570 gmat score, 11 years Managerial Exp.

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to know good MBA Collgege options

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 Hi , I have 570 gmat score and 11 years of Experience ( incl. 6 years Project Manager Experience ) from top IT firm. Can someone recommend good MBA School in Europe / US where i can apply. 

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Hello @fraudi,

570 is a bit on the lower side to target decent programs in the US and Europe. This is not to say that you will not find options but to say that a retake is strongly recommended. Nonetheless, if you wish to go ahead with this score, we suggest that you look at the lower ranked schools in the US Top 100, write to them in order to seek your eligibility, and apply. Of course, if you are targetting the EMBA programs, we would recommend those programs, which offer a GMAT waiver as your chances will be dignificantly better there. All the best! 

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