Can anyone provide quick approach for Q3 and Q22??

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cat'17 - 97.84, cat'18 : 98.65, iift'18: 98.3 xat'19: 99.73. miles to go before i sleep.
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@nikhilgogia28 I believe that the solution given by time is the best possible way to solve this question. If you have any specific query within the solution then please point it out here.

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one way to do this quickly is to realise the fact that for both circle and hexagon it'll be an infinite GP and even if we calculate either of the areas we can mark the answer, so calculate the first and second radius of the circle(which does not take much time) common ratio comes out to be 3/4 so 1/(1-3/4) comes out to be 4r^2 which is 1296

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