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SC guys who are yet to withdraw from IIM K please do it at earliest for the sake of WL guys. Thanks.

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Is any1 in SC category gonna WITHDRAW from Kozhikode? please mention your convert date too. I'm on the waitlist for K and just trying to estimate my chances.

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Hey guys, anyone here who also converted K and going to withdraw from K? i'm on the waitlist for K and just trying to estimate my chances.

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 General Category People who have converted in 2nd list or later and will join IIMA and leave IIML

Had secured offer from IIM Lucknow, withdrawn before 30 May 2017
Had secured offer from IIM Lucknow, withdrawn between 30 May 2017 and 6 June 2017
Had secured offer from IIM Lucknow, Yet to withdraw
None of the above (Poll check)
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IIM Ahmedabad vs CAT'18 vs Harvard Business School?

Please help fellas :D 

CAT'14: 76.51 II CAT'15: 95.05 II CAT'16: 96.79 II CAT'17: 99.87 Converts: IIM C/L/S, FMS, MDI, New IIMs
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@DonaldoTrump cat 18 m kya sharda university join kroge ?

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Hey Puys, anyone here who also converted K? i'm on the waitlist for K and just trying to estimate my chances. please help :)

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Category: General

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 NC-OBC people, please update OBC tracker 2017-19 with your converts so far


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Can you please share a similar tracker for General people?

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 Hey guys my rank is2nd on the waitinglist. Is there any chance to convert  

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yes , waitlist will move by 12 last year

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 It's an old answer at Quora. Go thorugh it.Will help you learn about cultures at IIM A ,IIM B AND IIM C 

What are the differences between IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta and IIM Bangalore? 

Managerial education is not just learning, but rather an experience. Most of the things we learn here can be googled and could be done by anyone. But it is the opportunities that a B-school presents make them different . Every school will argue that it is the best since it is all about branding. Schools want the top students to choose them over others and students want to go to the best ones. 

The below answer categorizes the way campuses operate across various dimensions. Most of the answer is based on their flagship programme, the PGP course.

Ahmedabad : Academic heavy (Very demanding & Intense) in first year, chill in the 2nd year. They have 25.5 credits in first year ( Each credit = 20 hours of 75 minutes classroom session) in first year and 17.5 credit in the 2nd year. Case intensive. Most of the grades depend on class participation and surprise quizzes. This means, that you have to prepare a lot before you go to class & ready for quizzes any moment.
Curriculum - IIMA- Course list

Bangalore : Balanced across both the years. They have similar credits across both the years ( 50 credits each year, a course = 3 credits ( mostly ), 1 course = 20 hours of 90 minutes classroom session ). Lectures will be mixture of lectures on concepts and case studies. Mostly announced quizzes, class participation and mid & end term exams. Bangalore has strong focus on public policy and a lot of them are offered as electives.
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Calcutta : Balanced across both years as far I know. Mixture of case study, lectures on concepts, seminar etc. Generally, lectures are quant intensive. More weightage given to end term and mid-terms and hence the loosely used term chill IIM. There is equal amount of effort there, but the effort is consolidated at a point in time.
Curriculum I, PGDM - PGP, IIM Calcutta

 Good across all the campuses as far as I know. Being into any of this institute, you are branded for life. Anything the alumni does, reflects on the institute. The connection with the institute does not stop after the course. It continues. Professors often bring leaders from companies who were their students for lectures and seminars.

                Every campus has its own culture & you have to experience that only by going there. No description is going to help here.

                Exchange is generally 3 months of holiday to explore. The courses are designed in campuses in such a way that you spend more time traveling & meeting new people. People visiting 20+ countries are common.               
  In addition to the 3 month programme, they have a dual degree programmewith few colleges where you spend one year there completely.
Student Exchange Program - IIMA
Bangalore-They have the highest number of partner institutes as per the information across campuses.   
 Student Exchange Collaborations
Calcutta- IIM C has CEMS certification in exchange where you get a degree which is well known in Europe.

Both full time and adjunct faculty teach across campuses. By considering the schools which the faculty went to, Bangalore is at an advantage when compared with A & C.
Faculty Profile - IIMA
Bangalore beats A and C hands down. Bangalore is a hub for companies & startups and the campus ideally located. One point to note is that lot of companies (read startups) from Bangalore come to the campus and recruit simply because their cost of going to other campuses are high. You have the opportunity to get a lot of projects individually and through professors.

Most of the companies go to all campuses. Consulting companies try to balance their head count across campuses. Marketing is favored in A and B. If you are in the top 50 %ile, then you will easily sail through, irrespective of campus.

A : Great alumni base, very much student friendly. The placement process spread across various clusters ( consulting, marketing, etc. ) across days, with a break between clusters.

B : Location & marketing brand. The placement process has been changed this year. Placement happens in continuous days, with Day 0 allotted for top consulting & banks, followed by half day for GD, Day1 = Interviews in first half, GD in 2nd half for the next set and so on.

C : Finance brand, better options for finance students. The placement process happens on Day 0, plus break for weekend, GD day and day1 and so on.

                You will always be surrounded by exceptional students in all these campuses. But, do note that depending upon the importance every school gives to profiles, there is a high chance you may end up with a particular set.
The fee across campuses remains almost the same with Bangalore slightly higher than A & C. All the institutes have fee waiver for deserving candidates. Banks provide you loan for the whole amount. So, money is not a constraint generally.
For two years, the total fee is
                A -> 16.6 Lakhs
                B -> 17 Lakh
                C -> 16.2 Lakh

IIM-Calcutta increases tuition fee by 20% - The Times of India

                A, B and C fall in the same league with the recruiters. However, there are subtle differences in the way campuses act in terms of the course design and importance to other activities.

Why is one school preferred over the others?
            Generally, people consider most of the factors listed above. There is a lot of information asymmetry so, it generally boils down to
·        Friends who are immediate seniors / graduates from the school
·        Your perception of the institute

Is IIMA the best only because it gets the best crowd or there are some concrete reasons for its superiority?
            A,B,C are in the same league from recruiters’ perspectives. Every institute has its own strengths and weaknesses and its all the perception of the individual. I personally know some of my friends who left A and went to C because they wanted to get more options on Finance. 
If everyone starts preferring a new IIM over these three will that IIM become the best?
Every B-school  strives on its’ brand name, faculty, infrastructure, networking opportunities, alumni & their achievements, quality of students, exposure and visibility across the globe. A,B & C are visible because the alumni had established their presence already.  Alumni generally prefer their school over others for recruitment, student interactions (read networking), sponsorships for competitions and student projects. Faculty at these institutes have good connect with successful alumni who reach out to their alma mater. Infrastructure is amazing and brand name is very good. This is a dream for any student who would want to join a B-school.  It essentially creates a virtuous cycle for the institutes. Hence, it is very difficult for any new IIMs to reach the league of A,B & C, let alone be the best.

Disclosure : I study in IIM Bangalore & most of this answer is from the information that is passed on to students. I’m not the original writer, but rather edited & added some new information. 

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