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MYRA School of Business is a premier B School located in the royal city of Mysore. Committed to "excellence" in everything we do-faculty, pedagogy, and campus, MYRA has created a unique learning platform blending Indian and Western perspectives; teaching methods to add intellectual diversity in the classroom; bringing faculty from some of the top B Schools in the world -- Cornell, Kellogg, Cambridge, IIMs and others. Our full-time faculty with PhDs from institutions - Stanford(USA), Kassel University (Germany); Rensselaer Polytechnic (USA); IIMA and others are exemplary; bring industry experience; bridging the gap between class room learning and industry expectations.

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MYRA Placement Services

As a follow-up to the posts on placement services offered by MYRA, I would like to add my experience of having to go through the placement process remotely, being away on a study abroad program in Portugal. First and foremost, right from the chairperson to the resident faculty and the placement services team, everyone at the college has been entirely committed to the placement process whether it is by contributing with their precious time, bringing in recruiters through their networks or sometimes even cold-calling companies that the students were interested in.

The team ensured that the PGPX students who were away for 3 months on a free-mover program with Catolica Lisbon during the crucial placement season where not at a disadvantage. It was ensured that the candidates were interviewed telephonically and over skype. The sheer task of co-ordinating the busy class schedules in Lisbon along with recruiters' calendars and the time zone differences was itself a tedious task that the team managed effectively. We were kept updated at all times about the firms that were visiting the campuses, the profiles that have been shortlisted and all the next steps thereafter. I personally had two firms that interviewed me over video calls during my stay at Lisbon. Upon my return to India, a final face-to-face discussion was organized and the employment offer process completed seamlessly. Batchmates who were worried about travelling during the crucial placement season were rather relieved and thankful that placement team did a wonderful job of making the push for us with the recruiters and getting our interviews scheduled remotely.

It is also interesting to see firsthand the influence of alumni network. Recruiters of the first batch of PGPX returned this year with great feedback on the school and the candidates recruited last year. They infact swept away a sizeable portion of the 2015 batch considering the impact their seniors had on their firms over the last year. With no doubt, students can expect whole hearted support from the entire management team in identifying, pitching and bringing in the recruiters of your choice, creating the interviewing opportunities and offering additional help through career management courses, soft skills training etc. required to make the cut.

Shiv Shankar

PGPX 2014-15

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From the placement report of the institute ,u have been placed at RBL. May i know in which department,designation,CTC and place of location? am aspiring to apply for MYRA this season. Am a 13 yr experienced banker presently working as Chief Manager in a leading old generation private bank.

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@prathoshraj Dept: Process reengineering, Designation: Senior Manager, Location: Mumbai, CTC - I cannot disclose as I have a confidentiality clause in the offer. 

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Placements in MYRA are customized according to the student's interest and aspirations. In MYRA the management is always willing to approach companies, which are of student's interest and most of the time they have successfully arranged interviews with these companies. My profile was very unique and placements proved to be daunting task for me and the management as well. I couldn't fit into many of the companies, which visited the campus and had to wait a bit longer than my peers for placements. By the time I was placed more than 80% of the batch was placed in companies such as Nextgen, YPAYCASH, Oracle, Mphasis etc. I was worried and day by day I started to lose my confidence. Because of the growing frustration I approached the management and they listened to my problems patiently. Immediately I was referred to many companies such as Reliance JIO, Cisco and OnMobile. The swift response from management brought my confidence back and soon I was placed in a company, which visited our campus. If MYRA hadn't had a customized placement approach for me, definitely I would have struggled for a job. I can confidently say that if you have a clear objective and if you know what exactly you want then MYRA is the best place to go. In addition, the kind of training that you get in MYRA can really equip you to compete in the job market much more efficiently than students from other schools. For example the New Product development course in MYRA has helped many of the students in cracking interviews both on and off campus. Now I am very happy that I took a right decision 1 year back to join MYRA and am glad that I am leaving the campus with a good job and with some wonderful experiences and memories .Thank you MYRA School of Business.




