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All the best to everyone for NITIE interviews which has started already and please use thread to post your experiences. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: *PROFILE:*Acads: X - XII -Undergrad Major - ...
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Acads:( it is not something which I am very proud of 😠 )

X -85%

XII -75%

Undergrad Major -64%



NIL/Sector -IT(datawarehouse)

Number of Months

CAT Score:259

Overall -97.11

QA+DI -94.3

VA + LR -96.03

Arrangements were very good though the process was a bit slow but overall it was nice and comfy

GD ( we were told in the beginning that we would be tested on knowledge and team skill)

Topic: Creation of telengana.do you support.(something like this only)

Number of Ppl present:10

Time:12 mins

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Initially 2 mins was provided to write down your points.

I was the third person in my group to speak.v

But I had studied about telangana issue a lot so I had huge amount of stats in my arsenal.Some of the points which I put forward were as follows:

1.there are 10 districts in telangana out of which 9 are backward(apart form hyderabad every other district falls in that category)

2.there are 13 backward districts in AP so you can see the ratio.

3.In 1956 when State reorganisation committee(SRC) was formed they also recommended not to include telangana in AP.

4. 20% of coal deposit of india is in telangana region...still it is not developed.

5. Population of US is 32Mn and no of states is 50, India pop is 1.2 Bn states 29(now)

6.Pop of UP is equal to Brazil which is 5th most populous country.

7.Tried to explain Uttarakhand,Jharkhand and Chattisgarh are in better state when compared on literacy rate, sex ratio,acer report is better for them to their parent states.

And some more points which I dont remember now.

I believe following are the points which worked in my favour:

1.Every one else was giving their opinion but I was backing my opinion with stats.so it had more weightage.

2.there was only girl in my group I made sure not cut her point and allow her to speak.

3.There was an instance in gd when I and the guy next to me started talking simultaneously but I immediately asked him to continue graciously and I stopped there, though I continued with my point after he finished with his.

Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff. No were not asked to summarize.


Panel Members Intro: there were 3 panel male members.two were in late 30s and one in early 50s.


The moment I entered the room the person(sitting to the extreme left)asked me to submit the form,I fumbled a bit and said you seemed to be nervous.I said yes I am a bit. then he asked so you are from nagpur.tell me how do I know( I later realised he guessed from my email id)

Then came the usual question:Tell me something about yourself(in which I mentioned hobby as origami and reading books)

So I was asked to make an origami article

I even mentioned I work in TCS

So questions like what is biggest challenge lies in front of TCS,why it pays less to its employees especially freshers.

We discussed about it in detail and they seems satisfied with my reply.

Then came the bomb....which is the 2nd last book that you have read( as I mentioned reading as one of my hobbies) I said day to day economics by Satish Deodhar...the moment I said this the guy sitting on the extreme right nodded and I smelled rat....He first asked me to draw demand-supply curve...which I did...then they started asking me question on demand and supply by giving various scenarios. I tried my best to answer them with best of my abilities. One good thing about the gd was they were correcting me and at the same time helping me whenever I went wrong. This really helped me to remain calm and confident.

Verdict: converted... will be joining in june 2014

My advice: 1.In GD don't just give your opinion bcoz everyone does that.try to back your point with stats.also try to attack the topic from various angles like here I gave the example of US and Brazil.

2.Also be respectful to other team members as in gd not just your knowledge is tested but even you group behavior is also tested.

3.Dont just begin just for the sake of starting the gd(though if does give you extra points) but try to be in the first 3 members to speak bcoz in the starting every one is hesitant and you get ample time to put forward your point and second many of the point have not been discussed so you have an advantage to throw them first. also in the later stage everyones tries to pitch in and a kind of fishmarket situation may arise(though it did not happened in my case)

Disclaimermg:I am in no way trying to say that mine was the ideal gd.

All the best !!!!

victory loves preparation!
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X - 92.6%

XII - 86.0%

Graduation - B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from NIT Rourkela

GPA/%age - 82.25%

Work-Ex: 12 months working at ACC Limited

CAT : 96.52

QA+DI - 95.87

VA + LR - 92.53


Number of members : 10

Time: 15 min (3+12)

Topic: Are feelings more important than thoughts in life and career?

