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All the best to everyone for NITIE interviews which has started already and please use thread to post your experiences. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:



X -


Undergrad Major -


NIL/Sector -

Number of Months


Topic: Number of Ppl present


Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.



Misc.: Any other relevant details like hobbies, etc.

Request: Kindly do not post anything other than your experiences of NITIE GD-PI.

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(I am not very proud of it)

X - 79.8

XII - 87.2

Undergrad Major - 84.3

Work-Ex: NIL/Sector - Communication

Number of Months - 30 months (Till Dec 2014)


Topic: Will Swacch Bharat Abhiyan Succeed?

Number of Ppl present: Panel-2 (A lady and a man) Participants-10.

Time: 2 mins to think...15-20 mins for GD and 2 mins to conclude.

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

(I would only talk about my part)

I pitched in several times (about 7-8 times) and put forward several concrete facts and figures (Nirmal Bharat abhiyan and why it didn't succeed and what needs to be learnt from that, Need for involving stakeholders like the govt. brought in Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and how the program needs to be integrated with other existing programs (UNICEF preparing reports of schools that needs toilets and its renovation) to avoid duplication, Number of people still defecating in the open and the number of people who die of water borne diseases every year and the need for building toilets like the initiatives taken by Mr. Bhindeshwar Patnaik in Sulabh Sauchalaya, Importance of Building toilets in schools, Swacchh Bharat Kosh and the need to monitor funds, Ministry reporting shortage of funds, Need for community based organizations and the role the Govt. can play in promoting and monitoring the use of toilets etc. etc.) I also countered one or two points made during GD. Concluded with a quote by Swami Vivekananda and said that we are all in the same page as we were and said that with proper and sustained efforts the abhiyan will definitely be successful but, it may need a little more time than what Govt. is targeting.

Other Salient Details: Summary was asked to be given. Everyone couldn't speak during conclusion but, otherwise everyone spoke during the GD and got sufficient time to make their point. A few times the GD went out of track but, then it eventually came on track each time.


(There were 2 panel members : A very composed young lady and a very learned looking male professor)

I entered and greeted the panel members and then presented my file.

Professor: Is this not your file?

I: Yes Sir. It is.

Professor : Then you must take it back (He pulled out the papers and returned the file) (I took my file and stood there as there were separate tables for the interviewer and the interviewee and I didn't know what to do)

Lady: Please take your seat.

I: Sure ma'am. Thank You.

Interview Questions:

Lady: Tell me something about yourself?

I: Said the same thing that I prepared.

Professor: What's your favourite subject from engineering?

I: Digital Electronics Sir.

Professor: Any specific area?

I: Not as such but, ....(told them about my project which was also from digital electronics domain)

Professor: Could you explain your project?

I: Told them in detail, the theory, the work that I did and the result that came out of it. (about 4 mins)

Professor: How do you relate this to electronics?

I: Told..(Application and how it can be used in different electronic circuits and appliances)

Professor: An ancient history question (as it was somehow connected to my project)

I: Sorry, Sir. I don't have any idea about this. (he asked the same thing again in different style and I repeated the same answer 'I don't have any idea about it Sir')

Lady: What other interests do you have?

I: Academic or something other than academic ma'am?

Lady: Other than academic

I: Told

Lady: ok..(with a smile) Well done and best of luck for the results.

I: Thank You

Verdict: Converted

(Hope it helps)

CAT2014-97.62 Calls-MDI,NITIE(IM),6New IIMs Converts-MDI(PGPM),NITIE(IM), 6 new IIMs
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profile Cat: 92, X, XII, Grad:84,80,66....Work ex:3.5 yrs(ericsson)

GD:4 membr panel(2 uninterstd ),12+2, topic: classroom training or theoritical knowledge is necessary for gud mba, (similar to this)....started the gd, evry1 chipped in, no fish market, at the end of gd we were asked to conclude in 2 mints......one smart ass said "ok, lets concluded one by one"  :D........and every1 started concluding  :P ..

Interview:   4 membrs, 3 male 1 female,  : atleast 1 membr was unintrstd at evry mint of intvre, intrvew: 10-12 mints......

introduce, who r in ur famy, wat u do, why nitie, final year project...projec me 5 mints laga diye 😛   

Verdict: waitlisted

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no converts as of now.....waitlisted at nitie, iitb,madras ,kharagpur ...

