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can i know ur approach to solve the ppr @nisarg.parekh

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Ok... My strategy.. Visual Reasoning is usually all tukkas. Max i reach upto 5 questions of visual reasoning in the end as genuine attempts, but never more than that.. Other sections.. can say some type of questions normally goes in tukka.. Like Number Series in Quant, or the rearrangement questions in Logical reasoning, or some tough vocab questions in verbal.. but not due to lake of tym, but due to lack of knowledge.. Can say overall i manage around 160 attempts genuinely.. Also.. I am still experimenting on the sequence on the sections to attempt.. And normally divide the 3 sections (LR/Verbal/Quant) in the 2 parts.. and then attempt all the sections one after the other.. Dont ever come back to the questions for reviewing (I guess this is not a very good idea but i do this only - perhaps due to more emphasis on attempting more questions)

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