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Just got a call for global MBA too. Why so late? Because I had filled it through GMAT?

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plz see the new thread for TISS 2015-2017 aspirants


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Spice less just facts bcoz I always watch DD News hence goes interview experience.😁

This interview is for the course: BM


XAT percentile: 97.43

GMAT Score(If applicable):

GK score: 4.25

Interview Centre: XLRI -jamshedpur

Educational Profile

X: 89%

XII: 88%

Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 81.7% (B.TECH – Civil)

Any other professional certification or course undertaken:

Work profile (if applicable): Civil engineer at a Hydro Power plant

Organization : Orissa Hydro power, Jindal steel and power

Number of months : 40

Sector/Industry : power/ steel

Special achievements at work : single Civil engineer for the Power house division, lead of many construction projects in past.

Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary) : none

Regarding GD/Group Exercise

GD/GE Topic: inclusive growth in india is a myth

Number of participants: arnd 9

Duration: 20mins

Brief snapshot of discussion: was one of the best GD, no fish market, everyone chipped in with some points don't know why among all the interviews I have appeared in XLRI the members of GD were the most matured one (in HRM interview too)👍 I came 3 times with very good points. At the end everyone was asked to summarize.

About the panel

Panelists Intro: Some words about the panel and its general behavior/conduct:

P1 : Male

P2: Female

P3: Male

Chilled and very calm panel, most of the questions were asked by P1, P2. P3 asked only 2 question . All were smiling throughout the interview and listened patiently.

PI Questions:

P1 Explain the working of a hydro power with a schematic diagram

Me: Explained very well – from head race channel, head race tunnel, intake, surge tank, pressure tunnels, penstocks to tail race and also a little about turbine and generator. 🍻

P1: What are the different types of hydro power plant

Me: Head wise- high, low, medium Structure wise – run off the river project and impoundment type

P1: Explain the difference between them

Me: Explained

P2: Explain the reforms undertaken in power sector in Odisha (my state)

Me: Answered in detail (actually odisha is among the first state in India to initiate power sector reforms) there was separation of producers, distributors and transmission companies.

P2: What are the different issues in case of constructing a hydro power plant

Me: Answered about land acquisition and rehabitation and some cross questioning ensued and answered.

P3: What is the power capacity of 3 gorge dam?

Me: I don't know the value but would like to make a guess…said 3GW (actually it's of the order of 21GW)

P2: How to forecast power demand in a country say after 5 years.

Me: It depends upon population and it's growth rate , level of industrialization and modernization etc (this question never occurred to me earlier , I was impressed by my own spontaneity)

P1: Is it possible for the government to snatch someone's land and say I want to construct a dam here?

Me: Said it can so happen in a communist country …then P1 asked how does it work in India then ..there are proper land acquisition process in place. Whatever land acquisition occurs in India it is enacted keeping in mind the guidelines of LA act , it has never been forceful.

P2: So why we witness so much protest around against land acquisition.

Me: at places compensation & resettlement has not been time-bound also sometimes political parties mislead local peoples to protest even if their wasteland is taken by corporate houses to establish factories and generate employment opportunities for local peoples too….but not ruling out completely scenarios where landlosers rights are grossly violated . The new land acquisition law has provision to protect their interest in a better way.

P1: See in a land acquisition we acquire land that produce electricity but at times the villages where the hydro power exists does not get electrified.

Me: Yes, villages may sometimes not be electrified but they benefit from irrigation facilities. Sometimes they are provided jobs in the plant itself. Now, the revenue and development brought about by this power plant finally gets routed back in some portion to the same people say via govt subsidy etc. Because they left land for the project crores of people get energy and using this energy we establish industries and bring about development….schemes of things are such that it is always FOR THE GREATER GOOD.👍(ALL 3 of them smiled raising eyebrows..)

P2: What are the changes you see around Kalahandi( where my project is located) bcoz of this hydro plant

Me: Answered…previously it was compared with Sub-Saharan Africa but our project has enabled agriculture. They cultivate rice and the district has been a net exporter of food grains for last 5-6 years.

P1: What are the project you have been involved in OHPC?

Me: Answered

P2: What are the things you dislike of your current job profile?

Me: To be brutally honest I think in a PSU we have lot of rules and regulation and personally time and again I have faced situation where because of this work gets slowed. I believe rules should be continuously aligned to enhance productivity.(Thankfully no cross questioning)

P3:What is your hobby?

Me: Reading Newspapaer

P1:Then u must have read this interim budget (passed just 3 days ago) tell me some points from it.

Me: Answered

P2: Any questions for us?

Me: I was going through XLRI site and found that there are many students communities and throughout the year they are involved in lot of extracurricular activities. MBA studies have vast curriculum how do people in XLRI manage both these things?

P1 and P2 started laughing ..P1- That question I have been asking myself since I joined XL P2- They manage and you will manage too. Ok thank you.

Me- Thanked them individually

Preparation and spontaneity are equally important. In XLRI interview they give you enough time to express yourself. Interview is very structured. Be calm even if you could not answer a few questions. All the BEST.

Verdict: Straight convert!!! (First big convert of the season) Jumped like a monkey when I saw the result.8th April 2014 will remember the date always.👍

calls XL-BM/HRM, , XIMB, IIM –B ,IIM-I, NITIE, VGSOM, 6NEW IIM's converts – All the interviews I attended. Could not attend NITIE and IIM-I …(deputed on election duty then😐)

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I think I had attended the GD/PI the same day with you. I remember you said after PI that it went very well and if this doesn't convert, you wonder what will. Happy for you bro! ATB for your future! 😃

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liked the opening line ... & really seemed u hv penned down the exact interview as it went without any exaggeration...gave us a real picture of how it goes....CONGRATS

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This interview is for the course: Global MBA

Other calls: None

XAT percentile: 92.63😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

GMAT Score(If applicable): None

GK score: 2.25

Interview Centre: Mumbai

Educational Profile

X: 91.2 %

XII: 83.4 %

Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 7.70

Any other professional certification or course undertaken: None

Work profile (if applicable): None (fresher)

Organization : NA

Number of months : NA

Sector/Industry : NA

Special achievements at work : NA

Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary): Was involved with IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) as a local committee member and then scaled up to be part of the National Secretariat and was also the Head, Incoming Students assistance team. An international technical internship in Poland (I was banking on my interview to take the direction of IAESTE and Poland and even kept my Letter of reco from Poland and the IAESTE letter from the Pro Vice Chancellor on the top, but the panel IGNORED it completely). I played Chess all through my childhood, at the school, city and district level and used to be placed in top 10 players regularly.

