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Which of the following is true about the policy of ‘high-occupancy vehicle restriction’ in Jakarta?

a. It reduced traffic congestion by making it expensive for users to get behind the wheel. 

b. It created further inconvenience to the people without reducing the time spent on road. 

c. It was in reality an evasion of ‘carpooling’ which the policy tried to encourage. 

d. It failed because it was misconceived and the government had to withdraw it eventually. 

Why is option A correct? "Getting behind the wheels was expensive" can be inferred only by the claims made by the car drivers. Option A is on the same lines as B and C i.e. claims made by the detractors.

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@Juan_94IIM Kashipur  ·  669 karma

C is farfetched though the carpooling thing is mentioned in the passage.Second part of B can't be inferred from the passage.

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@dhipat1994  ·  18 karma

Same doubt. A is a generic statement made in the start of the passage. Its not mentioned specificaly wrt Jakarta! 

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