Well my score hasn't improved much it is still 140...

My percentile this time has escalated to 98.28%ile..-- Okay, i have got 95-97 bfore....

My rank 245---- this is quantum jump frm prev 500-700s....

plz read patiently coz I am not showing off my improvement here, I am bit concerned bcoz d no. of ppl who hve given dis AIMCAT has come down to 14k from 16-18k before....

And i m more worried whether the good guys from top have stopped giving AIMCAT......anyone if knows anything about this could please comment???

IIFT , XAT'17 -bombed, CAT'16- 98.43 %ile, calls- IIMK || Converted MDI PGPM
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@ashrutgargIIM Udaipur  ·  50 karma

Ok thanx...knowig this was a bit relaxing :P... I thought it to be otherwise. :D

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@jmayer10MDI Gurgaon  ·  1,616 karma

@abhinavkrishnan : "Worry kam karo, bas AIMCAT pelte raho" (y)

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