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in q3 of varc, it talks about the paradox in the penultimate paragraph where it says that today growth has become the norm and to grow, we must keep creating transactions. Acc to me the paradox here is that acc to todays model all we need is growth and 'linear model' also primarily focusses on growth only.Hence we can say that linear model becomes the most imp model for growth so though we are trying to make transition to circular model, but still linear one is the best.

but in the sol it is given that the paradox is that linear growth is continuous and wasteful at the same time and this is the paradox.

Please help me in understanding where am i going wrong.

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thanks in advance

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You are understanding the passage wrong. Refer to the second para where the author compares growth to human cells. He says that continuous and exponential growth becomes cancer. So this suggests that the author is against a linear growth mindset. And then he recommends circular growth. So, the paradox that he is talking about is that currently we are stuck in linear growth, which is wasteful. And the only alternative to linear growth is stagnation which leads to death. So whether you accept linear growth or not, the end result is that you won't sustain. Hence, its a paradox. And circular growth is offered as a solution to that paradox.

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