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Please share info about TISS , it is probably the most underrated college just because it is not corporation oriented.

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Hello Everyone ,

I am a MBA aspirant ; have given CAT . But I also have a penchant for helping my countrymen and my government. Unfortunately, there is not much info about TISS on the internet , neither do I know any TISS passout. We all know that TISS is one of a kind ,providing MA in "Social works" . We all know that is its forte but what we don't know is how good are TISS passouts doing . So please shed some light on this topic. I would like a TISS passout or someone who knows a TISS passout to please elaborate on their experience . Please answer questions like :

1)How good are TISSians doing on a personal note?

2)DO they live a sustained good life?

3)DO they earn good enough ?

4)Do a large number of them help government projects ?

5)How would they rate themselves in helping the "social cause" ?

etc etc.

Thanks in advance .. I will wait eagerly for a reply ..

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