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When I thought about doing MBA, the most difficult thing was choosing a college. Honestly speaking, the priority for me was to get quality education and I was seldom thinking about placement. After giving CAT, I had shortlisted about 5 colleges and MYRA was not among them. I got selected in a couple of good colleges when one day I found about MYRA while surfing through an MBA entrance preparation portal. I went through the website and I instantly got interested in MYRA. I was highly impressed by the wonderful architecture of college and world class faculty .The only thing I was worried about was that MYRA is a new college and will I get return value for my money as the fees I felt was little high. But then I decided to apply to MYRA first and see these things later.

The admission process was initiated with the statement of purpose which tells everything about you and why you are going to do MBA. After sending that, I got introduced to Arun sir who handled each and every doubt of mine very patiently and supported me very much throughout the process. Arun sir fixed a skype interview with Dr. Sudhendar Rao. Dr. Rao is very eminent and experienced person and he asked me questions which were very basic in nature and were mostly based on my write up. He was trying to test my competence and my purpose of doing MBA. For me it was a unique experience and being interviewed by him in itself was an honour. But after the interview process he was little skeptical about my seriousness towards life. As I have some personal issues he seemed worried.  So I decided to visit MYRA and get interviewed in person.

Finally, the day arrived when I visited MYRA! What an experience it was! I had also visited some of the other colleges but MYRA was a class apart. MYRA has excellent student quality and awesome environment which is very different from other B-schools. I immediately felt that this is the college I was searching for and that I belonged here. I met students from the founding batch and second batch and their profiles were quite impressive.  The placement season was on and many of them were already placed. Everybody received me very warmly and they also took me to show the college and also invited me to lunch with them. They shared with me their experiences and insights and everybody gave me positive feedbacks about MYRA. After little wait I got opportunity to meet Dr. Shalini Urs. She also enquired about me thoroughly. She also asked me about my queries and doubts about MYRA but by that time I had none and I was sure that if got selected, I will join MYRA only. After two days I got confirmation mail from MYRA.

I do not know if I will seek a job after MBA or if I will want to start my own company but one thing I am sure of now is that I will succeed in any area because of the knowledge that I am to gain at MYRA as well as a positively transformed personality. I am eagerly waiting for 22nd June to come when I will start my journey to new heights with MYRA.   

Anurag Srivastava anurag.s@myra.ac.in
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MYRA provides placement support to each and every student with a personalized touch and the team make sure that no one is left behind in the process. One of the important part of placement process in a B-School is transparency and the placement team here at MYRA made sure that each and every stakeholder in the process were on the same page.

Our placement session began with Mr Rehan Khan Managing Director Abbott India visiting our campus followed by his team in few days' time to become the first recruiter to start off the placement season for the very first batch of MYRA by selecting three students in the month of August itself. After that there was no looking back. The placement team at MYRA made sure that the students got the role they are looking for.

For a new B-School whose placement season starts with a company like Abbott, an MNC, was a really proud moment. Even the start-up's that visited our campus offered very handsome salaries to our students and oh yes salary here means CTC and not stock optionsJ.  Companies like Magic 9 Media and Analytics which is one of the fastest growing companies in the field of data analytic' s hired quite a few numbers of students and are now based in Mumbai.  Thereafter companies like Oracle,Mphasis, HDFC, Axis, Maveric, Technova and many more have hired from MYRA.

All this started by having extensive career management classes which taught us how to make our resume and customize it according to the requirement of the companies. As a part of our placement process we had training upon various aspects of it. We had one mentor for every three students to guide us through each and every step of our journey. These mentors are none other than our professors who have long and rich experience as a part of management teams in various MNC'S. We had various sessions on how to modulate your speech during an interview and within the organisation and various other aspects of conducting ourselves in an organisation thus giving us the taste of how it feels when we start our new journey as professionals. As many of us including me were fresher's and did not have any idea about how the real corporate world works. 

Joining MYRA was one of the best decisions of my life. I would like to welcome all the students who are about to join MYRA to what we call our MYRA family.

