May I know what is the average GMAT cutoff for the one year program at IIM shillong last year.I plan to apply for the 2016-2017 academic session

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basically i am running a bit low on my first GMAT score(610 Q-40/V-34 &IR-5) I am also not from IT background .I hold a degree in electronics and instrumentation engineering with an advanced diploma in nuclear engineering from BARC training school, India ,Kalpakkam campus.I have 5 years of experience in operation, maintenance and commissioning of primary and secondary side instrumentation in both PHWR and LWR type nuclear reactors.I had also participated Department of Atomic Energy internal audit activities both with Indian and international auditors .I had experience of managing team of qualified supervisers and technicians in nuclear power plant systems management and operations.But I have no direct overseas experience.Also since I come from a government of India job set up ,I do not have any qualification certificates other than Atomic Energy departmental level qualifications,though my every day job spectrum involves all the essential modules that cover any significant qualifications namely six sigma et all.Will it be of any use to spend money and time in IIM S PGPEx application with such low GMAT score.....can any one give any insight to previous years records of admission .My 10 th and 12th and graduation marks are moderate with 75% average all throughout,having no backlogs.

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@soutrikgh your profile looks good enough for IIMS PGPEx application.  There is no minimum cutoff of GMAT for PGPEx application, though you can rewrite GMAT exam and target a better score to give yourself an edge over other applicants. Your work experience is also ok,

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