Other Salient Details: The topic being abstract and highly generic, GD started off as a fish market and calmed down later on when everyone was done with their arguments. Pitched in thrice with some solid points.


About the panel:
4 members in panel, 2 ladies and 2 gentlemen

1 mam was quiet throughout and was observing only my application form. 1 Sir was constantly trying to negate me, cutting me mid sentences, had a pretty aggressive stance. Rest 2 were neutral


-Tell me something about yourself.

Had prepared well started off, unexpectedly though, they kept cutting me off, asking random questions related to that, trying to break rythm perhaps. Answered each query calmly.

-Describe your work profile


-Asked questions related to cement technology

Cement quality testing parameters (1day 7day 28day strength), which one most important? What parameters are monitored in cement manufacturing(Process, quality and environment)? What is the temperature inside a cement kiln? Difference between POP and cement (chemistry, properties and economy wise)

-Asked questions about work related achievement mentioned.

-Tell about your final yr B.Tech Project

-Asked why not PGDISEM?

Fortunately was spared from answering as they kept cutting even each other off.

At one point it so happened that 2 of them asked questions simultaneously at which I looked at both of them and started grinning. Things cooled down a bit after that. Was asked some very lollypop questions thereafter. Stuff on conduction/convection and pH(I was like Lol, Seriously?)

-To end with, was asked have u studied any HR subjects in Engg. Told them yes, as an elective, named a few topics from it. Seemed satisfied, sent me off with a nod and a smile

Verdict- Converted.

All the Best!

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X - 91.6%

XII - 92.6%

Undergrad Major - ECE

GPA/%age - 89.35

Work-Ex: No work ex

CAT : 94.03

QA+DI - 90.88

VA + LR - 92.65


Number of members : 11

Time: 15 min (3+12)

Topic: Should illiterates be allowed to vote ?

Other Salient Details: The group discussion was thoda bahut like a fish market. I was the only girl in the group and the guys kept cutting my point midway-baat hi nahi karne de rahe the 😛 I was not allowed to put forth my point completely. Managed to put a point forth though !



-Tell me something about yourself.

-Do yu have any work ex

-why are yu interested in things like road safety, environment, sustainability ? why have yu worked on such things in the past and why would yu want to pursue such a course ?

-why do yu want to switch from engineering to environment management. would the country not be losing out on a "young, bright engineer" 😛

-correlate what yu studied in ece to what yu think yu will be studying in isem

-what was your final year project about (just the title)

-Inspite of having a good academic background, why such a niche course

-what are the other calls yu have.

-why would a person with your profile want to go in for development studies and niche courses.

Was a really short interview and the panel was friendly and kept me at ease.

Verdict- Converted.

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X - 83.0 % CBSE

XII - 83.0 % CBSE

Undergrad Major - 8.56 from NIT-Jaipur in ECE

Work-Ex: 35 months

NIL/Sector - IT-Banking

CAT Score: 99.09 %ile

Category- General


Topic: Environmental growth vs Industrial Growth

Number of Ppl present: 10

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

Started the GD. Gave 2-3 points in b/w. Me with 3-4 other gave the conclusion.

Panel Members Intro: 3 male interviewers (P1 , P2 , P3)


P3 : Tell me something about urself ?

Me: A mugged up brief intro. But they expected bit more. So gave more on my extra curricular.

P3 : What is this DAAD scholarship ? (Something I mentioned in my intro )

Me : Told.

P3 : Where in Germany u did this project and explain your project(DAAD continued..)

Me : Blah Blah..

P2 : Asked me "how are you" in German ?

Me : Sir I don't understand this much of german but know few words like ...blah blah

P3 : What is your work where your company?

Me : Told

P3 : So where do you see yourself 5 years down the line ?

