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Puys, use this thread for sharing your GD/PI experience of IIFT.Format--->*Date&Venue;: **Acad-**10th:**12th:**Grad:**work-ex:**IIFT score:**Essay Topic/comments:**GD topic/comments:**PI/comments:* Any other comment:
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Firstly, apologies for the late share. But never the less, I hope that this will be useful to some candidate for next year.

Date&Venue; The Pride Hotel, Chennai - Feb 4th


10th: 92.6% CBSE

12th: 90.2% CBSE

Grad: 79% (B.E Mechanical Engineering)

Work-ex: 32 Months (Automobile OEM)

IIFT score: 48.5

Extracurriculars - National level Swimmer, State level athelete, NEN member and Placecomm member in college

Essay Topic/comments: "Indo - US Diplomatic Ties and way forward" (word limit -300 words)

Was rueing a bit that I should have paid more attention to the Devyani incident. But never the less, I wrote at length about the interdependency of the Indo-US relationship and trade importance. Also, wrote a little about the Devyani incident and what I thought should be the logical conclusion to it. I ended the essay by saying that neither country can afford to sour what can be termed as a potential synergistic relationship. India more so than US.

Rating on Performance: 3.5/5

GD topic/comments:

The GD topic for the session was "Are Metropolitan Cities collapsing under their own weight?"

Did a PESTLE analysis quickly in the 2 mins given and was able to come up with a lot of points. Since I was the second before last in my panel, most of the points were already spoken by the time my turn came during the 1.5mins talk given to everyone before start of GD. So I went ahead and talked about the way forward and sustainability of cities citing examples.

The GD went on very well, it was not a fish market at any point of time. There was this one candidate who kept butting in after every sentence uttered by someone and kept on countering it. I got a bit irritating after a while but he made me look good as I was able to get the group's consensus over my ideas, primarily thanks to the antagonism of the group directed towards him. 😛

But on the whole, it was a very good experience. The panel asked 2 guys who did not speak much to summarize and conclude the discussion.

Rating on Performance: 4.5/5


We were asked to switch panels for Interviews as they did not want the GD experience to cloud their judgement (Damn... all the hard work done in GD got waste)

My panel had 4 panel members (1 Lady prof (P1) in late thirties, 1 Prof (P2) in his 50s'and 2 Alums A1 and A2.

Out of 10 candidates in our panel, 5 of us were from a Mechanical Engineering background and unfortunately, of the 4 panel members 3 had Mechanical engineering Background. Hence, the freshers were grilled in their subjects thoroughly. Candidates with experience were not asked anything from engineering subjects as long as they kept the conversation interesting.

My experience: (Not word by word perfect)

P2: Tell me about yourself (That was the first and last time somebody asked this question in a B school interview)

Me: Gave a very well, prepared answer. Was cut short by the prof...

P2: I don't get why do you want an MBA in International Business.

Me: Gave gyan about how companies transcend borders to achieve economy of scale. This involves a lot of functions needing to have exposure regarding the laws of the land. ... Blah Blah... I finally related it to the exact profile I wanted to be in Operations.

P2: So what do you do at work?

Me: again a prepared answer

P2: Why do you think your company X is not the number 1 Automotive Brand in the world today?

Me: (Sigh... I hate questions which involve me criticizing me company. It's always fickle and could end up ruining your entire interview) I started by talking about our past achievements where at one point of time, our company had nearly 56% market share in the world and then spoke about the short comings which resulted in the current situation. I also ended by talking about the future where the company has a clear cut vision to go forward and make progress. I spoke about promising upcoming launches.

A2: (Entering the fray) Are you aware of the kind of numbers your company sold last year? The number 1 Toyota is way ahead. Why did they get to No 1

Me: Spoke about the numbers (btw Toyota 10.6 millions passenger car sales), gave some on the spot Gyan about adapting to change and staying ahead of times.

A2: The number you mentioned is wrong you have to multiply that by 2. But that's not the point. You are touching upon the root of the problem. Now why do you say that your company's future products in India will be successful?

