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Civil Engineering graduate school essay

Infrastructure has, since time immemorial, always fascinated me. Back in first grade in my little hometown at Canberra, I remember gazing with fondness at the buildings, the houses, the highways, and the bridges, wondering how they were made, wishing I could, someday, be able to put to rise such useful structures as these. My parents would buy me Lego toys to play with when I was a kid. Come high school, I would do small carpenter jobs for my neighbors for a few dollars. I remember vividly how my Lego toys and my carpentry tools give me joy whenever I tinker with them, sans the fact that I am a girl and these things are no girly stuff. These inspired me to seek for a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at Sydney Institute four years ago. It was a whole lot different from the toys and the tools I fiddled with when I was younger. I found that, aside from engineering equipment, I also have to be equipped with books, attitude, and an unwavering faith in myself and in the greatest Engineer of all time. I was able to finish the course with flying course and land a job as a junior engineer in a private construction firm. Our company is behind the construction and renovation of many business establishments in the City, including the famous Viewing Tower and St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney. If you want to read more suc a great samples you can visit and look for what you want to find.

But what really made me want to pursue further studies in the field were not the engineering instruments nor the books, but my six-year-old nephew. He seems to be following in my footsteps: his dad, my elder brother, would also always gift him with Lego toys since the kid is apparently hooked with construction things, too. One day, I joined the little boy in playing with his Lego toys and we started talking about our passion for building monuments just like Telstra Tower and the Parliament or the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House in Sydney. As the day ended, he said these words, words that served to change the course of my life: “You know what, I wish I can be like you, Auntie, when I grow up.” My insight: Seeing kids who have the same passion as you have for instituting edifices that outlast a lifetime is already a very stirring thing. But witnessing them wanting to be just like you is another matter. That made me want to be a professor of civil engineers at Sydney Institute. To qualify for my desired position, I need to have at least a master’s degree. So, I pursued a master’s research degree at the University of Canberra. And, just as I have done with my bachelor’s degree, with passion, perseverance, and patience, I was able to successfully breeze through my Master’s and land a teaching job at the Institute.

Now, I am on the verge of taking up a doctor’s degree in civil engineering research in the same University. My aim is to gain more knowledge, expertise, and research experience so that I can come up with more contributions to the field that I have come to love and grow up with.

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