This set was from SIMCAT 7 2019. Can anybody explain it please how to form the table? I went through the written solution but didn't understand it well. Please help.

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The few imp.points to identify in this set were:

1. 500rs notes will always be even so we'll hv 8 possibilities i.e10,12,14,16....

2.we need to target total amounts which are multiples of 1000 and are in AP and we are already given 2 amounts 21k and 29k so if the difference was of only 1000 in 6 total amounts we would get 21k,22,23,24,25,26 but are hihgest amount is 29k and 21k is not the least hence difference will be of 2k for sure thus we hv the following total amounts 19k,21k,23k,....till 29k

3. target maharashtra then

I hope this helps

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@Aguero10 Thank you.

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