*IMPORTANT* The institute should update on its website that there is a minimum requirement of 60% all throughout a candidate's academic profile. As people below that in graduation/12/10 gets rejected... Still they kept 50% as a qualifying percentage which is required in graduation... Which is totally vague and false. They kept it just to pull more applications. #P.S. Scoring a 60% is a huge deal for students from Calcutta university and it also means first division in our university, only a handful of students achieve that.

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Ankit Yadav @Ankydafar  ·  21 Apr, 2016

@getmainakbose People with better knowledge and skills will understand that. IMI - BHUBANESWAR is open about it's all policies, it had never hide and will not hide anything from the aspirant.

Mainak Bose @getmainakbose  ·  21 Apr, 2016
@Ankydafar first of all I have nothing personal against you. Which you may feel/think. I'm just stating some facts.. Which compelled me to go wayward and apply here. I accept it was my fault. And frankly I really want to congratulate all those w...
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