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@Blacker  ·  76 karma

IIT B waitlisted at ? my merit rank is 134 in OBC in NITIE..just wanted to know if you will join IIT B or NITIE if converted both @sibanda 

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CAT: 99.11


X - 87.6

XII - 75.66

Undergrad Major - 7.92 (EEE, VNIT)

Work-Ex: RIL

NIL/Sector - Petrochemicals 

Number of Months - 21 months


Topic: Borderless World: A myth or reality 

People Present : 12

Time: 2min(to think) + 20 min(to discuss) + 2 mins(conclude)(i dont remember the exact split)

Brief Snapshot of Discussion

For the first three minutes, the GD was a fish market. Everyone was trying to pitch in, at times the group being bifurcated into two sub-groups. After a while, when common points dried up, the discussion became more streamlined. Everyone got decent enough chances. Was able to pitch in 8-9 times. 

Overall, a good discussion where everyone got a chance to have their say.


PI panel : 3 members 

P1(lady): Tell me about yourselves. 

P1 : Tell me about Genetic Algorithm (related to my final year project)

P1: Tell me about Simulated Annealing. (related to my project)

P2(The guy who kept staring till now):  What are the activities you have organised in ur college?

ME: Told them about having been organised an event related to DTMF technology.

P1: What is DTMF technology??Why do you want to get into Management afterall ??? 

ME: Talked about my inclination towards management. About my job profile ..... blah blah....

P3(guy who was busy checking his phone till then): Is this your first time at Nitie?? Have u been to the pond ??

Overall time : 7-8 mins 

Verdict : Converted .

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CAT: 97.92  Gen

10: 86

12: 86

B.Tech (IT) : 8.66

GD Topic: Even though India is a democratic country, but are we really democratic. (Some thing on this line)

People Present: 10 

Time: 18 + 2 for summary.

Decent topic. Spoke quite a few times in the beginning 10 minutes when there was less participation. Just 1-2 points in the 2nd half.

PI : Panel 1: 4 professors

P1 looks at my profile and says "1 more from Cognizant".. 😛

P4: Introduce yourself starting from your school till your present company.

5 minutes here only as they found a Gujarati living in Kolkata weird and wanted to trace back as to how we settled in Kolkata. 😛

P3: You are from IT.. So do you know IT basics ??

I said yes and thankfully they didnt ask anything.

P4: Tell me about your final year project.

Told. It was based on statistics and P4 was stats teacher( he told me) and started asking the value for such a project n so on.. Answered it ok. 

P2 : What work do u do ?? Your role.


P2: You are from IT and working in a IT company. why MBA ?


P1: What other calls and which college will you join among that.

Answered. Said a few less calls and told that i would join Nitie only or try again next year. (Joining Nitie was true)

P1: Why so ?? have you talked with any students? who ?

Answered again.. Shared some info on Nitie and all profs had a good laugh over it.

Thats it.

Verdict: Direct Convert. Merit Rank 129.

Joining: Definitely Yes.

Converts: Nitie, MDI,IIT B,IIT D, IIFT, IIT Kgp Rejects: SPJ Nitie:2015-17
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@mileendthakur It means he converted in the first list itself

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@mileendthakur  ·  179 karma

@achyut1989 Thanks for the reply!😀

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CAT: 94.97 NC-OBC


X - 93%

XII - 95.83%

Undergrad Major - Mech Engg. (PSG Tech, Coimbatore) - (9.12 CGPA)

Work-Ex:  John Deere

NIL/Sector - Automotive

Number of Months - 30 as of Jan 2015


Topic: "Borderless world - A myth or reality?"

Number of Ppl present: 11

Time: 18 mins discussion + 2 mins summary (I think, don't remember Exactly)

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

I started the discussion by giving different perspectives to the topic - physical and mental borders. Went on to a healthy discussion with more points. Was able to pitch in around 6-7 times.

Other Salient Details: Judges clearly said marks will be awarded based on content and group behavior. So I was careful of not cutting any person and politely handled conflicts.

There were 2 judges and i was able to peek in and see my marks from one judge 😛 It was 10 out of 15


4 Panelists

My name (Vignesh KLM) and it's meaning - Why 3 initials? Any brand with KLM in it? - It is Royal Dutch airlines

Small intro - About work - Why are you leaving a good job and going fr MBA? 

India needs mfg experts and now there is an overproduction of MBAs - Asked me to justify - Said that I'll use my technical expertise and manage effectively blah blah blah..

I said I'm interested in Ops - Then came some technical qns - What is takt time? Diff bet takt and cycle time? What is VSM? 7 types of waste?

