Hello everyone! As i can see this thread is totally dedicated to the toppers in the cat mock series and all of you are scoring incredibly!!! Hats off to that. 😁

And ill be grateful If you people can help me a bit with how to improve my scores in mocks.

Till now i have been scoring merely 70-75(you guys score this much in one section 😛 ) in the mocks and i am really starting to freak out because my scores wont improve.

Not a quant lover, Non engineering background. Second cat attempt but first was a total waste as i didnt prepare at all for the cat due to college.

I have covered almost all the topics from the coaching books but when i see the questions from the same topics in the mock series, i am unable to solve them.

Any help, strategy or suggestion would be highly appreciated.

CALLS-gim,glim pgdm(skipped),ifmr,imi(delhi),tapmi,kj,fore. CONVERTS-imi,gim, tapmi, kj,ifmr,fore.Joining-IMI DELHI.
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@swargr  thanks a lot and ill surely give some sectional on bullseye! :) 

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I started this season of Mocks with the same score as yours but gradually i have improved and what really worked for me was reading the questions properly specially in Quant.Generally a long question or questions from topic which are not our strengths are skipped without even reading it.Trust me read all the questions.Easy questions are always hidden.Try applying it in your next mock.Should increase your marks by alteast 15-20 😁

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