Shobhit Pathania

PGDM 2013-15

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Our placement process would define the success of our batch. An initiative that was taken very seriously by everyone at MYRA, it proved to be fruitful as we had companies like MPhasis, Oracle, Atul Industries,  Magic 9, Pramati Technologies, Maveric Systems and Infosys taking in MYRA students. During this, we learnt skills that a classroom could not impart. The art of cold calling, following up with companies, networking at events and also dealing with failure, were lessons that were taught and will serve to improve MYRA in the years to come.

It all started as early as August 2014 when our placement process kicked off with a bang with 3 students from our batch receiving offers worth 8 Lakh CTC from Abbott Labs. This set the tone for the rest of the year with regards to placements. There was a particular importance to get the resume just right as this would be the ticket to get that interview call from companies. The placement team at MYRA ensured that resumes were revised to suit job descriptions and also make it easier for recruiters to glance through it within a short space of time. 

These exercises were interlinked with career management classes which touched upon important aspects such as the components of a CTC and the usage of the right kind of vocabulary in a resume. The students of the PGDM batch started another initiative to ensure that fundamentals of business concepts were revised to ensure that there would be never be a situation when a candidate is rejected because they did not know their concepts. 

In my case, I was keen on pursuing a career in marketing in the IT Product domain. Having worked at a services company prior to joining MYRA, I wanted to explore the product side with a goal to ultimately be in charge of a whole product. Our preferred choice of domains were taken into consideration during the start of the year and companies were found based on these choices. 

My resume was sent to companies such as Pramati Technologies and Oracle. The placement processes for both these companies ran in parallel as I was evaluated over 5 rounds of interviews for Pramati and 2 rounds for Oracle. I was fortunate to receive offers from both companies. Pramati offered me the position of a MArketing and Research Executive based out of Hyderabad and Oracle offered me the position of a Business Development Consultant based out of Bangalore. Both offers were in the range of 6-8 lakh CTC. I chose to pursue the offer from Oracle as it was more in line with my career goals. 

The students who received their job offers as early as January and February, showed enormous selflessness in assisting their classmates with regards to opportunities outside the campus placement process and also in helping them prepare for interviews. 

At length, we were able to bring some of the biggest names to recruit students from MYRA such as MPhasis, Oracle and HDFC Bank. 

Yes, we did take a calculated risk by joining MYRA. But as you will learn soon enough in a business program, at any B-school, high risk equals high return and I believe that I have obtained that high return from MYRA.

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People who will be joining for the upcoming pgpx batch at MYRA please reply to this.

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Hi Arnab... I will be joining upcoming batch of PGPX at MYRA

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I recently got the admission offer from MYRA.I want to know what will be the program duration for PGPX 2016 batch i.e. what is the start date and end date.

I also want to know what will be the batch size for PGPX?


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After sailing on ships for about 8 years, I felt that I should go for higher studies. An MBA, for sure, was the best thing I could have chosen for higher studies .Today, there are 1000's of colleges which offer a good MBA and all of them claim to be the best!!  Hence, it's a challenging job to search a good college. So I applied to a few good colleges which suited my needs. But then, a close friend of mine suggested me MYRA. He just said to me" just check out their website and you will feel to study there."

I logged on to MYRA's website. After browsing through the website, I felt that there was something different about MYRA. Its sprawling green campus, its innovative and beautiful building, its classrooms, its curriculum with a vast range of core and elective courses, and most importantly, its highly qualified faculty (all of them PhD's in their domains) and excellent placement record, attracted me.

So, I started applying for it. I knew about the application procedure of other colleges which is almost same for every college (looks like they blindly follow similar pattern of application!). A very long form, with a lot of details to fill in, 2-3 essays and 2 letters of recommendation from the supervisors (looks like they are poor in choosing on their own and needs someone else's reference) is the normal content of their application. Applicant is half dead by the time application is completed!