Regarding GD/Group Exercise

GD/GE Topic: Are foreign managers better than the Indian counterparts?

Number of participants: 9, 1 absent

Duration: 20 mins

Brief snapshot of discussion: It was a good discussion, one candidate absolutely nailed it. I pitched in two or three times with good points. I remember there was a dead silence when all the candidates ran out of points. Those 10 seconds were howlers 😛 Fatt gayi yaar 😛😠 Then points started to get recycled, Satya Nadella, Rajeev Suri etc etc. I got a lot of points in my head after the GS got over. I felt like strangling myself 😠😠😠

About the panel

Panelists Intro: Uday Damodaran Sir, he was killing me with his straight face. (P1)

Dipankar Bose sir, he was calming me 😃 mg (P2)

Santanu gupta Sir, he was the one who grilled me all through out (P3)

PI Questions:

I was the last candidate to be interviewed that day, 4.50 PM, I enter and as I was closing the door,:
P1: "Hi Faheem, are you placed?"

Me: Yes sir, Mu sigma (They give each other the look that said GMBA is a preferred 3+ programme, why is he wasting our time😠😠, and I felt lo mar gaye😟😟😟.

P1: "Please sit, do you know about the symbols in the logo of the company?"

Me: Yes sir, Mu and sigma (Explained)

P1: Nods and " What is mode?"

Me: Explained.

P1: When do you use Average and Median.

Me :(Believe it or not, before coming to Mumbai for the interview, I asked my room mate the same question, he did not know, I thought of Googling and saala MTV par Fevicol Se chalney lag gaya, i started watching and I completely forgot about it 😠😠😠😠😠p😉😉😐, Karma is such a b!#$h) "Urm sir, when the number of data points are too high??"

P1: Looks disinterested and P2 jumps in" So, what happens if the number of values are large?"

Me: Sorry sir, It was a wild guess.

P1: You learnt mathematical modelling in college? What did you learn? and what did you learn in engineering economics?

Me: Told about modelling, Engineering economics, told him about time value of money, annuities, laws of demand and elasticity.

P1: Bass? I find it hard to believe you learn just this much in the whole course (Was he implying I was lying?! 😞 )

Me: Sheepishly grinning like an idiot. No sir. Just this much. :/ (Engineering economics was a 2 credit course clubbed with Essentials of Management which was another 2 credit course, this was the reasons the course content was low but I sat there just looking at him) 😞 😞

P3 jumps in: Guessing, is it?

Me: (sir galti hogayi, aaj sey guessing bandh! 😛 ) "Sorry sir."

P3: You seemed to have played a lot of chess and even mentioned about it in the milestone and the peak experiences, let's solve a puzzle, Take any number between 1-10, say it, (said), I choose 7, add them (said), I again select a number and add it to the previous total, this will go on until one of us touches 100 or crosses it. If you touch 100 you lose. You need to cross 100 in the addition. understood?

Me: Yes sir. ( I thought addition ki speed check karengey 😛 )

P3: Tell me, if I should lose the game, should you allow me to begin the game or you will begin the game? Use the notepad and the pen

Me: (Haaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiinn??? arey yahaan totey udd gaye, note pad sey kya hoga??) "Sure sir" (i started to scribble the formula of the square of the first n natural number for no damn reason, i stopped myself, looked at him *puppy face*)

P3: Okay, think form behind. Which number should I fall on to lose for sure?

Me: (After thinking, 89)

P3: I know what you are thinking, you are really close to the answer, 89 is wrong, one more hint, it is greater than 89

Me: Got it, gave the answer. He smiles.

P2: Okay , so what are your interests apart from Chess?

Me: Sir, I like to watch english animated movies, i love the dialogues, they are funny.

P2: Who is the director of Frozen?

Me: (sir watching the movie sir, not the credits!!!!!) Sir, no idea.

P2: Which is Steven Spielberg's studio?

Me: (LIKE A TOTAL IDIOT) "Universal Studios" (He nods 😞 )

P2: George Lucas?

Me: Told.

P2: Okay, you may leave. Take 2 toffees you must be tired.

(Sir, brain freeze hogaya hai)

Any other details that you think are relevant: Everytime I answered any particular interviewer and I would happen to look at the other interviewers, they would purposely turn their faces away whenever our eyes locked, neverthess, I kept smiling.

Your advice for future aspirants: After the interview, I thought I shouldn't have told I was placed because they lost interest completely, but woh moral science waali book ka first chapter yaad hai? honesty is the best policy and I think they were happy I admitted it.

Verdict: Convert.

XLRI GMBA 14-16.
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@KaushikUCR  ·  70 karma

@faheem7791  do you have any idea GMBA me technical kya puch rahe hai?

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@faheem7791  ·  0 karma

@KaushikUCR , I was not asked anything from Mechanical as such. I do not know about the others. 😃

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This interview is for the course: HRM

Other calls: SPJIMR-Finance, MDI, NMIMS, SIMB-P, New IIMs, XIMB

XAT percentile: 94.62

GK score: 0.75

Interview Centre: Mumbai

Educational Profile

X: 89.84%

XII: 90.17%

Undergrad Major: Civil Engineering, COEP ; GPA: 7.66

Regarding GD/Group Exercise

GD/GE Topic: Ranking the HR policies

Brief snapshot of discussion: Not a very constructive GD.. we could hardly rank 3 or 4 policies... i spoke a few times and ensured that i stuck to my point

PI Questions:

Q: So HR was your first preference. Why HR?

A: I tried to answer saying it is something which I would be good at as it matches my personality and mentioned a few qualities. They asked me 2-3 times what else.. I answered on similar lines mentioning my interest in the field of HR.

Q: You graduated in 2013. Didnt get placed?

A: I told them I was placed in Tata Housing and why I quit after 3 months as the site location and working hours were such that I couldnt manage my preparation for entrance exams and how I wished to do an MBA in the 2014 batch.

Q: One of the panelists was aware about Tata Housing and its projects. He asked me a number of questions related to low cost housing and if the company was doing well and about its marketing strategies. He also asked me about one specific project and its turnover.

A: Answered the questions satisfactorily as I had probably paid attention during my induction. Told them about how lost cost housing is their forte and also quoted a few sales figures.

Q: A number of questions on civil engineering followed. They covered all the topics from transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering and earthquake engineering. Also asked about concrete, a few tests on bitumen and the kind of foundation used for different sub soil strata.

A: Thankfully I had gone through the basics of these subjects while preparing for my interviews. Hence told about the Is codes , the tests conducted and the different types of foundation.

Q: What do you have to say about the construction sector in India? They asked me about its contribution to GDP also.

A: I had read various reports on the construction sector. Hence I knew the statistics and answered satisfactorily.

