6th December ~~ Happy Birthday Digital_Saint aka Ashish

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happy birthday

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belated happy bday dude.. .this is one Ashish wishin another


MDI Gurgaon(Batch of 2009)
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Blated happy bday !! Digital ....

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happy birthday digital saint... have a blast!!

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One of the best birthdays I've ever had! Absolute fun all day long and then so much love showered by PG friends. I guess only the lucky people who have had b'day thread (and yea some uber-elite people get more than one within a span of few days) dedicated to them can imagine how 'royal' it feels to see your own b'day thread. :wow: :bday:

Nikhil, thanks a lot for the wishes, and the Hayabusa.:p I don't think the words alone would do any justice but this thread means a lot to me. Thanks a lot and I hope we meet up in Pune, or if you plan to come to this part of the country, it would be my pleasure to be your host. Ghoomenge firenge poori masti karenge.

Thanks Brij. SR aur teri love story kahan pahonchi 😛

Ishaaa, Thanks a lot for the wishes and the song you sung for me. :biggrin: I hope I did not pester you too much for that.:p

Paras, tamaro khub khub abhar. XAT phodna hai har haal mein. I hope, and pray to God that you get into an elite B School.:)

Thank you, UTG. Wish you a wonderful life ahead and yes I still remember you have helped me a lot. :)

Raniwi, thank you hai for the budday geeft. Long drive par chalein isi pe? :biggrin: :yell: Thanks, not just for the wishes and the gift but also for being the most cheerful personality of this forum and a lot many other things which even you might not be aware of. I wish there was a better way to show gratitude than just saying 'thanks' and these simple words of mine.

Aastha, the Arcade champ.:wow: Thanks for the wishes. Yaar kuchh tips hi de do mujhe ye saari games crack karne ke liye

Warrior, teri to khabar leni hai. Tu sabhi ko raat ke 3 baje call karke b'day wish karta hai ya fir it was just me? Thanks a lot bhai and yes get set for the GD, PIs. You know your target and I am sure you have all that it takes to be there.:thumbsup:

Plumber, thanks a lot mate. I hope the Lord gives you everything that you have always wanted(CAT retest for now? :p)

Thanks Saurav. Aaj kal kaunse desh mein ho? 😁 Wish you good luck in all your endeavors. And keep the things going back and forth on the camera thread.

Thanks a lot for the wishes Praveen.

Mridul, thanks mate. Wish you all the best for the journey to the B Schools, and beyond.

Vishnunair, thanks a lot. You too have a good time ahead.

Amitnsitian :wow: bahot charche sune hain bhai aapke. Thanks a lot for the wishes and wish you a very good luck for the exams you are appearing for. Rock on!

Ali, you da man! :bigups: I had a fabulous day, except that my rear end still hurts. After a good time with my buddies when I got back home, I got a phone call from Ali :wow: Man, that was the best surprise of the day - getting a call from someone whom you never interacted with on voice and have not given your phone number either. I was at loss of words for some time. Ali, you rock brother! And yes, I am a big fan of your voice. 😛 Don't all those girls get impressed by your cool voice? Yea I know the answer already.Let's hope the thing you initiated today goes a long long way. *hugs*

Thanks a lot MBA-crusader. Wish you a superb life ahead.

Hehe grond, thanks. I certainly am enjoying the bikes, particularly the one gifted by Rani 😛

Thanks maxwriter. May you do well in all the exams you are appearing for.

Chango, Thanks for the wishes.

sid_dharth, Thanks bro.

Anarchy, Yea I hope that the record stays there for some time, if only you do not beat it. 😛 Thanks a lot for the wishes.

Bugga, Dhanya ho. Aap thread pe padhare hamein wish karne.:wow: Bahot gyan liya hai aapse. Dhanyawaad aur haan XLRI ke liye all the best.:thumbsup:

Roshi-the-dancing-queen : Thank you hai ji.

Rohanxavier - Thanks. You too keep rocking!

Mahip Apni post ko edit kar de. Agar kahin unhone galti se bhi padh liya na to le jayenge interrogation ke liye, no matter whether your area falls under their jurisdiction or not Thanks a lot for the wishes.
Ninja_talli, thanks a lot. Bhains ko danda kyon maara

Ahha it's Payal, the ever laughing girl :biggrin: Thanks a lot dost. :yell: Did I tell you I love it when you giggle Thanks a ton for the phone call and wish you all the best for the exams that are coming up. :)

Mitesh, thanks a lot. Wish you a great life ahead.

Maitreyee/Maitrayee, Trust me, I googled both the spellings:confused: and both seem to be equally used. Thanks a lot for the wishes. :D

FC, Thanks a lot. I guesss agar maine aisi ID banayi hoti to I wont have been able to login after registration unless I saved the ID in some text file. How do you remember the spelling of Fransseco CATtie? Bullet? Did you just notice the bikes I just got Bring it on! :biggrin:

Damn good aka daman :wow: the b'day gift! Regarding the party, veer jadon tu kahven oddo manjoor mainu. Park Plaza Ldh chalugi? Ya fer kisey exam ch aapna centre vi same ban sakda hai Chd ch. So we can chalk that out. Eh mai hun tere utte chhadeya. Yaar hun b'day bare main aap thode dasna si.:p Eh taan tainu aape labhna chahida si.

Thanks srinkanthk
Mahesh, Abhi bhi ghar mein hi reh raha hai ya sanyas le liya hai tune? Do keep me in the loop about your present status. Also, how is the Suzuki Dirt Racer now 😛 Thanks. :biggrin:

Scorpion_girl, thanks

Neosumit, thanks bhai
Soumya, thanks a lot 😛 Now you know my name

Jokingly_yours, thanks a lot. Nice ID:thumbsup:

Shailesh bhai, ye aisi advice kyon? :rockedov: Driving after drinking is pretty fine but drinking 'while' driving is not. While driving daaru ki bottle girne ka khatra hota hai :shock: So, economically speaking

Mansr Thanks a lot mate. I really had a blast this time round. Wish you good luck for the exams you are taking this season.

Monil, Thanks a lot, the wonderful mod. You too have a great time.

Shekhar, binary state? :shock: yes yes I read your B School rank. It runs in the blood. Thanks a lot and you too have a fabulous time.

Neelabh :shock: Bahot bahot dhanyawaad bhai. May God bless you with the best things in life.

Sunila thanks a lot for the cake, and more.

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Finally meri baari.....

Wish u a great year ahead!!!!!!!

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Though not the rite thread, but i still choose to post this one !

damn good Says
pps. see u in GIM 😃 :wink:

Yeh GIM connection samajh nahi aaya ! Either I have missed a greater part of the story or am caught unaware at the moment regarding something !
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Sant Siromani Digi bhai :satisfie: ...janamdin ki shubhkamnayein :biggrin: :drinking:
PS: why do bday threads need to hav so many " ctrl c + ctrl v " jobs? 😐
Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave. www.linkedin.com/in/neelabh
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Many Many Happy Returns of the Day d00d!!

!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the day DS and have a Marvellous year ahead.

binary state = 1 , always


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Many many happy returns of the day DS!

Have a blast and a Fab year ahead! :D

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