AIR 1800. Lowest of the season. Just after getting AIR 200 in time. My ranks in SIMCATs take a serious blow whenever I get decent ones in TIME. Simply can't understand what's going wrong. :/

CAT'13-94.71 | CAT'14-93.82 | CAT'15-94.88 | CAT'16-99.06 | CAT'17-99.36, IIFT'17-99.87 | Calls- L/FMS/K/MDI/IIFT | Converts- L/MDI/IIFT | Billi Killers'17 | IIM Lucknow PGP 2018-20
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@Arun0808 Yeah. VARC is more inferential. DILR is challenging. And QA too, just can't score in simcats! :(

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