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I've been shortlisted by FMS Delhi but I'm a borderline case. My scaled score is 60. However, I believe that if I do extremely well in GDPI and extempore, I do stand a chance of getting in considering the fact that the weightage to CAT scaled score has been reduced to 60%. I had missed out on FMS last year due to my poor performance in extempore (scored 3/5) I wasn't able to score a very good percentile this year as well.  FMS is arguably my best call and I want to put my best foot forward for the same. It would be helpful if you could suggest ways to improve impromptu public speaking skills and some topics I might read up on from an extempore perspective.


CAT '17 : 99.00| IIFT '18 :98.80|Calls: K,I,S,SPJain,IIFT,FMS| Converts IIM Kozhikode, Indore, IIFT-K| Rejects -SPJain, FMS
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