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VARC: 21 (9C/9W)

DILR: 11 ( 4C/ 2W)

QA: 16 (6C/ 6W)

OA: 48 (19C/ 17W) 64.25 Percentile

rank: 4565

Please ignore the rant. It isn't very important.

I'm posting this here for the first time as a motivation to improve. I don't have any study partners or anyone of similar mindset and level. So im hoping this will give me a boost to keep going forward as the last 2 weeks have been dull and I was on the verge of giving up. Eventhough I've started preparing early (september 2019), I keep feeling like I'm nowhere close to my destination. It has been very frustrating but I took AIMCAT 2118 today and saw a slight improvement. I'll take that as a sign and keep on trying. I hope you can too!

Good luck :)

CAT 2020 aspirant. Non engineer (BA English)
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