Q: Are you aware about the labour laws in the construction sector? And if they are actually followed?

A: I told them the labour laws and told them that Tata definitely followed them. I also mentioned a few drawbacks of the construction sector and how it is yet to attain an industry status and the presence of various small entities may lead to not following all the laws.

Q: Tata Steel had started an initiative that houses shoud be constructed of steel as they are earthquake resistant. What are your views on that?

A: I had done my B.Tech project in earthquake engineering. Hence i said that there are various options to build earthquake resistant structures and mentioned the measures which could be taken.

Last question: Tell me 3 reasons why a building would collapse. Similarly give me three reasons how the HR department of a company could collapse.

A: I told them that Hr dept could collapse if there are antisocial elements happening in the company, a constant disagreement persists between the labour union and the company management and if there is a strong resentment among the employees against the company policies. Dont know if that is the right answer.

Any other details that you think are relevant: I had submitted my file to one of the professors and I had a few certificates of badminton and dance. I had been a part of various organising committees in college. No questions on any of the extra-curricular activities.

Your advice for future aspirants: Just give your best in the interview. I did not have a great XAT score or a great GK score. No work-ex also.. But just showing your interest in the field and revising basics about your engineering can help you crack the interview. Read any relevant information about the stream and you undergraduation.

Verdict: Direct convert 😃

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This interview is for the course: HRM

Other calls: BM , XIMB, IMT-Ghaz, IMI

XAT percentile: 98.38

GMAT Score(If applicable):

GK score: 3.25

Interview Centre: Hotel Parkland, New Delhi

Educational Profile

X: 87%

XII: 87.75%

Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 72.9%

Any other professional certification or course undertaken:

Work profile (if applicable): Software Engineer

Organization : TCS

Number of months : 36

Sector/Industry : IT

Special achievements at work : was once awarded as "employee of the month"

Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary) : none

Regarding GD/Group Exercise

GD/GE Topic: was a case study related to moral policing, had to give preferences to 10 points

Number of participants: arnd 10

Duration: 20mins

Brief snapshot of discussion: was one of the best GD, no fish market, everyone chipped in with some points however we could agree on 4 points then we were asked to summarise by the panel.I was able to chip in around 3-4 times

About the panel

Panelists Intro: Some words about the panel and its general behavior/conduct:

P1 : Prof Vishwa Ballabh

P2: Prof Santanu Sarkar

P3: Prof Apalak Khatua

Chilled and very calm panel, most of the questions were asked by P2, P3. P1 asked only one question at the very end. All were smiling throughout the interview and corrected me when I gave wrong answers

PI Questions:

P1 took my file and for the whole time he was viewing it and only asked one question at the end

P3: So tell me what was the profit of TCS in the last quarter

Me: told

P3: So what do you think is contribution of HR in the profits

Me: HR never has a direct impact on the profits but yes there is always an indirect impact on the profits because the profits are achieved because of employees and employees stay in the company due to HR policies.

P3: No, tell me the exact percentage

Me: I would say 40% 😁

P1, P2, P3 burst into laughter and said "yeh to yahan makhan maarne aaya hain"

P3: ok so what is the contribution of top leadership

Me: Arnd 20%

Again they all started laughing and then they asked my percentile and asked if I had a BM call , I replied that I had , they said your main aim is BM and we would be mailing your answers to your BM panel and then lets see if your answers remain the same, I said sure sir my answers would still remain the same

P3: Now justify your above percentages

Me: talked about how there are people in TCS who have stayed in the company for more than 20 years and they have stayed due to HR policies, gave some gyaan on it

P2: How important is the post of CEO for any person

Me: gave some gyaan , here I compared TCS and Infosys

P2: Asked me about Wendy doniger ( had mentioned about him in the GD)

Me: answered

P2: asked about some more authors whose books have been banned in india

Me: Answered Salman Rushdie but gave the wrong name of the book,

P2: some more authors

Me: was unable to answer then P2 told me its Taslima Nasreen

P3: Asked my opinion in one word about the pepper spary that had happened in the parliament

Me: couldn't answer in one word but gave a long answer on it

P3: Tell me something about BRICS and who coined this term

Me: Answered

P3: Why India and other nations make groups like G8, BRICS, ASEAN,

Me: gave the answer but was unable to convince the panel

P3: How does this impact a layman?

Me: with these groups India can be friends with many nations, which can bring in FDI, FII , thus more money for the govt which in the end would be spent on us , and also ease in visa norms which would help businessman

P2: gave me a paper and asked me to write 5 differences in the leadership between TCS and infy

Me: I told them I could only write good points about TCS as I only know Infy through the news in media , friends and I only wrote points about TCS

P1: Why IT companies are investing in countries like mexico

Me: Told them about near onshore concept

Your advice for future aspirants: I guess the panel was only testing my logic and how I take things in general, just be calm , structure your answer and explain it

Verdict: Straight convert!!!

XL-HRM, 2014-2016
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This interview is for the course: BM

Other Calls: None (Applied to XL BM only)

XAT Percentile: 98.49

GK score: 9.75

Interview Centre: 27th Feb 2014, Hotel Ashraya International,Bangalore

Educational Profile

X: 93.5 % (ICSE)

XII: 92.7 % (ISC)

Undergrad Major - CGPA : 7.70 (B.Tech in CSE, NIT Calicut)

Work profile: Scientist

Organization: DRDO

Number of months: 51 (at the time of interview)

Sector/Industry: Central Govt

Special achievements at work: Nothing much that can be shared. I don't know if being presiding officer for an assembly election and an election to local self govt bodies count.

Regarding GD/Group Exercise

GD/GE Topic: True Democracy in India is not possible without equal representation of all states

Number of participants: 10

Duration: 20 mins

Brief snapshot of discussion:

The discussion had a flying start as the topic was of interest to one and all. Everybody wanted to highlight the difference in the number of seats of Lok Sabha from the big and small states. I tried to state that true democracy requires adequate if not equal representation of the people from different parts of the nation. I could get the attention of all participants and the consensus was quite close to my views. The GD couldn't have gone any better.

About the panel

Panelists Intro:

P1: Prof. Munish Thakur

P2: Prof. Santhosh Kumar Sangem

P3: Prof. Ashis K Pani

I had my XLRI prospects with me and I found the names of the panellists soon after the GD. In fact all but the first candidate knew who the panellists were.

PI Questions:

P2: If the DRDO scientists are going to do management then who would do the defence research? (smiling)

Me: DRDO is quite overstaffed at the moment and have frozen bulk hiring in the last 4 years. I'm sure there are a lot of talented youngsters out there who'll continue the work (a bigger smile)

P2: So you're trying to give a chance to freshers by leaving DRDO?

