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Not releasing a 'reserve/waiting list'  or second shortlist is against the norms of reservation laid out by the constitution. It results in  disproportianate allotment of seats to respective categories. 

They have released a list of 34, among that lets say 4 seats are reserved for ST category. What if those 4 candidates fail to join ? Then there is no representation of ST students even when other ST students are waiting to join. So

Do you urge the Doms IISc to release second shortlist?

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Iisc does not have min/max fixed number of seats for any category. Iisc only gives relaxations in fees and entrance exam cut off to categorical applicants. When number of seats are too low, even lower than that of iits, iims and other govt organizations, there are proper rights to the organizations, not to have min/max number of seats for any category. But, the issue will definitely be there when number of offers accepted is less than 15 (which is extremely rare and maybe never seen). In that case, iisc does release second list, but remember that happens only if some seats out of 15 available go empty. So iisc does not give false hopes to its applicants. But still If you want, you can raise this issue as a serious concern to iisc, by email and phone calls to iisc admissions office. Filing case is ur choice, if u r right and win, iisc will do so, no need to debate. Just smile and try to improve the things for next generation, just make sure things wouldnt get worsen.

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@gupta.anurag.u Applying to IIsc or any other instituiton is an individual's right, subjected to his/her eligibility. You don't mess with their right. Any public funded institution has to follow the rules as per as the reservation norms. If there is a lapse, questions will be raised and institution is liable to clarify. First, you keep your selection procedure secret, which raises lot of questions. Why can't you publicly disclose the selection procedure like other institutes do? What is the weightage of CAT,WAT and PI? What is the proof that nepotism isn't done?

What is the approved intake? 15 or 34 . Why don't the Department come up with the number of seats reserved for respective categories? What if all the 15 admitted candidates are from single category, even when there are eligible others to join? The  demand is of  equal representation of categories in the final admitted list and not in the shortlist. Making a offer of admission is different from actual admission. If a candidate rejects the offer, then it should/must pass on to the next eligible candidate of that category. Hope you got the point.

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