I have been shortlisted for FMS Delhi..But I'm a boderline case there (Amongst the last one to be shortlisted)..So is there any chance of converting the call ? Now that CAT score weightage has been reduced from 85% to 60%.

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Well,I myself have a scaled score of 60,so I did a bit of analysis myself.

Weightage to CAT Score=60% My CAT Score=176.5(99.16%ile). So,I get 176.5/300*60=35.3 out of the 60 marks allotted to CAT Score.

Consider someone at 99.8%ile with scaled score of ~197=39 out of the 60.

So,he is leading me by 3.7 marks here.

The weightage of 10 marks to 10th and 12th grades is unknown.

The First 250 candidates have a higher CAT Score,after that the difference between candidates in CAT score keeps diminishing.

And these 3.7 marks can be covered up easily with a Good GD Extempore PI.

All the Best.

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@mandy4893 You know what? This is inspiring. An extremely good performance in GDPIEx should fetch an admit

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