a confused person who needs career counselling! plz help pagalguys..

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Hi frnds! I am currently doing a job which doesnt pay me well. My grad is in B.Tech Mechanical, passout yr 2013, with not so good college.(a mediocre one). I want 2 enter into a psu and so i have joined gate coaching classes. However, being a mech engr, i am working in a completely different profile (publishing and media industry) so as to keep a back up option (if i not happen to clear my gate exam next yr).. But, coaching plus job is becoming a hectic one. So, i am thinking to leave my current job and rather focus completely on studies., Cz Itz been 1 yr now i've been working in a different field and gained work exp also. But i fear if i leave my current job and do not clear my gate exam next yr or even if cleared but cudnt make up the interview round, den wud a gap of few months of being unemployed until next yr affect my career graph in my resume, if i happen to lookout for job opportunities... If yes, den in what ways? I am not confident at all about myself of what i should do or take a next step!! B'cz i did a job for 1 yr which is not of my profile and wud only want 2 switch if i get a good opportunity with a decent pay..Plz help how should i go about!!

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