Me: The freshers would get their chance, no matter what I do. It's just that I'm confident that DRDO won't suffer much due to my absence.

P3: During placements at XLRI, the potential recruiters don't prefer candidates with as much experience as you and the ones from Govt sector are considered untouchables. How will you justify yourself to them?

Me: I studied Engineering from an NIT at government subsidy. I could have joined for a management course as a fresher but I wanted to serve my country as an engineer first. I served my country for the last 4 years in one of the best govt jobs an engineer can get in India. Now I wish to follow my passion and do management. I'm sure I can convince the recruiters that I'm not untouchable. (Everybody smiles)

P1: What was your favourite subject during BTech?

Me: Data Structures and Algorithms

P1: If a matrix is multiplied with itself repeatedly will all elements eventually become infinity?

Me: If it is an identity matrix it will remain the same after multiplications.

P1: Assume that it is not an identity matrix

Me: If all the elements are positive numbers greater than 1, the matrix will tend to infinity

P3: You are familiar with the union budget. Why is it that we have a separate Railway budget?

Me: I'm sorry sir, I don't know the answer. (I learned later that it is a tradition dating back to the British)

P2: You've studied calculus in school.

Me: Yes sir, but at the moment I don't recall much of it

P2: It's OK. Just tell me one application of Integral Calculus in the field of Finance

Me: Sorry sir, I don't recall any applications at the moment

P2: Come on you can think of at least one

Me: Sorry sir.

P1: DRDO has a lot of negative publicity in the media. Do you feel that it is unwarranted?

Me: Sir, DRDO has a lot of negative publicity in the media and it is not entirely unwarranted. However the media never gives much coverage to our many successes and gives too much coverage to the failures. By law we are not even allowed to justify ourselves in public and this gives us a very bad reputation before general public.

P1: What suggestions would you give to improve the state of DRDO?

(I took some time and answered the question to the satisfaction of the panel)

P3: Tell me one latest news in finance that caught your attention

Me: I'm sorry sir. I've to travel quite a lot as part of my job and I can hardly keep track of news headlines let alone financial news.

P2: You say you are interested in management, but you haven't done quite well in the management courses you took in college. How do you justify that?

Me: Sir, in our college we had relative grading. So it was not that I did particularly badly but that there were more than 20 people in my class who did better than me.

P1: Doesn't that make you a poor student?

Me: No sir, I've got the top grade in a few subjects and being in the top 25 of one of the best engineering colleges in the country doesn't make me a poor student.

P2: Then how would you do if you get admission in XLRI

Me: Sir, at XLRI my class mates would be some of the very best minds in this nation and I would consider it an honour just to be part of that class. But I'm confident that I can hold my own with the best of them.

P1: Thank you. You may leave. Please send the next candidate.

I was not very confident after the interview. However I gave myself an outside chance as my percentile was reasonably good and the GD went well. I converted directly.

Any other details that you think are relevant: None

Your advice for future aspirants:

I still don't know how I got through. I didn't spend much time preparing for XAT. I couldn't prepare for the GDPI because I didn't have net connectivity during the two days before the interview. I spent 1 hour on the day of the interview (It was in the afternoon session) going through GDPI experiences here. I didn't join pagalguy until after I got my results. I don't know what worked for me and I cannot advise you on what might work for you. All i can say is All the Best to all who are giving XAT 2015.

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@vijayant141187 Thanks bro
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Thanks for sharing your experience

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Lazy me. was so confused and partly dejected after my interview that I could not bring myself to post this. Hopefully it will be useful for the coming batches. Bahut lamba hai. Toh have patience.

This interview is for the course: BM

Other calls: SPJIMR-Marketing, New IIMs

XAT percentile:99.34

GMAT Score(If applicable): N/A

GK score:5.25

Interview Centre: St. Xaviers College, Mumbai on 24th Feb, 2014.

Educational Profile



Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:9.6/10 mech engg from VJTI Mumbai

Any other professional certification or course undertaken:

Work profile (if applicable): GET, Project Cell

Organization : (if you wish to disclose) UltraTech Cement

Number of months :It was around 7 months at the time of my interview

Sector/Industry : Cement

Special achievements at work : participated in some HR oriented events. Quoting them would silly. So all in all none. 😛

Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary) : Hm..NERD ALERT :P. Being the first to score 10/10 in 2 sems in my stream...On a lighter note...Having watched a movie before almost every exam seems to be a bigger achievement...God knows if ill have time like that in XLRI. 😛

Regarding GD/Group Exercise

GD/GE Topic:We had a gd. "If beauty is only skin deep, how can the truth be beautiful"

Number of participants: 9 participants.

Duration:20 mins

Brief snapshot of discussion: It was an odd topic so people were hesitant to start off. Finally a guy from my group (who converted his BM call too btw) started off..It was an OK enough start. Then it was pretty mild and calm GD and everyone allowed everyone else to speak. Some good points were raised.Overall it was decent wherein everyone had something to say as this was a topic where you could really say just about anything..I made around 4-5 entries. The panelists had mentioned clearly that it was a 20 min GD and they cut us off when 20 mins were up. We were asked to give "our" summary of the topic in 1 minute. They did not go in any order, they randomly asked people to summarise. Each person was given a chance to summarise

About the panel

Panelists Intro: Some words about the panel and its general behavior/conduct:

P1: Uday Damodaran (always smiling..very encouraging and supportive..helped me answer a few questions. An ideal interviewer for a nervous interviewee)

P2: Rajeev Sharma (Always smiling again. The person who threw the maximum googlies..Great interviewer though..tested my breaking point...)

P3: TL Raghu Ram (Again calm and smiling..Asked me questions based on cement sector to a great depth... Good interviewer)

PI Questions:

To start off with some observations.

1. It was very different PI

2. They went through my CV and asked me only 1 question from it which was easy. It was based on a scholarship i had received. The scholarship was in the name of a certain person.So they asked me who that person was.

3. They did not ask anything from the profile sheet containing 5 questions, but they read it for sometime..so I suppose it did matter to some extent as to how I had answered those questions

Now more in depth-

P1 started off-

a. Was asked about stephen hawkings as i had mentioned him in our GD (Note- Please be prepared to be cross questioned on anything you mention in your GD. So talk sense in your GD and be careful of what you quote. If you quote numbers/stats, you could be asked on the validity of the same, your source of these stats, how trustworthy are these sources etc.), couldnt remember a single book of his (facepalm).

b. Was asked about any controversies surrounding Stephen Hawkings..I couldnt recollect and asked them for a hint. On being given a hint, I was able to give some details.

