VARC-35 (17A/13C ) 82th percentile(still some of their answers are far-fetched )

DILR -15 (5A/5C ) 35.9th percentile .. got stuck on a wrong set or else could have done atleast 2 complete sets .and 1 or 2 here & there..

QA- 27 (9A/9C) 66.5th percentile ( left 2 questions unmarked; mark for review opn got me this tym) 

OA -77 (31A/27C) 66th percentile ..

My scores suck but dunno why im still very optimistic about the D-Day and m willing to work even more harder with each passing day... ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME 

CAT'20- 96.3%ile VARC 99.26%ile |  CAT'21 It is!
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@Pidnas_1  ·  470 karma

Bhai staying optimistic is very important at this phase, trust yourself. If i can score 124 even after scoring a 62 in a easy mock, you can too.

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@underdog_66  ·  133 karma

@Pidnas_1 Rightly said bro...Staying postive throughtout the last leg is sacrosanct & Kudos for a achieving a 100% improvement ..hope i would be able to double up my scores before CAT and if not in the mocks, on the D-DAY itself 😃

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