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***1\. I want to study at AIT. What does AIT offer and what are the admissions requirements?* The Institute offers: Doctoral Degrees, Executive Master's Degree, Master's Degrees, Diploma & Certificate Programs, Non-degree programs & Intensive...
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1. I want to study at AIT. What does AIT offer and what are the admissions requirements?

The Institute offers: Doctoral Degrees, Executive Master's Degree, Master's Degrees, Diploma & Certificate Programs, Non-degree programs & Intensive English language.

For admissions requirements on the Degree Programs please visit the Admissions website.
For non degree training, visit the AIT Extension and the Language Center
2. What Fields of Study and Courses does AIT Offer?

The Institute currently offers 40 fields of study/areas of study or specialization.

3. When is the school intake and the application deadline?
While most students are admitted in August semester, for flexibility students can be admitted into certain fields in January semester. Doctoral students may enter either January or August semester. For more details on specific application deadlines, please visit the Admission Calendar.

4. How can I obtain the application form?
Application forms can be downloaded from the admissions website using Adobe Acrobat Reader or you can also request from our office for the Application form to be mailed to you.

5. How much is the application processing fee?
For on-line application, the processing fee is US$20 or Baht 800. For application by mail the fee is US$20 or Baht 800 if application form is downloaded from the web or US$25 or Baht 1,000 if application forms are received by post from the Admissions & Scholarships Office/or Schools.

6. How should I pay for the application processing fee?
It must be sent together with your application. Payment must be received in order for your application to be processed. You can pay your application fee by credit card or bank draft. If you are paying by credit card: Fill in all information, including the complete credit card number, expiration date, and card billing information. Mode of payment is available in the Admission's website. Payment by money transfer through bank account is not acceptable.

7. Can I pay the on-line application processing fee using credit cards?
Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Please note that payment by credit card is preferred; as use of a bank draft can delay the processing of your application by several business days while your draft is being cleared.
8. Can a friend in Thailand pay the application processing fee for me?
Yes, a third party can pay your application fee on your behalf.
9. I cannot afford the application processing fee. Can it be waived?
No. Payment of the application processing fee must be received with the application and cannot be waived or postponed. Many applicants resolve this difficulty by having a friend or relative in Thailand pay the application processing fee for them, and they repay that person after arriving here.
10. Will my application be processed if I do not send the application processing fee? Can I pay it after I am admitted?
No. Payment of the application fee cannot be waived or postponed. Your application materials will not be processed without payment of the application fee.
11. Can I apply to two Fields of Study at the same time?
No. You can only apply to one field of study at any time but you can indicate your first choice and your second choice of field of study. Your first choice of study will be the basis for you application assessment at any time.
12. How much does it cost to study at AIT?
The different program of study costs are given in the admissions website.
13. What is the average cost of living?
The average cost of living ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 Baht per month. (approx. USD 250 375)14. What is the duration of study?
Master's Degree students normally study for 22 months this includes four semesters, two short breaks and one long break between semesters. Doctoral students study for at least six semesters or three years. The diploma program is at least two semesters long and the certificate program is one semester long.
15. Do you offer financial support? How do I apply?
Yes, we have various forms of financial packages available to highly-qualified applicants from funds granted by donors as well as from AIT itself. To apply, you need to submit Form 3 AIT Financial Aid together with your application.
16. Are there scholarship grants available for international students to apply for?
AIT offers a limited number of financial awards in the form of scholarships and fellowships for the Master's and Doctoral programs, on a highly competitive basis, to applicants who have been evaluated as outstandingly qualified for admission and who can show proof of financial need during their study at AIT.
17. Who must write my letters of recommendation?
Two letters of Recommendation are required (Form 2) At least one of these Letters of Recommendation must be completed by a university faculty member. Each form must be completed and signed by the referee him/herself, otherwise it will be invalid.
18. Is English language proficiency required?
Yes, All AIT programs are conducted in English; thus, you will need to provide proof of English language proficiency. Applicants with good undergraduate records and minimum scores of at least IELTS 4.5; TOEFL-Internet-based 61/ computer-based 173/ paper-based 500; ICE TEFOW 120; AITEET 4.5; GRE (Analytical Writing); CET 4 (China) 510; CU-TEP (Thailand) 62; ARC (Lao PDR) 5.0 are considered for admission but will be required to attend English classes at AIT and/or should attend the AIT Bridging Program before entry; those who score less should study English in their home countries until they are ready to apply, For more details please visit eligibility requirements.

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