All this while P2 and P3 were looking at me keenly, but constantly smiling.

P3 suddenly-

a. Cement is a dirty business. Started asking me about how the top 5 cement companies control market prices.. We entered into cartelisation.

P1 suddenly-

a. OK so shoutik, name the biggest cartel.

Then the great movie buff in me kicked in. "Sir, the drug cartels of Colombia". LOL....

They all had a nice laugh. It was a genuine laugh, not that smirking sort of thing.

P1- "Sorry, we shall not discuss drug cartels now. Which else?"

Me-"Sir, OPEC?"

P1-"Yup. What is OPEC?"

Me-(holy mother of god, i was unable to recollect what E stood for) I made up something. (Later on realised had goofed up E)

P3-"Arey wrong wrong...C stands for cartel"

Me-"No sir, im sure"

This happened for 20 seconds, he kept saying it stood for cartel and i kept saying it stood for countries..Silly really...

All this while P2 smiling.

P1-"Ok so back to the case on cement companies for cartelisation."

Me-(thank you Roy sir for your great gdpi training) The key was to defend and be loyal to my company. Big deal. case ho gaya. Its the court's work to decide whether UltraTech Cement is guilty or not. Who am I to comment on it.

P1-"Fair enough. But why are the prices of certain things controlled by some major players?"

Now you will realise the accuracy of my description of P1.

Me-(My cement background led me to start off along the wrong path. Cement mein most senior people know each other quite well.) "Sir these people feel its good for all..etc.etc.."

P1-"Coke and Pepsi in the same business..yet no jacking up of prices or cartelisation"

Baammmm. Got the answer.

Me-"Prices of things which are extremely essential get manipulated" (which on second thought was pretty obvious. But, pressure does things to you)

P3-Asked me a lot of stuff on ultratech cement like, market share in cement industry, revenue, total value of cement industry in india, prices of cement bags (do they differ state to state) etc..

P2-"Your mothers handwriting is better than your fathers"
Me-"Sorry sir but i do not know how you could have predicted that. None of my certificates have their signatures on them." (he was correct btw)
P2-"Think like a mechanical engg"
Me-"Sorry sir, shall get back to you on this"
P1-"Handwriting is a fully physical or fully psychological activity?
Me-"Combination of both. You can study handwriting and figure out a person etc..."
P3-"What is the science of studying handwriting?"
Me- (nervousness/ tiredness etc..god knows what..i couldnt remember graphology)..( flash cards or norman lewis NO USE ..LOL)."Sorry sir, cannot recollect"
P3-"Heard of graphology"
Me-"No sir" (i think i really had let xlri slip through my fingers at this point)

Suddenly, I think i lost it here. Started blabbering about penmanship and calligraphy dont know why.
Uspe bhi discussion hua.

P3,P1 then went on to ask basic questions on mech engg. Like what is a machine (lol 3 idiots anyone?), whats a mechanism, give examples of basic machines, why were machines made..
Asked me the importance of the pulley system in wells..
Me- Was able to answer pretty OK OK.

P2-"Why nail better than screw"
Me-"Explained". I sounded pretty mediocre to myself honestly.

No more questions.

I then asked P2 to explain how he guessed that my mother's handwriting was better than my father's. He asked me how a seismograph works.
Again Me- "not sure sir."

He didnt further explain.
Just smiled and asked the others again if they had any questions for me to which they replied NO.

I was saying to myself.. "Arey yaar lag gaye re"

I thanked them and left.

All this while I smiled. I was pretty mild. Did not argue and kept my voice to a decent level. Not loud nor whispering. Admitted my mistakes. Was honest in saying that i did not know certain things.

I Hoped a good percentile and a decent GD might help me get through.

Any other details that you think are relevant: No

Your advice for future aspirants:

Be prepared for anything. Use past threads from PG. they are immensely useful. XLRI interviews test your presence of mind (something I lacked at times) so try being as less nervous as possible. Try to do well in every component of the XLRI process, right from your paper, to gk, to essay, to interviews, to GDs..no one really knows what weightage is given to which component.

Verdict: Direct Convert XLRI-BM

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Thank you.

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lol.. NERD ALERT :mg:

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This interview is for the course: HRM (W/L 13)

Other calls: XL BM, SPJ

XAT percentile: 98.12

GMAT Score(If applicable):

GK score: 2.5

Interview Centre: St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

Educational Profile

X: 92.8

XII: 96.2

Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 76

Any other professional certification or course undertaken:

Work profile (if applicable): Financial Analyst

Organization : (if you wish to disclose) American Express

Number of months : 12

Sector/Industry : Financial

Special achievements at work :

Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary) : Plenty of Organisation Experience in college and school

Regarding GD/Group Exercise

GD/GE Topic: Role of Local Parties in forming a Govt (Dominating the govt/Helpful)

Number of participants: 10

Duration: around 30 min

Brief snapshot of discussion: I started the discussion by some federal structure and blah blah..got the immediate attention of group and panelist ;)..Overall peaceful GD cuz many didn't know abt the topic..bt we were able to rank 4 out of 7 options.

About the panel

Panelists Intro: Some words about the panel and its general behavior/conduct:

P1: A guy in a Tee..was sitting with an Ipad

P2: Slightly older (arnd 50yrs); quite and thoughtful are the words:)

P3: The most critical of the lot..people who went inside before had already warned abt him 😉

PI Questions:

The moment I entered I was told that I could not touch any of the chairs in front of them as they are electrocuted..had to choose b/w the ones immediately behind them (too close..;)) and two rows on the sides of room..chose the seat with comfortable distance but nearest possible in that row.

P1: which stream of engg?

I was just abt to begin..

P3: arey yeh SRCC se hai..

I smiled and restated

P3: You know we have 2 dropouts frm SRCC..

I completely avoided as I didn't want to start my interview on a negative note.

P1: so B.Com(H) haan..what is Asset Turnover Ratio? (He just looked up those ratios in his Ipad, I could tell)

Me: told

P1: what is avg asset?

Me: (op+ cl)/2

P1: couldn't u have been more simpler? (got the sarcasm)

Me: op+ (op+ addition - Sale)/2

p1 smiled

p1: what is xem?

me: Import Export Policy Regulations i believe

p2: anything u cn remember of frm the last xem?

me: no sir

p2: do you think FDi is good for our country?

me: Sir I dont think our country is as yet ready for it but it has its benefits.

after a lot of discussion he said u r being diplomatic...u need to have clearer stand and I just smiled..

P2: ur fav sub?

me: Eco

P2: any prominent economist u particularly like?

me: john m keynes...then all the blah blah abt why him and stuff

p2: what actually happened if great depression..frm that we came to Indian economic crisis of 1990-91..then NEP..2004-07 boom..world slowdown..Indian banking system..the discussion wud never stop..

