[2019] AIMCAT 2016 :: 27th July to 29th July

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Took it today

VA 19 (*78.96) :(

LRDI 48 (*99.36)

QA 56 (*99.29)

OA 123 (*98.8)

*- roughly calculated from All india performance

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@rahulmajumder  ·  4 karma

@pravin252 its saying correspondence students are not allowed for this mocks

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  Can anyone please post any links here where one could download the 2018 mocks of any of IMS, TIME or CL. Thanks in advance.  

CAT 2019: 99.98 | IIM C 2020-22
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@fTheWorldIIM Calcutta  ·  377 karma

@DreamerIIMC bhai thanks for these resources but inme each question ke aage hi uska answer hai. Do you have the 2018 mock papers jinme solutions na diye hon?

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 #CATSessions #Kolkata #IIMC

CAT 2019 Classes by IIM Calcutta students @Rs.99 Only!

Hi Guys,

We, a group of IIM Calcutta students, are launching a new venture. We will be conducting  topic-wise classroom sessions for CAT. 

Why pay hefty fees for year long coaching when you can pay only for the topics that you find difficult! 

We are conducting our first workshop in Kolkata on Sunday, 4th August on Permutations and Combinations along with a general discussion on CAT and Bschool selection

The cost of the workshop is only Rs. 99/-

Interested students, please join the group below:


Or send an email to oswalg2020@email.iimcal.ac.in

-Gautam Oswal

MBA Batch of 2020

IIM Calcutta

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AIMCAT 2016 2nd RC Doubt

"After all, certain animals that have large and complex brains relative to their body size — such as mice and rats — but do not have language or, presumably, our level of self-awareness, also lose the memories they make in infancy."

Doesn't this sentence actually negate the point it is trying to make?

It was previously believed that infants lose memories because of a lack of sense of self, and lack of use of language and communication. The same is observed in mices and rats, who also do not have language. So does this not strenghten the previously believed theory? This proves that in any case where language is absent, memories will vanish more easily.

I feel instead of writing how mices and rats are similar to humans in the respect of losing memories of infant age, they should have written how they are similar in retaining memories of adult age, DESPITE a lack of language in mices and rats. 

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@KrishnaSripada  ·  24 karma

Okay, now I understand why you got this doubt. So you are reading the sentence without the 'After all' in the beginning. The 'After all' changes everything, but I guess you completely ignored it. 

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@tenfeettall  ·  65 karma

The confusion stems from this phrase - "their absence could not be the whole explanation for childhood amnesia". After this comes the above sentence. So basically what the author is saying is no language --> no memory --> but cannot be whole explanation --> after all, other animals --> no language --> no memory. When he says that it cannot be the full explanation, you expect him to provide some other explanation, but instead of that he/she seems to strengthen their original argument. However, now that I read it - what @KrishnaSripada said makes sense - the author meant that animals who have nothing to do with language, either in their infancy or in their adulthood, still lose their memories in infancy. So language cannot be the reason or the full explanation.

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VARC  -  97.02 (38)

DILR   -  99.95 (60)

QA     -  99.90 (67)

OA     -  99.97 (165) --> AIR - 04 

CAT19 - 99.94 (DILR 100) | Converts: A, B, C | PG DT'19|
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@Bhimana  ·  708 karma

@darklord97 plz go through my previous posts, U'll find

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 VARC - 90.57 (28)

 DILR - 98.93 (47) 

QA - 98.40 (51)

OA - 99 (126) 

AIR 143 

Easy 150+ mock.Wasted golden opportunity :(

CAT2017-95.3|| XAT2018-99.3
@mayu0209  ·  134 karma

Can you tell me your exact overall percentile I also got the same marks(128--28/39/61) but gave it today.

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@SAITEJA_REPALLE  ·  4 karma


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