.What would be an optimum GMAT score for me to get the AGSM/MBS admit .


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Received AGSM admit letter today. Any AGSM Alumni or current student active in this group please let me know - Thanks.

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AGSM is a good Business school and is highly regarded amongst the MNCs based in Sydney that have a strong MBA culture. It also has a good ranking in the APAC region and is rated amongst the top 40 MBA programs globally.

AGSM and MBS have a healthy rivalry with another, one that their students celebrate every year in the form of a competition. Thus you get to know students from the other school as well.

It is always good to network and seek the thoughts of current students studying in the school as well as Alumni. One site that makes it really easy to do this is ***************.

Infact if you are considering an MBA at AGSM, then do checkout the AGSM Profile Page on ***************.

They have some great stories, like a formal Video Description of the Program as well as an AGSM Alum sharing videos of topics he learned while doing the MBA.

Best of luck to you in your journey

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I've heard AGSM offers lots of networking opportunities for their MBA students - which would obviously come in helpful when job hunting! You can have a chat with a bunch of current and graduated AGSM students here at Australian Graduate School of Management. Theres also a bunch of quick facts about the school which may interest you!

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I had a query from a MBS admit - I sent the mail to an alum to get some inside view of things. Please find the responses to the questions he had posed:

> 1) What is the reputation of MBS in Australia & Asia among students and
> recruiters??
MBS reputation is quite good among Australian and Asian recruiters. All top companies have MBS alumni working for them. However, it is not as well known outside Asia.

> 2) Do you have any idea about MBS campus placements?I have heard that most
> australian universities are not good
> from placement point of view and their mba degree's are not well recognized
> in US and europe. Is it true?
Placements will be better this year with all major consultancies coming to campus. Students will get chances - the rest depends on the grades, experience and skill set of students, not necessarily in that order. Degrees are recognized but will not open doors for you, but will at least secure you an interview. People will have heard of MBS and know of its reputation as Australia's best business school.

> 3) How good is the job market in australia? Do people(indians) need to come
> back to india to
> find jobs? If yes then how much (Rupee salaries)have people been getting
> after coming back?
Job market is obviously not as hot as in India. Australian experience and industry specific experience is highly regarded and it may be difficult to change industries unless you are an outstanding candidate and can demonstrate it.

> 4) How well reputed is the general management program (as there is no
> specialization)?
Faculty is highly rated, facilities are good. You can specialize i.e. take enough Finance / Marketing etc. subjects to say that you have majored in something..

> 5) MBS 2006 placement stats show that most of the placements happen through
> own networks of the students(and average work ex is 7 yrs). So in that case
> would > you recommend MBS to me(3yrs work ex by the time I go)?
NO. Even in general terms, at least 5 years experience is needed. You will got get as much out of the course. Getting in is one thing, getting most out of the course is another. A lot of learning is peer to peer. Even during placement season, companies will prefer candidates with more experience even if they do not have as good grades.

> 6) In case if i choose to defer my admission, what should be the reason
> given?
Tell them that you have got a great carrer opportunity in your currnet company, and you think it will help your personal development and you will be able to get more out of the MBA course.

> They have not taken any interview before offering me the addmission...i have
> not heard any such case in other good colleges.
> whats your take on this??
Pesonally, I think it is a bad practice. Rahul had brought this up with the school's admissions committee.

On the whole, I think that you should wait for a couple of years. Come to Australia with a Permanent Residency. And come with the understanding that you will have to work hard to get a good job here.

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thanks for the reply
So what all schools are u lookin at
and what is ur profile like
What do u think abt Rotman and Schulich
Cos i have applied to these two too

Hey dude... I think MBS and AGSM are the best bschools in Aus. I was advised to app to these places if I was interested in the Ozzie life. But like Susie, I wasnt terribly impressed with the placements or the ease of getting jobs/work permits in Australia. They have a point system for the getting work permits/PRs but it was a little too complicated for me to go through with it to find out if I qualify or not.

Canada - now their point system for PR is much more easier to calculate(click here to see if you qualify as a skilled worker). I think both Rotman and Schulich are better brand names than the aussie schools. Placements are good/Work permit is not that tough or complicated to get.

I have an admit from Rotman which I plan to take up. Wasn't interested in Schulich so didnt apply there but thats also a good school. Since I have the admit I have a personal bias towards Rotman .

All the best with your decision.
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