[2019] AIMCAT 2008(27th September-30th September)

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This thread is to post scores and percentiles and discuss test-taking strategies, doubts, and queries for AIMCAT 2008 [2019].
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Attempted it today -

VARC 51 (28A/19C) - That's a wake-up call. For some reason I assumed that I cannot get below 60 in this section. Yet to analyse what went wrong, but have to be very careful from now on.

DILR 53 (19A/18C) - It was easy. Should have attempted one more set probably. Wasted some time in the arrangement set and the 3 boxes set.

QA 35 (17A/12C) - Weakest section for me - so it follows that I shouldn't be making silly mistakes in the stuff that I know atleast. Could have been 45+ easily.

OA 139 (around 99.05 percentile based on All India Performance list)

10 marks more in each section was very much doable.

Until the next one!

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AIMCAT 2008. Attempted this mock late, but here goes. 

OA: 152 (Approx 99.7 as per All India Performance Analysis List)

VARC: 58

DILR: 60

QA: 34 (Silly errors galore in this one)

XAT'19 - 99.211 | GMAT 730 (First Attempt) | CAT'19 - 98.63
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Very late post, but still...

VARC- 39 (16C/12W) (92.13%)

DILR- 38 (13C/4W) (89.15%)

QA- 35 (13C/7W) (90.59%)

OA- 112 (94.32%)

Quite a big drop from my recent scores, hopefully I'll bounce back.

CAT19: 96.94
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Was the QA easy? I don't  know I have improved my QA or what but  last two mocks I have been scoring well in this section,with good accuracy. I think when the questions are  easy(less calculations), I perform better. 

Also, is anyone finding IMS mocks way harder than AIMCATS. I have attempted only last two proctored SIMCATs, but my performance there has been pretty abysmal. Or maybe,my performance drops during proctored tests. My performance in all three proctored tests were dreadful.

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IMS VARC was much harder than AIMCAT earlier in the season. That has lessend to a large extent now. Also, I personally have been performing abysmally in the SImCAT LRDI section but well in the AIMCATs. LRDI was very tough in SImCATs for a long while, the 99%ile cutoffs will show you the difference between SimCAT LRDI and AIMCAT LRDI. It may also be about the environment, as you say but I have given all my proctored and unproctored mocks from home. The results were consistent, just about scraping through to 98.5 or so in SimCATs and well above 99 in the AIMCATs.. Couple of disgraceful 95s in the SimCATs as well. In my case, whenever I did average in VARC, the whole mock tanked. And my reason for tanking VARC is that I get bored of it at times. You should investigate why this is for you, and figure out a fix. Maybe give a few more SimCATs and try. I am sure one of them will be more suited to you and you can do well

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VARC 38 (91.09)

LRDI 69 (99.91)

QA 35 (90.25)

OA 142 (99.01)

50 days to go 🙈 

CAT 17 - 99.18 | CAT 18 - 99.19 | CAT 19 - 99.93
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@Sherlock221bED  ·  622 karma

@Nitesh55 dara mat bhai 😂. In my head it's still 2 months.

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(again the lowest one in thread)

one day at a time 

whatever will be,will be
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VARC 49 (25A,18C)

DILR 51 (17A,17C) 

QA 66 (22A,22C) 

OA 166 (64A,57C)

First 150+ of the season. Hoping for many more 🙌 

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@kszverma  ·  6 karma

Takshzila + old mocks

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Extended Window

VARC 47 (19 C, 13 IC): Sharp decline after a string of scores in late 50s and early 60s. Will have to analyze it properly.

LRDI 42 (14 C, 2 IC): No one will ever know how much this score means to me after a series of disappointing scores in this section. 

QA 36 (12 C, 4 IC): Had to submit 25 minutes earlier as an unavoidable task came up though didn't look like I'd be able to attempt any more than 4 questions at that stage.  

OA: 125 (45 C, 19 IC): More or less a balanced overall after eons of disparity between sections. Will have to keep VARC and QA in check, though. 

Could anyone please let me know the expected percentiles at this score?

CAT 18- 96.48|| XAT 19- 96.97|| IIFT 18- 99.32|| SNAP 18- 99.77|| NMAT 18-221|| CAT 19- 98.67|| XAT 20- Moh Maaya|| IIFT 19- 94.59|| SNAP 19- 99.55|| NMAT 19-229
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@onepoorGEM  ·  3,721 karma

@Prernalall thanks :)

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Varc 24 (11C/23A). Pathetic accuracy Dilr 33. (12C/16A). Should have done one more set. Q 34. ( 12C/20A). Here also poor accuracy. Tot 91. (35C/59A) Consistently in the 90-110 bracket. Guys please suggest score improvement practices ! Its really high time now!

Its all about the choices we make ! CAT20 it is !!
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