Missed the AIMCAT due to wrong access code provided by center on Ganesh Chaturthi day. Gave it in extended window.

VARC 66 (29A, 23C)

DILR 51 (17A, 17C)

QA 51 (21A, 17C) 

OA 168 (67A, 57C) 

CAT'17 98.96%le IIFT'17  99.17%le Converts- IIFT-K( WL-31 IIFTD), NITIE. CAT'16 96.65%le. CAT'15 95.69%le, NMAT'15, 97.42%le, IIFT'15 95.46%le, XAT'16 96.19%le.
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@Mayu-1517  ·  14 karma

Ok thanks

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@g_ambuj  ·  54 karma

the results are out.

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