Took it today -

VARC - 74 (33A/26C) - Happy to see a 70+ score again. But accuracy could use some more improvement. It wasn't a particularly difficult paper except 1 passage perhaps, so I should be targetting 80+ on such papers.

DILR - 27 (15A/10C) - Completely botched the coin picking set. Lost focus and answered all the questions based on the wrong logic. Could have also attempted the last set had I not wasted time on the movie one. Selections also seemed standard but didn't attempt because the first question scared me.

QA - 65 (22A/21C) - Was an easy paper, happy that I was able to make use of it. Pleased with the accuracy as that was bringing me down earlier. Hope to maintain it till 24th!

OA - 166 - A better performance in DILR could put me above 180. Won't bother with the percentile as its not comparable.

Until the next one!

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