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There is no doubt that *Site and Platform Engineering *can really take its toll on the assets of any company, no matter the size or structure. There is a lot of work going into *website design and development *as well as in the *desktop applicatio...
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There is no doubt that Site and Platform Engineering can really take its toll on the assets of any company, no matter the size or structure. There is a lot of work going into website design and development as well as in the desktop application development needed for connecting the platform with the desktop environment.
On paper, these figures are enough to scare anybody but at Developers Global, we are using an elegant way to go around this and get the best possible performance at affordable prices. Our primary goal was to be able to offer a diverse and complete range of site and platform engineering along with software development services for any company, no matter the size or assets. Of course, to be able to do this, we needed to make sure that our services are first and foremost affordable to anyone. This is where the problems start but we are glad to say that we found one of the best solutions to go around this.

To clear the suspense, this is what we are talking about: Cloud Computing - High Availability Clusters like the AWS/EC2 Amazon service. Some of you may be thinking "well, money isn't really a problem since all you have to do is cut back on infrastructure costs by purchasing cheaper equipment and choosing a simpler layout". Well, this is all fine and dandy until something good happens, like if you get more visitors than expected. At first, this will be a cause of joy and excitement but it won't be long until your platform won't be able to handle the increased traffic.

On the flipside, there is also another problem with site and platform engineering that many fail to look into and that's wasted resources. Your traffic will vary a lot and there will be a lot of times when it will be fairly low. This means that resources are wasted and with them, money.

Well, by taking the cloud approach, both these problems are take care of instantly and in real time. Because one of them main assets of Cloud Computing is elasticity, the amount of resources allocated for any task are directly proportional to the demand. During high traffic hours, more resources will be made available and during low traffic hours, the platform will use a reduced number of resources.
Not only is this affordable computing but it also enables entrepreneurs to spend according to their needs.
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