I was enjoying my time too as I completely loved these topics..

P3 interrupted: So u say that u're good at writing but u've filled the profile sheet incorrectly.

Me: (caught unaware) Sir which ques are you referring to..

(the peak exp, I had written abt 3 yrs of undergrad..he said that;d make a plateau not a peak)...CAUTION: please fill the form very very carefully and get second opinions

I simply agreed

P3: acc to what I cn see...u shud take up BM..U wud suit that better..

(On that day I was there for HRM..BM was no option to me then 😉 )

Me: Sir I think if you see that I have changed many schools and have developed a love fr interacting with ppl and all the blah blah abt why HRM

P3: I still think u shud take BM


Now I felt that we are abt to reach the end so I asked..sir could I come back to the mention of student frm SRCC who dropped out..

P3: no no..we already took too long..u can wait fr that one if u want..we'll discuss it latr

me: so I dont have to leave in the next 5 mins? (that is what they said to earlier interviewees)

Finally all of them laughed👏

Me: Sir I believe SRCC has given larger number of student who came out shining from XLRI than the dropouts and I personally am coming to XLRI fort he experience of those 2 years and I wouldn't miss it fr anything..!

thanku thanku thanku

and i left

(may be I overelaborated but the actual interview was for 50 mins..so...😁

Any other details that you think are relevant:not a friendly interview..they tried creating stress at each step, except P2 ofcourse:)

Your advice for future aspirants:Be smart, nervousness wont help..All the Best 😃

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Reposting the following is my Convert HRM Interview ..one of the most stressful and longest interview in the history (as far as the interviews that i have encountered on PG)

I entered ...and starts a 50 minute long interview

P2: Good Morning Abhi ..please sit down and give me your file for verification.

P3: Sir, iska to alternate email id nahi hain form mein ...iska nahi ho sakta ....

Me: 😲

P2: you do not have an alternate email id?

Me: I have sir but its not here because my friend did the registration for me becayse I was not having IDBI net banking and did not posses a valid credit / debit card for online transactions. I did not want to get late so I asked my friend to do it . he did not ask me for alternate email id.

P3: oh ..now I understood why you have filled Global MBA. It was yours friends choice and not yours. (now to P2) Father Dekha ...i told you the logic when i read his form ...its exactly the same ... (now to me ) Phir yaar ..tum 2015-17 mein aap khudse form bharke ...

I again started my story as to why I asked my friend to pay for the registration but they were not convinced 😞

Then they asked me to rank 9 important subsidies that government should give.

Me: 1. Elementary Education , ....6. Secondary education, 7. industry 8. Transport 9. Tchnical Education

P2: Technical Education is our last priority ? 😲

P3: haan father he has done his B tech naa ...he has no value of B tech now ...or since he has completed his b tech ..he does not want others to do B tech .

Me: No Sir

P3: no sir kya no sir.... yaar MBA bhi technical education mein aata hain ...phir MBA ki value i nahi hain tumhare paas. ...hum HR waalein toh education hi ekhte hain ....yaar HR mein tum reject ho jayoge aaisa karoge toh

Me: Sir Industries should come up first. Then only i will be able to provide jobs sir.

P3: arey pahele input doge ki output ready karoge .... technical education deke entrepreneurship ...uska kya?

Me: I agree sir...tht entrepreneurship is important...but giving technical education wont push entrepreneurship

P3: yaar push ki baat hi nahi ho rahi

Me: Sir if industries come up ..many allied industries are created surrounding it . Many more people will benefit from that ...

P3: Nahi yaar ...as a HR you should always value education

Me: Sir, but I need to take the best decision.

P1: How?

Me: Sir just like if I take Automobile industry for example. There are these Automobiles Primes like Tata Motors, Eicher, Volvo , etc ..Once they come up ...demand for Tier I companies will be generated. ..following them Tier 2 companies will come up.....then to meet their demands tier 3 and small scale industries will come up.....there will be so many people who will benefit from this .....if i concentrate only on educating my people ...where will they work ...not all can become entreprenuers. also I need to consider for people who will not be taking technical education.

P2: Have you heard about a rural employment Act at national level?

Me: Yes, Sir

P3: What is it?

Me: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

P3: Short Form?


P3: Yeh kya hain?

Me: Sir, Short form.

P3: Humne toh aisa kuch kabhi nahi suna

Me: Sir, Mahatma becomes M, Gandhi becomes G, National becomes N, ... A becomes Act .

All laughing ...

P3: pata nahi yeh kahan se suna tumne ...leave it .. humne to MNREGA sunna hain ...

then P2 gave me a puzzle... which I solved correctly ...but then

P2: It took you too long to solve my puzzle... thts not expected ...i want fast people with a lot alacrity who can take decisions on their feets.

Me: Sir, my first priority was to answer you correctly & second priority was to be fast....

P2 becomes silent and serious . 😁

P2: ok ..now be fast first and then correct.. ..No of hours in a day...number of hours in month ...etc etc etc

P2: number of seconds in a year ? Dnt calculate ...just tell in 3 seconds ...

Me: 😲

P2 : 1...2...3... Time over ....now ask me the same question ....

Me: huh ..

P2: Ask me how many seconds in a year ?

Me: Sir, How many seconds in a year?

P2: 12 seconds! see i took only 1 second to answer ...and my answer is correct

Me: Blank

P2: now prove me I am correct.

P3: And he is correct and prove it ...

after 3-4 seconds...

Me: yes sir..you are correct. there are 12 seconds in a year.

P2: How?

Me: 2nd of every month. 2nd Jan, 2nd Feb, 2nd Mar,....to 2nd Dec

P2> Good ...you got it correct... did not expect that from a candidate in an interview ...now please smile IDIOT!

Me; Smiling

P2: Professor (to P1) Please takeover

P1: Abhinandon, (Deep Oriya accent) ...haw good are you acedemicss?

Me: I try to do my best

P1: 69.4 % ..is tht your best?

Me:Just by looking at the percentage I would say thts not best ..but I consider the things tht i went thru during some of the semester which might have affected my studies ...i consider it a decent performance. Like in my first year ..i was not able to handle ragging and was not mature enough but later on I learnt a lot from it ...blah blah ....

P1: (cuts me ) ...okay lets forget the percentage ...I will test yo now on your akedemicss

P1: I have a silica Ball with volatge applied of 10 KV across terminals.....what will happen?

Me: Is the ball dielectric or conducting?

P1: I have no clue?