Me : Was mentally prepared for such kind of ques. Answered it very confidentially and clearly :)

P3 : ok thanks .. you can leave

Me : Shocked 😲 . thats it sir ( there was not a single question from P1 and the whole interview was of less than 10 min). Thank you !

The GD was good but I was not sure about the PI as they were not looking interested but I had some positive vibes :)

Verdict : Converted 😁👼 and without giving a 2nd thought I resigned from my company within few hours after the result were declared🍻

CAT 2013 : OA-99.09 | Calls IIM K,S,New IIMs, IIT B, IIT D, IIT KGP,SPJAIN,NITIE | Converts : IIM K, NITIE,All New IIMs, IIT B | W/L IIM S, IIT KGP| Rejects : SP JAIN, IIT D
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where you joined?

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Waitlist 2 Category-ON number-13. any chance of conversion?

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X - 89.4 % CBSE

XII - 88 % CBSE

Undergrad Major - 8.00 from NIT-Surathkal in CSE

Work-Ex: 35 months

NIL/Sector - Telecommunication- Alcatel Lucent

CAT Score: 98.67 %

Category- General


Topic: Is quality of students being admitted at IIT decreasing?

Number of Ppl present: 10

Time: 2 mins to think + 12 to discuss + 2 for summary

Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

GD was a fish market in between. Chipped in 3 4 times. Was a below avg GD. Group as a whole could not conclude.

Panel Members Intro: (Pls no names) 4 members- 2 lady prof (P1, P2)+ 2 male(P3, P4)


P1- Which engg branch?

Me- CSE.

P2- Where r u working now? explain ur responsibilities

Me- Alcatel lucent ... blah blahh..

P1-cut. We have a "S" alphabet in many protocols. What does it mean?

Me- Was completely stumped for a moment. Then https came to my mind. And EUREKA !!! ma'am it means secure.

P1- Smiles.. good. Tell me the protocol you use in NMS (my work ex)

Me- SNMP.. explained for about a min

P2- What can we do for making a secure nw?

Me- Ma'am use snmp v3 version. Spoke for a min. Both P1 and P2 nod.. wide smile.. i def nailed this one!!!mg

Now p3,p4 jump in.

P3- Tell me about DBT scheme.

Me- explained.

P3- Any benefits?

Me- eliminated middle men.. reduces corruption.. efficient.. seemed satisfied.

P3- What is e- governance?

Me- spoke for a min. cut short

P3- Tell me about aadhar scheme?

Me- blah blah- cut.

P3- What are the things we need to take care of for its implementation?

Me- Huge DB because of size. Make it secure so that misuse doesn't occur. Again cut

P3- What are its points against aadhar?

Me- Multiple cards have been reported for a single person. P3 nods..

P4- what is % share for manufacturing in Indian GDP?

Me- about 26%

P4- Indian GDP?

Me- About $1.8 tn

P4- Share of services?

Me- 56%

P4- Relate this to china.

Me- 43 and 46 % for services and manufacturing resp.. Nods!

P4- US has 80% share from services? Which side should India go to and why?

Me- follow china. will create more jobs. Already 56% comes from services. went for about a min on this.. seemed satisfied.

p2- which other calls?

Me- shillong, new iims.

P2- which one will u join?

me- NITIE mg .. 1 of 15 centers of excellence and blah.. (no1 seemed interested ) ma'am we already established that India needs to move towards the manufacturing sector and NITIE is doing a great service to the nation in this regard. Wide smile from all 😁 (Dunno how i came up with this all of a sudden, but it did hit bulls eye !!)👏

P2- Thank you, it was nice talking to you. You may leave.

Me- Thank you.

After a avg GD, had a brilliant PI which made all the difference. It was a dream PI for me mg

Verdict- Direct convert 😃😁

P.S - NITIE is known for technical and project related PI. But mine was totally chilled out. It all depends on the panel's mood.

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When will be the PGDIE results be announced?

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Converted !!!!!!!!!!

Hereafter i will support Mumbai Indians @ IPL-7 😛
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WL-22 category - ON

any chance of conversion?
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Yes..a lot

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NITIE it is
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