Overall time: 15-20 min.

Verdict: Converted - PGDIM Merit No: 1

Advice to future aspirants - Be confident of whatever answer that you give. No one can really be perfect and prepare for all stuff. What matters is your confidence and clarity in answering the qns.

Calls IIM BLICK,FMS,SPJ,MDI,NITIE,SJSOM,MDI; Converted All except SPJ Waitlist
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No.. going for B

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CAT: 97.76


X - 87.7%

XII - 90%

Undergrad Major - Mech Engg. (NIT Allahabad) - (7.91 CGP)

Work-Ex:  Maruti Suzuki

NIL/Sector - Automotive

Number of Months - 24


Topic: "Is GD a sham?"

Number of Ppl present: 10

Time: 18 mins discussion + 2 mins summary (I think, don't remember Exactly)

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

It started smoothly with people stating how in real life scenario you got to work in teams, but GD cant be an eliminating criteria. Discussion initially focused too much on B-school specific GDs. Then there were points like how GD has to be role specific and not every job requires people to be extrovert.

Other Salient Details: Midway some aspirants almost reached the decibels of shouting in order to force their way in. It became kind of a fish market scenario. And I think the whole group would have suffered because of it. Worst of the all the GDs that i have been in.


Questions: 4 Panelists

P2: Tell me something about yourself?

I: Answered

P1: So you work with Maruti Suzuki?

I: No sir I used to. Left the job in Aug.

Gave some reason for leaving.

P1: So what exactly is your work content?

I: Answered

P1: A lot of automobile companies outsource manufacturing of maximum components. Why is that?

I: Answered with an example of Daewoo.

P1: What is that one component that all players manufacture In-house?

I: Transmission gears.

P1: Why is that?

I: gave the explanation related to know-how and the effect of QC on fuel efficiency.

P1: What all criteria do you keep to judge a clutch supplier? (I worked on clutches)

I: Gave the theoretical criteria but also told that since max. suppliers are pretty experienced it all comes down to timelines.

P3: Why do hybrid cars not sell?

I: Answered

P3: Is Maruti manufacturing hybrids?

I: Told that it did make them during CWG but not in mass prod.

P3: What benefit can hybrid cars have for a customer.

I: Answered

P2: Is Maruti getting into solar cars? What is current and future scope of solar cars in India?

I: told them I was not aware of the forecasted penetration of solar cars in India.

P1: asked 3 suppliers related terms (one was supplier development, the other 2 I don't remember). Have you heard these terms?

I: Told about supplier dev. as it is used in Maruti.

P1: No not that one. These 3 are connected terms. Either you have heard all or none.

I: No sir I have not heard of them.

P1: How long have you worked with suppliers for product development?

I: 1 year. Worked on 3 models, so with 3 diff suppliers of every component.

P1: asked others if they wanted to ask anything. Nobody did. So that was it.

(P4 did not ask any question. He was just noticing the body language)

Overall time: 15-20 min.

Verdict: Waitlisted for PGDIM (Merit No: 210)

Calls: IIM-K, SPJ, MDI, new IIMs, NITIE | WL: SPJ, NITIE Converts: MDI
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CAT : 99.28


X - 90.2

XII - 85.2

Undergrad Major - Civil Engg (IIT BHU) 2012

Work-Ex: Oracle 10 Month, Darkhorse IT Consulting 2 yrs

NIL/Sector - IT/Software

Number of Months: 34 months


Topic: Why are you here? Placements or knowledge

Time: 15 mins approx ( they intimated when to start the discussion)

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

The topic was such that there was no arguent. Everyone had similar views that knowledge is important and that will lead to placements

Few points which we focussed on:

How learning in BSchool is different ( group activity, experiential learning)

Why Nitie  is a great place to learn ( gave random exaples like best ops school and all)

I tried to chip in a few points regarding placements being a scale of a Bschools success and that there should be considerable amount of energy dedicated to conducting placements.

Overall a very cool and calm GD, we even lost momentum once when no one had any point to speak.

Other Salient Details: They asked to conclude the GD with a summary and everyone almost jumped to get the brownie point for summary. I did not participate in the summary hence


No. of Panelist : 5 ( freaking 5..  who does that to a nervous candidate)

P1 : Middle Aged man ( Just noticed my body language throughout the interview)

P2: Middle aged Lady

P3: Old professor ( Looked quite serious through out the interview)

P4 : Middle aged man 2

P5 : Came in while the interview was in process

I : Good morning ( I am a moron.. it was almost 4), err..  good Evening

(First fumble)

P3: So, Civil Engineer uh... What is your favourite subject?

