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Given After Slot

VARC-40-(40 in Aimcat Varc,That too in new pattern,What sorcery is this?)

DILR-39-(Need to be more accurate and swift,4 set paper)

QA-21-(Dont know how these 40 mins passed,there were some qns though)

OA-100-98.xx-(46A/35C)  (VARC saved me somehow,Quant sectionals is the way to go)

CAT'18-97.90,CAT'19-98.31,MBACET'20-99.90. One Last Time.
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@pgorai1  ·  26 karma

@ashete121 which Quant sectionals are you referring here ?

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@ashete121  ·  86 karma

@pgorai1 Not reffering to any specific sectional. I am trying to say that I ll be doing quant sectionals henceforth.

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