Interview qustions asked in scit ?

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@juhee_s Hi Juhi, I converted scit itbm. It was impeccably organized. My interview was fun. Two panelists: Put this chair behind. I want to look at you. You love hacking don't you? You hacked everyone in the group exercise. You did not let anyone speak, no rather you hacked it, right? You love talking, don't you? You are so animated. Why do you want to leave your job and money for two years? You will make an excellent manager. I don't remember it all, but these were some of the things that went on. One more thing: I have gone to sibm pune, scmhrd also. But the students of scit and their smooth organizing was the best. The seniors are wonderful in scit, everything gelled right from the get go to the extent that when I left from scit, I missed the environment. I am grateful to the seniors, no pish posh, humble and they made the environment very pleasant.

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