I: (Why this question always 😞 ) Trasportation and Highway Engineering  ( always my safest bet)

P3: Tell me something salient features about road constrution?

I: Answered

P4 : So tell me, whats the ROI on highway project?

I : (Second fumble) Going by the time period it takes to get the money back from a road project, which is usually built by BOT..

P2: BOT.. what is difference between BOT and BOOT?

I: Explained BOT and said hearing BOOT for first time

P4: Gave BOOT fullform, so whats the ROI?

I: About 50% it should be

P4: Whaaaat??? 50%, dont You think its too much

I: Gave some time value of money gyaan, then said 50 is the maximum, average in india should be 35-40%

P3: Tell me about your BTP

I: (Yess.. was fully prepared) Told

P3: What was the outcome, what your solution used anywhere?

I: Not used, but the presentation fetched me a 10 pointer 😁

P4: What is moisture holding capacity of soil?

I: No idea

P4: whats the difference beween texture and particle size of soil

I: Attempted, but gave up

P4: Come on..  You are a Civil Engineer

I: Sir I have been working in Non Civil Engg sector for the past 3 years

P2: What do you work on?

I :Explained

P5: What is the use of the software, or is it an additional burden?

I: (Shocked to see him speak for first time) Explained usage

P2: Tell one real time example where it has help

I Started to answer, P4 suddenly interrupted and said " No, thats not the right answer, you are wrong"

I : (Confident about my answer). Backed up my answer

P2: Okay we are done.. Thanks Jayant

Overall time: 15 mins

Calm and chilled out, except for the last part

Verdict: Converted PGDIM!

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X - 91.6%

XII - 81.2%

Undergrad Major - 7.78 CGPA in Electronics and Communiv

Work-Ex: Tata Elxsi

NIL/Sector - Automotive

Number of Months - 17 months


Topic: Are cohesive groups more productive? The GD was attended by 10 aspirants

Time: 17 mins

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Overall healthy discussion with the participants mostly agreeing to the topic. There were a lot of examples being cited in favour of the topic and also about various underlying aspects like team building and team work. 

Other Salient Details: Was asked to summarize the discussion in 2 mins wherein everyone got to pitch in their opinions


I was the last candidate to be interviewed on that opening day of GD/PI process. The wait was long but I was determined to keep myself pleasant throughout and more importantly active and fresh.

No. of panelists - 4


1. Started with Tell us about yourself. I explained my profile and hobbies.

2. Asked me to give more clarity on my job profile.

3. Once I did that and understanding that I am from Automobile industry, the professor asked me to explain a digital fuel gauge reading on the white board, which I blissfully did. 

4. Once I did that, I was asked to explain how 'Distance to Empty' is calculated.

5. From there, the discussion went on to design a speedometer for a vehicle and also how to calibrate it. I was able to explain the basic method of calibrating a speedometer. I was asked if I knew any other method of calibration to which I answered No.

6. Another professor asked me, "Why do you think that Tata Motors is not still performing as it should?" This question was more of an opinion based question to which I answered in a very diplomatic manner.

The professors were really tired from the day's process and it was very much evident because 2 out of the 4 professors were happy listening to my answers and hesitated to ask a question to me when one professor asked if anyone else had a question.

Verdict - Direct Convert

My advice to future aspirants : Keep your cool during the process. Be cheerful and smart. Believe in yourself, keep repeating to yourself that you are gonna succeed. They do not check how well you have mugged up answers, but they will check if you have been consistently doing justice to yourself.

CAT OA : 97.7 | GEM | NITIE
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Very late. But here goes. 


CAT Percentile: 98.71 

Category: General 


X - 83 % (CBSE)

XII - 86 % (CBSE)

Undergrad Major - 8.24 CGPA (74.90 %)

Work-Ex: TCS 

NIL/Sector - IT

Number of Months: 7 months till April'15


Topic: "Global warming is fictitious devil created by scientists"

Time: 18 mins discussion + 2 mins summary 

After the panel member told us to start the GD, there was absolute silence for about 5 seconds. No one was ready to start the GD. 😛

I started the GD saying we have been given an interesting topic to discuss. Then some gyan about global warming. General Introduction. 

After that everybody pitched in. There was no fish market. People were coming up with new points, but after 5-6 minutes nobody had anything new to add. So, discussion revolved around the same points till the end. Pitched in 4-5 times. 

