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The time has come for the DoMS IISc to come up with "second shortlist". All the 34 offers will not be accepted. IISc should pass on the offer to next eligible candidate in the category. It should also release seat matrix to know how many seats are available in respective categories. IIsc is mature enough to understand the norms it is violating by releasing single shortlist. Candidates need to demand DoMS to release second shortlist. Senior students should pass this message to the administration. Candidates need to understand that this is your right to demand the second shortlist. Call and Email them. Details at the end.

   Kindly refer to my other posts and corresponding comments to know more about the violations DoMS is doing.  [P.S=My Son/daughter attended the interview, he/she couldn't make it. Fortunately he/she got better offer from other reputed college. Based on the facts she narrated I found the violations DoMS made and I am standing for rest of the students. So from now onwards it is up to you to call and email DoMS for the release of second shortlist. I will morally support you. However if DoMS doesn't yield to the demands, further escalations will be explored. Legal option is last remedy. ]   Phone numbers: +91-80-2293 2378

(Office)+91-80-2293 3272

(Chairman) +91-80-2293 3266

(Chairman) +91-80-2293 2377

(M.Mgt) +91-80-2293 2567 E-mail: office.mgmt@iisc.ac.inchairman.mgmt@iisc.ac.in                        

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@jagdishsingh420  ·  32 karma

I am sure it is the  same birth right which has made you this arrogant 😄 

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@professorproton  ·  12 karma

@jagdishsingh420 Standing for other people's right doesn't make one arrogant. You should mind your business. Don't poke in sensitive issues. You lack basic understanding of society and civic sense.

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