Me: Then sir even i wont be able to tell..because if its conducting then current will flow and if its not then it wont flow...just like it happens in transformer...the tranformer Oil does not allow current to flow across ...and also incase of capacitor or oil filled capacitors....

P1: You are thinking like an electrical engineer ...i want you to think like a Physics student?

Me: ( 😠 am an electrical engineer ....why do I need to think like a physicist) Sir...but I have been taught to think like an electrical engineer.

P1: No but you should know physics also. ..anyway I will ask you one more question. now.....Does light always means heat energy ...

Me: Yes Sir..light always means heat energy ..because the heat energy from light is taken and then we can convert it into different forms of energy ..like Solar Energy from photo Voltaic Cell...

P1: Again you are thinking like an Electrical Engineer.....think like a physics person

Me: (why i need to think like Physicist ????? Just because you know Physics well ) ...Sir...as an Electrical Engineer ..i am taught to extract energy from Light and tht comes in form of heat and then we convert it to electrical energy and use it for many other purposes.

P1: No i dnt want electrical engineering.... I want pure physics ...again you are wrong ...

Me: (Please let me go ..i give up 😞 )

P1: In space there is light energy but there is no heat .....so again you are wrong....

Me: Sir, electrical engineering principles do not apply to space ...and I hve not been taught to understand the laws in space.

P1: But you must know physics as an engineer.

Me: (Physics Physics Physics ......i dnt M Tech ..i want MBA ...)

P1: What is network convertibility of a system? how you convert digital signals to analog? What is centrality in a network system?

Me: Could not answer any question....

P1: How to select a microchip in Mobile Phone?

Me: Speed....durability ...memory

P1: Memory ....?? There is no memory in micro Processor

P3: yaar kuch aata nahi hain tumhe ..tum 2015 -17 mein aao yaar ....

Me: Sir...i have not read this in my course....

P1: but this is basic physics.....

Me: (I wanted to get up and leave the room due to physics now )

P1: according to your performance in techical questions ...how much should I mark ypou ...tell me?

Me: Sir, marks on the basis of the entire interview or only technical?

P2: Other parts you have answered correctly ...tell him about technical ....whatever you say he will put it on the sheet ....analyze ypur performance yourself.....

Me: Sir how many questions you asked me?

P1: Umm...i think 8 or 9...

Me: Huh ...sir i think not more than 5

P1: is it....let me check? See I asked you this , then this ....

P2 & P3 ..: Number of questions not important ...you tell on the basis what you remember .....

P2 then stopping P1 by the use of hand ..who was still confused as to how many questions he really asked me ... 😛

Me: Sir, Imo ..i think you asked 5 questions ...and i answered 2 of them correctly and my thought process in terms of electrical engineering was correct for others...so i would atleast give myself a 5 on 10 ...analyzing myself from the perspective of an electrical engineer.... 😛

All Blank ... 😛

After almost 5 seconds after looking at eachother....

P1: Oh then I must say you are a very optimistic guy

All professors laugh aloud ....

P2: Acha Abi ....why did you fill Global MBA? I would not recommend that course to you ...

Me: I started my gyaan on XL ...

P2: Please give answer which you have not memorized .... i want answer which shud look like you made it now

Me: Sir...I know about Global MBA on the basis of information provided by XLRI on its website ..tht its a three country program ..blah blah ...and found it quite interesting and so applied it ..

P2: Only this mcuh ....

Me: Sir, only this much is given on XLRI site ....even the courses are not mentioned ...so I do not have much idea as XLRI has not given much information about it

P2 goes silent again .........

P3: Sir, Global MBA ke baarein mein iske frnd se poochna chahiye ..yeh toh uska choice nahi hain ...yeh uska frnd karna chahta tha ...toh isko bhi zabardasti register karwa diya ....yeh nahi jaayegaa global MBA mein ...mujhe pata hain ....

Me: No sir its not like that ...

P3: Arey tujhe leke hi nahi jaayenge ....

Me: Why sir?

P3: how much work ex you have?

Me: Sir: 28 months ....

P3: Global mein 3 saal chahiye ....

Me: Sir ..its written preference will be given ...i am allowed to apply with lesser experience also ....

All three silent again

P1: Anyway I have asked me so many questions on acads....you have not been able to answer any ....if you dnt answer this then I wont give you any marks for interview..

Me: Ok sir...

P1: Draw y = tanx graph

Me: (Was Drawing)


P3: 5 seconds over ..give the Sheet...

Me: Sir...just a moment ...

P3: nahi yaar.... ab tumhe aa nahi raha ...5 seconds ho gaye .....1 second kaa kaam hain

Me: Sir.. I can do it ...just some more time sir....

then came and snatched my paper.....

P3: Arrow kidhar hain ....arrow nahi dete ...pata kaise chalegaa....axis hain yaa single line hain ....

Me: Sorry sir...

He gave me back and I returned to him after drawing the arrows...

P1: hmm...ish this correct ? Wait I will check ..(and started typing on Ipad...)

Me: (and dekh lo ..Euclid ko bula lo to check my graph 😞 )

P3: So where did you start your career from?

Me: Siemens sir

P1: Oh you have work experience also ...???

P2: Yes He has 25 months of Work Ex...

P1: Oh very sorry ...i was seeing some other candidates form till now ...sorry sorry .....

Me: (Hopeless Interview...Wanted to throw my file towards them and walk out of the room at this moment 😛 )

P3: So you ditched other companies in your campus placements and finally took Siemens...Then you ditched Siemens and joined family business.....then you ditched your family business and family members....to join Wipro ....and then you want to come to us by ditching Wipro ...then very soon after coming to XLRI.. you will nt like XLRI and in 2015-17 you will go to some other college ....so you only know to ditch people ...good good ...you make a superb candidate ...

Me: Sir, I never ditched anyone ...Can I explain myself?

P3: Arey Yaar ...explain kya karna hain ...jo likha hain wahin sach hain ..aur kya batayoge ...yaar chodo yaar ....jaane do ...

Me: Sir i....

P3: Jaane do yaar ..nahi sunaa....

Me: Sir, Please If i may given a chance to speak on this ..it will be very grateful of you ...

P3: (now was just shaking his head ....)

Me: Sir, I left Siemens because I wanted to MBA ..and last year I had offer from IIFT Delhi which I could not take up as my father was not well and took care of the business ...and when things became OK ..i had an opportunity with Wipro and Tata Power... of which I took Wipro Offer. ... I never ditched anyone ...it was just a sequence of events which took place which did not take place as per my planning and so the case is at it seems ...

P2: hmm

P3: Phir bhi yaar ..yeh theek nahi hain ....

P3: What do you feel is the major conflict between stakeholders and employees?