All in all, a good GD. Everybody spoke, equally well.


There were 3 panel members. One sir was sitting at the left (M1) , one in the middle (M2), and Lady prof at the right (L1)  


M2- So, you're the first candidate to be interviewed. Don't you think you have a disadvantage?

A- Sir, in all the previous interviews I attended, I was the last or second last person to be interviewed. This is something new. Also, as such I feel there is no disadvantage, because I'm here with an open mind. Not expecting questions from any particular topic. I'm feeling fresh. It's good in a way. 

They all were smiling.

L1- Okay then! Let's ask him some very difficult question. 

M2- Ask yourself a tough question, and answer it. 

All started laughing. As I was about to say something, M2 stopped me and said, it's fine. We're joking around.

M2- Difference between Analog and Digital Electronics.


M2- Difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous. 


M1- Go to the board, explain operation of SR Flip Flop.

Explained. Few cross questions. Was able to manage.

M1- What is a rectifier?


M1- Go to the board again. All three started laughing again.

Draw circuit diagram of half wave rectifier and full wave. 


M1- What is SNR?


L1- List some topics you studied in Essentials of Management in 7th Sem.


L1- You had Operations Research as an elective in 7th Sem. Good. 

Me- Yes ma'am. Listed the topics I covered.

M2- What was your final year project?


L1- Which client do you work for right now?


L1- What does an investment bank do?


L1- Difference between investment bank and retail bank


L1- Tell me. I have an account in RBI. So, what is that one thing Bank can do that we cannot?

Me- Ma'am, we can't open an account in RBI. It is a central bank. 

L1- Stopped me in between. No, but I have an account in RBI.

Me- Spoke about hierarchy. RBI is bank of all banks.

Some cross questioning. She was trying hard to convince me that she has an account. I was smiling and saying, not possible because it is a central bank and blah-blah.  

L1- What is repo rate? Reverse repo rate?


L1- What are the functions of RBI?


She said, very good after the answer. 

M1- You've mentioned about Tennis. So, who is your favourite player?

Me- Sir, Djokovic.

M1- How many grand slams has he won?


M1- Okay good. All three looked at each other. 

L1- We're done, Aman! You may leave. Thank you.

Me- Thank you ma'am. Thank you, Sir. Have a great day.

One of the most chilled out interviews. They all were smiling continuously. Appreciating in between.

Verdict: Direct Convert 😁

Cat'14 98.71 | Calls- New IIMs, MDI, NITIE, IIT-B, IMT-G | Converts- All
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Date: 08-04-2015, Slot - 11:00, Interview Panel - 3



X - 88 (CBSE)

XII - 72.4 (CBSE)

Undergrad Major - 7.06 (Mech - NIT Silchar)

CAT %ile: 93.42 (NC-OBC)


Sector - Power/Manufacturing - Alstom India Ltd {Project Mgt (30), Business Development (2)}

Number of Months: 32 months (Feb'15)

I was in the 11 am (LOL) slot. We were called for document verification at around 5 pm.


Topic: Should women get 50% of their husband's income in case of a divorce.

Number of Ppl present: 8

Time: 20 mins

It was one of the most civilized GDs you get to hear about. Starting from questioning a set 50% alimony and how custody of the child involved would matteer; to misuse of such a power in the hands of women and how clause for domestic violence is misused by women. I spoke 3rd. A different point I personally put in; that courts should assign counselling before trying any divorce case, as most genuine cases are the result of misunderstandings two mature people are completely capable of resolving with a little help.

We were asked to summarize in the last 2 minutes. Everybody was in consensus. It was a successful discussion.


I went and sat outside the interview room after the GD. There was only one person before me. As the person before me went in, this other guy came and looked worried as he had a filght at 7.30 and it was already around 6. So, I let him go in before me. He came out smiling, so I was pretty sure the panel inside would be easy to handle. I couldn't be any more wrong.

There were 4 people. A lady in her early 30s say, L1 & 3 middle aged male professors say, M1, M2 and M3. M2 I think was the head of Operations.

Anyway, I went in all smiles. Wished L1, Good evening followed by the 3 Ms. M1 went out for a break as I was sitting while M3 asked me for my form. M2 asked me to sit down once I'd handed the form.

M2: So, Arnab! Tell us about yourself.

