This is IMS's explanation for answer to Q-30 vARC We can see that sentences 4 and 5 are related. Put together they tell us that the current revolution (in communication) is not about the speed – speed was available even in the mid-nineteenth century when instantaneous communication was possible through telegraph. Now it is possible to relate sentence 2 to this theme – that the crucial change is the enormous reduction in cost of transmission and storing of information. So, 5,4, and 3 in that order make a logical sequence. Sentence 1 is related to this theme because it hypotheses what the cost of a car would be today if the price of an automobile had declined as rapidly as the price of computing power. Can someone explain how they ended up with 2 as the odd one out after explicitly saying that there is a link. On the other hand, they never mention why 3 is related but somehow that is not the answer.

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the video solution states answer as 3 ... from sentence 6 onwards, replace 2 with 3. 3 is the right answer. Ex -  So, 5,4, and 2 in that order make a logical sequence.............

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@CATerrorist thanks!

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