When Ankita called Dipanjan in the evening, it was four times as many minutes past 4 pm as it was to 6 pm. When they hung up, it was twice as many minutes past 5 pm as it was to 7 pm. For how long did they talk? 

Between 4 pm and 6 pm it is taken that 5x=120. And the time comes out to be 5:36pm.Can smby explain why 5x=120 is der?

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Let it be x minutes to 6. (eg:- 10 minutes to 6 means 5.50)

Then it would be 4x minutes past 4. (As per statement 1)

Total time from 4 to 6 = 120 minutes. x + 4x = 120 = 5x


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ohh...got it.  i did not read the sentence carefully..it is "....was to 6 pm" not past 6 pm. thanks for the explanation @jmayer10  

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