Took it today -

VARC - 62 (28A/22C) - Ouch! Spent way too much time on RCs. The Economics passage was really difficult, and the data-oil passage seemed to have too many close options? Could have scored 70 with better time management though.

DILR - 60 (20A/20C) - The heights and arrangement set took too much time. But after that initial debacle, I am happy I was able to attempt 5 sets.

QA - 52 (22A/18C) - Seemed rather easy. Were all the initial AIMCATs of the season on the easier side? Would be happier with better accuracy, and some more attempts. There were questions where I had the approach in mind but made mistakes while working them out and finally couldn't answer them.

OA - 174. 15 more marks was doable, especially with just 17 days to go for CAT.

Until the next one!

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Please advice me on how to improve VARC and LRDI. 

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