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Guys I need some help. In QA, I'm able to apply ABC approach effectively and have been attempting 22-29 questions in mocks. But accuracy is taking a serious hit. There are plenty of mocks where I have committed almost 5 mistakes and that made my percentile go fom the highs to the pathethic lows. During analysis I have seen the following problems:

1) Majority are 'silly' mistakes. Though I don't like to call it as silly, it would be something like - Question asks in '000s, I type in 2 digits and forget to add 0s. Or in other case I have multiplied the answer by 2 or forgot to cancel out a number (calculation errors)

2) Missing out cases. Especially in PnC. I have the right approach, but miss out some case. 

3) Conceptual errors. These I have found to be very low (Around 2W in around 5 mocks)

My main problem is the 1st type. I tell myself to concentrate more during the QA paper. not to miss out on any details, read the question slowly and carefully etc. But errors are still present. Any suggestion would be helpful

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I struggle a lot with the first type as well. Some recent mistakes include taking 7+5+6 as 16, Speed in 1 hour = 65 km/h, so speed in 10 minutes = 6.5 km/h, Divided LHS by 2, but forgot about RHS, Took x=1 for a solution, also changed alpha to 1 for no reason. So I know what you mean. Unfortunately, this is something I have been doing since school. And whenever I brought it up with teachers/peers/parents all they say is practice more, focus more. So that's all I have. There is nothing more that one can do in this. Maybe 1 additional tip that I can give you is be double careful when attempting TITA. And write down as much as you can on paper. It might rob you of 2-3 attempts but will ensure accuracy on the ones you are attempting atleast.

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