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Hey guys,

Need some help with a VARC strat.

So lately in mock analysis I have observed that I am over-thinking on some RC questions, where the answer seems easy, obvious and right in front of eyes......

But then I start thinking in a direction that there is a gap in my understanding, which leads to marking a wrong choice which I arrived using some complicated reasoning....

Could you suggest how do I get over this tendency ?

And what would you suggest, in general, if I face such situation in CAT, go with the instinct of marking an answer that looks obvious, or think more deeply ? 

(I know that depends on the question, but maybe you can answer from past CAT experiences)

I usually score in 50-60 range, and consider this as primary reason for not breaking into the 60s more often.

Would really appreciate your help!

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@vai221094  ·  14 karma

Thanks bro, I'll try using this advice.

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@KrishnaSripada  ·  24 karma

Please go through this tool called CAT Strat available on your TIME SHP. All these questions have been answered quite clearly.

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