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CAT OA Score: 99.05

VARC: 94.xx

LRDI: 99.xx

QA: 97.xx

Profile - BE(cse)

X: 73.2

XII: 72.8

GPA/%age: 68.00

Work-Ex (number of months): 31

Sector : IT (TCS)

VENUE: HAMTC (Mumbai) 

Slot: afternoon

Panel No: 2 

WAT Details: Topic and other relevant details: Decreasing defence budget and increasing social budget is the need of the hour.

GD Details: Topic: same as WAT

Number of People present: 10

PI Details: Male(~45) SIR ,Female(~40) MAM

Was 8th to be interviewd.



SIR - So Anmol are you Anmol?

Me - yes sir.

SIR - justify your name.

Me - Sir I took birth after 8 years of my parent's marriage and was the first child so they kept my name Anmol.

SIR - Yaar mai subah se interview le rha hu, 4-5 log TCS se a chuke h, why is it so, sab chhodna kyun chahte h TCS?

Me - Sir TCS is the 4th largest employer in the country after indian (Post, army, railway), the sheer size of TCS workforce is close to 3.7 lakh people so the probability of a person coming from TCS increases.

SIR - gentle laughter.

SIR - don't you think it is because people want to leave TCS?

Me - Sir one can work in TCS after completing MBA, TCS promotes higher study, it gives sabbatical very easily.

SIR - But it does not sponsor?

Me - no sir, TCS does not sponsor regular MBA, it sponsors only leadership programs.

SIR - ok

SIR - Chalo Anmol tell me something you are really interested in, we will interview you in that area?

Me - Politics & Social marketing.

(Social marketing got stuck in their mind)

MAM - why social marketing?

Me - I can work for societal good and in marketing function at the same time, I am interested in both.

MAM - How is social marketing diff. from commercial marketing?

Me - answered.

Mam - if you want to work for society you should have gone to TISS then?

Me - One can do good for society by working in commercial marketing as well, by working for a brand which genuinely adds value to the customers life, gave an example how Dettol ran a campaign by the name "saathi bachpan k" whose main objective was societal good but it helped dettol in building their brand as well.

Mam - do you think swachh Bharat is successful?

Me - Its intention is good, I wont say it is 100% successful but it is a step in the correct path, peoples mindset needs to be changed.

Sir - Say I am a male chauvinist, mai nahi chahta mere ghar ki ladkiyan padhe likhe, mai tmhari bat hi nhi sun na chahta, what will you do about it?

Me - we will show you the examples of thriving economies where women are contributing greatly that might make you change your views, also Sir it highly depends upon the upbringing, gender equality needs to be taught at the very early phase of the life, that is to the school going kids.

Sir - lekin mai tmhari sunna hi nhi chahta?

me - Sir this will be an isolated case then, also thoughts need to be instilled in the childhood.

Sir - So basically you are saying education se hi sab thik hoga?

Me - Education is an important factor but not everything, many educated people have a lots of wrong behaviour like smoking, a lot of educated people do that.

Sir - do you smoke?

Me - no sir.

Sir - I also dont smoke, mam also doesn't, none of us smoke?

Me - Sir but lots of other educated people do. Even not sitting in the correct posture is wrong behaviour.

Sir - are you saying it to me (gentle laughter) 

Mam - What if you get a job offer from ITC, a tobacco company?

Me - I read a book written by Neville Isdell, former coke CEO, in it he mentioned that you should only work for a product or company you believe in, I dont beleive in tobacco as a product, moreover ITC has many other brands. 

Sir - You want to do what Prashant Kishore did, right?

Me - no sir he is a political campaign manager, Social marketing is different.

Sir - you know no one is able to find Prashant Kishore after UP election, congress is giving 5 lakh rupees whoever finds him.

Me - I didnt know that sir.

Sir - what would be your strategy for congress?

Me - Sir congress is playing reactive politics, they are just reacting to the BJP , they need to bring their own issues.

Sir - But Prashant Kishore failed.

Me - When your product is not good no amount of marketing can help.

Sir - No, there is coke, product is not good health wise but its sells crazy?

Me - Sir there are many aspects of a product, not every one looks for health, there are many other values in the product, it tastes good. 

Sir - if poison will taste good you will drink poison ?

Me - (What kind of question is this), no sir that is a differnet case (was about to elaborate but stopped)

Mam - which is your dream company?

Me - Reckitt Benckiser, Dettol brand in particular.

Sir - Ok Anmol we have judged you on all the factors, is there any question that you have for us ?

Me - is there really a golf course in MDI ? :D

Sir - yes there is.

Me - are students allowed to play? :D

Sir - yes there is, but we wont let you play if at all you make it.

Mam - we have a nice golf course, but we have better basket ball and badminton courts

Me - Smile.

Thankyou sir, thankyou mam , got up 

Sir - What is your cat percentile?

Me - 99.05

Sir - From which IIMs have you got the call?

Me - sir all the new IIMs.

Sir - why not old IIMs?

Me - Sir my academics are not good.

Sir - ya, we saw that. send the next guy.

Greetings exchanged, phew!!!


Your Expectations: You guys tell

CAT 16 - 99.05%ile (1st attempt)
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@sj2911IIM Trichy  ·  559 karma

@anmol260293 @anmol260293 I guess we were in same group on 22nd March afternoon slot. I was next to you, 9th in group.

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@anmol260293  ·  169 karma

Ohhh, now I remember. Thanks man, all the very best to you as well.

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