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Updated 18 May, 2018.

 Hello MBA/PGDM Aspirants!
Greetings from International School of Business & Media !
 We happily annouce the last deadline extension of application form (Batch 2018-20) would be March 20th ,2018 after the overwhelming response from students interested in PGDM . We encourage candidates to use this extension to their advantage. 
For registering  Online ,click on
Steps to Follow-1. Click on Apply Online.
2.  Fill up the Application form step wise and hit the Submit button followed by which you would be given a ISB&M ID of 6-digit.( ISB&M ID would be sent to your registered mail ID for further reference)
3. Click on Pay Online ( below Apply Online button) , enter your ISB&M ID and pay the registration fee. 
Incase of any queries, feel free to call us on 020-66754707 

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ISB&M Offers Highly Acclaimed and Internationally Awarded MBA Program
ISB&M offers Master's Degree in Business Administration with professional education standards and acumen

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