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"The number of students in Class 8 who like only Mathematics is the same as the number of students in Class 9 who like both Science and Social."

The solution provided by TIME transforms this statement to a8  = f9 + g9 where a8 is students ho took only mathsin class 8 , f9 is students who study science and social in class 9 while g9 is students who study maths, science and social in class 9.

Query - Shouldn't a8 = f9 only? Why is g9 included here?

P.S- I am finding the statements in Venn Diagram quite confusing. Most of the times, this edge case- to select the common area of 3 parameters- is to be taken or not is causing issues.

Need some expert opinion here....

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@sawan1994IIM Calcutta  ·  1,060 karma

@jmayer10 yaar both social and science only nhi hai

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@sawan1994IIM Calcutta  ·  1,060 karma

only word jb tak na ho assume mat karo khud kuch

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