Me: Sir, I'm from Guwahati, Assam. I spent almost all my conscious life in Assam, schooling in Guwahati and graduation from NIT Silchar. The job being my first long term exposure outside NE. I am currently working as a Market Development Engineer in Alstom, but the chunk of my experience comes from Project Planning as a part of Project Management in the same co. Continued with how I aspire to climb rapidly be at the helm of some co. ASAP and so MBA is the next logical step.

M3: You have done a lot in Extra Curriculars. Can you elaborate a little more.

Me: Told them about representing school in quizzes and choirs. How I learnt guitar, got addicted to music and decided to coordinate the college's music festival. How the cultural shock during its promotion at GIR made me help pioneer the 1st AIESEC center the NE and how it was nationally appreciated.

M3: Why have you mentioned Green belt in Tae-Kwon-Do? Its a very basic belt.

Me: Sir, there was a limited space and I wanted to make it more diverse. I have also played football with a small time club in Guwahati, but that isn't certified.

M2: Ok, So, you are a quizzer. What is April 8th?

Me: (Mar Gaye!!) Sir, I haven't come across anything. (there's nothing, Phew!)

M2: Ok, then What's April 7th?

Me: Sir, I do not recall,

M2: Try, It was only yesterday.

Me: (batti jali) Sir, Health Day!!

(Everybody is laughing now, around 10 mins done, Interviews going great... dropped my guards... BIG MISTAKE!!)

M3: I have a Question. Why do all watches show a time of 10:10 in ads.

Me: Sir, I have read about two theories. One is that the inventor of watches died at 10:10 and it is offered as a sign of respect. The other more rational theory is that the watch looks symmetrical, looks like its smiling and at 10:10 the Brand logo is perfectly framed.

M3: Both your answers are wrong!! It was the time of the first assassination.

Me: Sir, I've read only these two. Now I have a 3rd theory. I still think my 2nd one is more logical.

(It is actually the 2nd one, the assassination theory is a emotional marketing stint linked with Lincoln, Kennedy or MLK Jr and quite a successful one judging from M3's reaction)

M3: Well, you're wrong!!

M2: Okay, you're from Mechanical Engineering, What is cutting speed.

Me: In respect of Material removal, its volume of material removed per minute.

M2: No, its not. 

(Discussed this for 2/3mns. Never arrived at the correct answer)

M2: Okay, What's Reaming?

Me: It's used to machine the insides and enlarge an existing hole. (partially correct)

M2: Then what's Boring?

Me: Boring is also used to enlarge a hole.

(Meanwhile M1 has come from his break)

M2 to M1: He's saying reaming is for hole enlargement. (both laugh)

M2: What's the difference then?

Me: MRR?! (not really confident here)

M2: Which one is used when?

Me: I don't remember.

M2: You had Theory of Machines. What's Mechanical advantage.

Me: No idea, sir!

M2: What is your purpose of being a ME? All machining is to create Mechanical advantage. What is it?

Me: I really don't recall sir.

M1: Silchar is not that happening a place. Itni masti kaha ki? Padhai nahi karte the?

Me: Sir, it has been almost 3 years. Technical stuff can always be looked up. I have concentrated on personal development and my job requirements. (Failed attempt to change subject).

M3: Okay, Tell us about your project.

Me: We analysed Comb type Micro-capacitive Accelerometers and proposed a new design for detection of minute vibrations.

M2: Why did you do an electronics project being a mechanical engg.

Me: We were studying Non traditional manufacturing methods and accelerometers are one application.

M3: Okay, Explain. L1 is an Electronics Engineer.

Went to the blackboard and drew up the designs, explained why this small modification is more sensitive. How it could be used in seismographs and pre-quake tremors can be detected and other applications.

M2: Very well. (to other panel members), Let's ask about Work ex.

M3: What do you do.

Me: Explained.

M2: How come being single point coordinator of Bearing manufacturing be in any way be Project Planning. Its production planning.

Me: Explained how the roles were different.

M2: But bearings are a small item and mass produced. How come you call that Project.

Me: Sir, I handle Bearings for Hydro project which have humongous bearings, sometimes the size of this room. These are made to order. and apart from bearings i have worked in Hydro projects as well.

Further discussion on Bearing manufacture lead time, and responsibilities in new profile for 3-4mins.

Said thanks and left.

Total time : 35-40 

Chances are slim. Maybe if percentile and GD have good weightages. God be merciful. 😛

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@Blacker Word's out that it's today. Any truth to it?

@lolzzzz @MonkeyBusiness

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jab bhi aaye, results wont change 😃 so lets face it when it comes anytime

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