Me: Sir, Stakeholders in narrow sense or broader sense?

P3: Narrow Narrow...MBA mein sab narrow hi hota hain

Me: In narrow sense...employees can be considered not a part of stakeholder community and so we

can say the shareholders to be stakeholders and employees as different .....i think biggest conflicts are performance appraisal, benefits , etc

P3: Bhai narrow ho yaa broader ....employees are always stakeholders.....dekha father (now to P2) kya bol raha hain yeh ....chal broader sense mein kaun hain hain stakeholder yeh bata ...?

Me: Sir, Owners, Employees, society and everyone who gets affected by the ctions of the company

P3: haan ab right hain .....lekin who is the shareholder then?

Me: Who owns the part of the company is known as shareholder

P3: Manager , employee shareholder nahi hain?? (Made big eyes)

Me: If they dont own any part of the company in any sense ..then they are not

P3 kept on shaking his head continuously .....anything i say was not correct according to him .....

P3: Acha ..which is the biggest problem regarding employees in organizations?

Me: Sir, Motivation .....they dnt have the motivation to perform and their vision is not aligned with the vision of the management and thus the company is not able to achieve its goals....

P3: Arey motivation kyun chahiye ...free mein thodi kaam karana hain ....see XLRI se jo HR managers nikalte hain unke under jo lo rahenge ...unke salaries will be minimum 9-10 lacs.....aur kya motivation chahiye bhai ....

Me: Sir, Motivation is not only money ....in my expeirence i have seen at Siemens that a person leaving the job at 2 crore salary because he felt lack of interest in what he was doing ....

P3: woh bewakuf hain ...jahan paisa hain wahan aur kya chahiye ....

Me: No sir, money is not the only criteria to keep employees happy and engage ....

P3: main nahi maanta ...paisa hi sab kuch hain ....you are worng ...nahi yaar tumse nahi hoga yaar ...jao yaar 2015-17 mein aao ....

P3: Now for eg.... if you have a policy for HR in your industry ....other 10 big firms have asked you to represent them and get approval for a project ....whom will you approach ...

Me: Sir, is it related to corporate affairs....

P3: haan corporates hi hain sab ....only profit making organizations

Me: Then sir ...Ministry of Corporate affairs

P3: Kya ..huh ...kya bola ...corporate affairs.... arey bhai kuch pata bhi hain ....

Me: Sir i was guessing ..I am not sure....

P3: oh guess bhi aisa karegaa....corporate affairs mein labor laws pass karayegaa


Me: Ministry of Labor and employment ....

P3: Yeh kis time pass ministry kaa naam hain? HR interview mein Human Resource Ministry ke baarein naa bolke ..kya corporate affairs, labor employment kar rahe ho yaar.....kiska interview hain yeh .....MHRD kya hain

Me: Told

P3: Yaar bande ka naam kya hain ..jo MHRD mein hain ....?

Me: Sir, M M Pallam Raju ....

P3 was continuously shaking his head again ....

P3: nahi yaar tumse nahi ho payegaa ...next year alternate email id se form bharke aana .....

P1: Acha what have you learnt in Management course in college?

Me: (Dead) Sir about some general management principles

P1: What like?

Me: Sir like demand elasticity and basic economics...

P1: Only so much ...

Me: Sir..there were many things ...but I do not remember exactly...

P1: Yu have not paid any attention during college....what is the elasticity of this ...(Showed me Water in a bottle)

Me: Sir this is water ..this is inelastic ...

P1: This is not physics ....this economics ...product is never elastic or inelastic in economics

Me: Sir, Demand is inealstic ....its demand does not reduce with increase with price...

P1: Your academics is poor ...See your tanx is partially correvct.... (Showed me his drawing)

Me: How sir...

P1: See here ..you have to draw the curve ... like this ...

P3: haan haan ..woh ghar pe jaake dekh legaaa .....now you go yaar.. tumse nahi hoga yaar....

P3: Yeh acute lumbago kya hain

Me: Sir, its a lower back pain for which i was bed rested for 2 months

P3: Kya medicine liya tha .

Me: Pain Killers

P3: Tell me the name of the molecule

Me: Dont remeber

P3: Naam pata hain

Me: No sir dnt remeber

P2: then how you say u have had pain killers

Me: Sir i had few of them and three years ago i had it ..so don't remember the name ...

P3: uska weight pata hain?

Me: 16 mg

P2: It cant be 16 mg ..it is 15 mg

Me: Sir i remeber there were three types of tht ...4 mg, 8 mg, and 16 mg...with 4 and 8 mg ..my pain wont go ..so doctor gave me 16 mg

P3: Company kaunsa tha

Me: Sanofi Aventis sir..this i remember

P3: Utna serious nahi tha ...since you dnt remeber abt the tablet

Me: (I looked straight into P2 and said ) Sir , i did not take the tablets regularly as It was injuriyus to my health .....doctor never advised it ...but i had to take pain killers in order to appear for exams....or else i could not have appeared for the exam ...thts why i did not attend classes by taking pain killers ..as it wud have affected my health in other side effects

All Profs went silent

P2: Ok ..Thank you ..you may take your file and leave ..

Then I got up..took my file and was about to go ...

P2: Please take all your certificates ...

Me: Yes Sir...

P1: your tanx graph was partially correvct....

Me: Sir, but how ...see i took the function sinx/ cos x to draw this curve.... where did i go wrong ,,,,,

P1: See I will show you ..here instead of drawing the graph like ..you shud have drawn like this .....

Me: but how do you arrive at this graph ...

P3: (to P1) ab tum kya iska class loge yaahan ...woh ghar pe jaake khud dekh lega ....tum kyun samjhaa rahe ho

P2 to P1 : He will do it himself ..you dnt have to teach him ...

😛 😛

Then Thnk you sir to each P1, ,P2, P3

P2 smiled and said thank you

P3 : Aur bhai yeh form dusro se mat bharwao ...tumhare frnd ne apna choice diya hain saara ..... aur yeh global MBA bhara mat karon yaar ..time waste and paisa waste hain ...tumse Global MBA nahi ho payegaaa

P1: And whenever you go to an interview ..prepare on academics and go not only electrical engineering but other important subjcts like Physics and Maths ..

Me: Definitely Sir....I will definitely prepare more on them ....

Time taken : 50 mins

Verdict: Convert!!mg

XLRI 2014-16
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@Hemanz  ·  2,109 karma

Daath dikha rahe ho 😛 Sach bolu Janta ko kya chalra tha result ke din 😛

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@ANS13  ·  1,185 karma

Bhai yeh interview experience toh mujhe puri zindagi haunt karne waala hain 😛

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