But MYRA's application process is very simple. Just fill the online form, which is short and simple and contains everything that the institute must look at, before selecting an applicant. MYRA looks into every aspect of a candidate's profile (Unlike other good colleges where high GMAT score is top priority). Candidate's academic performance, be it in secondary school, higher secondary school or college or his extra-curricular activities or his additional activities or the GMAT score, everything has equal importance for MYRA. So don't be disheartened if you have low GMAT score (mine was 550). MYRA will find the diamond in you, which even you may not be aware of, and select you. Crux is the 'statement of purpose ': one single essay, which tells everything about the applicant. Looks like, MYRA knows exactly what to look for in an applicant before selecting him/her.

Even the interviewers are cool. I had an online interview. They made me comfortable during the interview and it was a very pleasant experience to be interviewed by them.

In today's world, where imparting knowledge has become a real time business and can cost you a fortune, MYRA belongs to a new class of colleges where real values are taken care of and world class education, from world class faculty, is being imparted in India (Mysore) at a very affordable price.

Don't believe??

Check out MYRA's website and feel the difference!!!

Aseem Khare

MYRA PGPX candidate (2015-2016)


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On a certainty level your article inspires and motivates a lot of youngsters to choose management as their higher studies at MYRA. I will share the link with a few colleagues of mine who are willing to join MBA programs 

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thanks 😃

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Here I would like to share my admission experience with everyone.

My journey starts with my simple thought that everyone needs management skills more and more as they move up the ladder. I decided what I wanted to do next. I wanted to take up management course and experience the learning to be a business ladder in the future. This decision of mine becomes stronger with MYRA.

While searching for many institutes and universities, I came across MYRA. I was completely mesmerized with internationally renowned faculty and very futuristic campus with all facilities. My selection criteria included school reputation; focus on personal development and class diversity. I believe that MYRA's personal development courses will surely be a differentiator for me and will help me decide to ultimately pursue my goals in future.

As I look back this was the best part in the whole exercise of applying for admission in MYRA. It seemed difficult before I got into it. The statement of purpose essay forms an important basis for selection, while I was working on my SOP it allowed me to visit parts of me that were previously unexplored. Now I am a better person because of it and know myself much better. After my SOP got selected I was called for an interview via Skype. I interviewed with a respected professor of the institute and the interview itself was fairly short at only 30 min or so and was very straight forward. It began with me going through my SOP. The interview mainly focused on my previous work experience and my technical knowledge about my subject. It also followed with my basic idea of taking up this course and what made me choose MYRA. It was such a great experience for me that I wish to share with everyone.

I think it was one of the best decisions I took and the efforts in the admission process were all worth it. And I am very enthusiastic and looking forward for shaping my future with MYRA.

Abdul Mahe Jabeen,                                                                                                      PGDM (2015-2017).

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Hi. I have applied for pgpx 2015 program at myra. I am  from a mechanical background having a work ex of 5 yrs in the field of Manufacturing/automobile. I have a query regarding placements at myra. What are the prospects of a good manufacturing company recruiting at myra ??  I have not seen anything promising on the website in this list of recruiters... Please revert...

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Even i wanted to know about placements in PGPX. Most of  the students tell a lot about their  faculty but not about placements.please reply. 

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Good to know that you have applied for PGPX program at MYRA. As we have been saying, we are happy and proud that we have done fantastically well as  far as placements go. Some of our students have got more than 1 offer. The placement details are available on our website, but the report is not yet hosted as the placement process in not complete yet. Coming to PGPX only, as you might be knowing last year our PGPX students got placed in the range of 10 to 24 Lakhs. This year, more that  fifty percent of the students are already placed with a salary range of 10 to 19 lakhs. The remaining, all of them are currently interviewing . The delay is primarily because five of our PGPX students are currently in Lisbon doing their study abroad program with our partner institution -- Catolica Lisbon. The final personal interviews will be held upon their return to India, shortly.                                                                                       Regarding your query about prospects of good manufacturing company recruiting at MYRA, we would like to mention that we do have companies like L & T, ABB, Ashoka, TATA motors, Wipro, Skanray and others where students from Mechanical background would be considered. We have good relations with these companies. Do visit our website for regular updates.


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