VARC Question-8 How is option 3 correct? Here's the quote from passage-"it is often found in heavy academic and bureaucratic prose. Inexperienced writers tend to overuse it." Now how can u say that Academic writers are inexperienced. Those are two separate points with no co-relation. The author is listing out reasons for passive not being popular. I feel that by saying 'Academic writers are inexperienced' you are making stuff up that the author hasn't said.

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@CATerrorist yes, and I think this gives us the wrong impression that we must make similar assumptions while reading a passage. That could be dangerous.

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In the same passage why 4th is correct not 3rd

The primary purpose of the passage is to:

1)emphasize that even though passive voice is longer and allows the object to be omitted entirely, it is unduly targeted by armchair grammarians.

2)indicate that use of intransitive verb, not passive tense, is responsible for evasive headlines.

3)show that the meaning conveyed by a statement is more important than its grammatical structure.

4)point out that grammar must not be blamed for the shortcomings of headline writers.

And is primary purpose is equivalent to authot intention ?? generally

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