Me: (Mentally thought that the prof got his numbers wrond, but thought better than to contradict him with that) Spoke about the USP that we had and a bit of technical info about that.

A2: His interest got piqued and asked me a few more questions about the technology I spoke about.

Me: Gleefully went ahead and entertained him with a lot of details

P2 & A4: Now they started playing Bad cop by tearing apart our company's strategies in India one by one apart and wanted me to justify those decisions. It looked like they were trying to blame me for all those mistakes and gauge my reaction. (I Am only a Production Engineer with 2.5 years exp :P)

Me: Understood that they were stressing me out and kept grinning stupidly. I managed to give satisfactory answers to most and acquiesced to some of the questions. I was in a very dicey situation then.

P1: The lady enters the fray and asks about my extracurriculars and how I managed them.

Me: Gave a good answer as it was familiar territory

P1: Imagine I give a boon to turn into a kid right now. What would you go and change about yourself.

Me: Got stumped for a few seconds. Then gave some crap answer but the prof was not convinced.

P2: Few more stress questions to humiliate me more...

Me: kept smiling how much ever he tried to get to me

A1: (Smiling and nodding at all my responses so far) Asked me whether I listened to music and who did I listen to.

Me: spoke about Rahman being my favourite composer and told him that I enjoy listening to music while going on long runs as it gives me time to put things in my perpective.

A1: gave an appreciative smile. (Reminded me of Santa going HO! HO!)

With that my interview ended.

Rating on Performance: 3/5

Any other comment:

The lady Prof was testing your mindset and was asking questions to understand your psychology. For the guy before me she asked, "Imagine that you are a girl now, what will you do?" The guy gave a completely stumped look and managed to mumble something to which the entire panel was laughing for nearly a minute. I could hear it outside in spite of closed doors. On the whole they did not ask any questions on Trade or logistics for anyone in Chennai for the day. The other panel was quite chilled out. For people with experience they mostly have a discussion about the company, its position, future and opinions on some of the famous decisions the company takes. Keep calm and you will do well.

Verdict: Converted! (Dint expect it after a dicey interview).

Moral: People with low scores, still do stand a chance to convert. It ain't over until its over. ATB for the people attempting next year.

If you can fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds of distance run, yours is the earth and everything in it. And whats more, you are a man my son!!!
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That was very helpful. 

Do they ask freshers such questions? I mean I am working with an NGO. Am i supposed to know all such type of questions. I have joined it in July and Passed out Mech Engg in 2014. 

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Puys, any idea about the banks tied up with IIFT for availing edu loan facility ... do they provide loans up front for the initial fees to be paid once the merit list is out ? ... Seniors plz throw some light on this ...

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Hello puys.......does any1 have any idea wen the final results wud be out??

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2nd week of march.

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Converted IIFT, Great Lakes, NMIMS (2014)
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Any idea what was the approx waitlist movement last year?

Be the Change you wish to see in the World.
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15 march

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@dreambegins yes man!!! definitely... bahut betaabi ..... 😁
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Hi Puys,

I know I m kinda too late to post my interview experience but Better late than never ...

Note : Gonna be a long one mg

So here it goes :

Profile :- Working in TCS (1 year experience) and 8 months experience in teaching.

Background :- Sainik school Kapurthala, Civil engineer ( GNDEC, Ludhiana)

Extra curricular activities and Achievements :

National level player in Cross-country and Cycling.

Student of the year in College.

Represented my School band in Republic Day Parade, New Delhi.

Was an NCC Cadet for 6 years and have 'B' certificate.

IIFT written : 48.31

Venue :- Pride Hotel, Bangalore

Date : 04/Feb/14

Essay Topic : Polar Vortex and Cold weather : Does it disproves Global warming ?

Time limit : 20 min

Polar vortex rendered me clueless and gave jitters initially.embarrasedembarrased But then kind of ignoring the first two words I went on to write about global warming and why it doesn't mean only hot weather. Explained it is more of extreme climate that global warming is part of.The imbalance in nature and all ...Ended in 18 minutes. Got some time to review. Personally a decent attempt but I would say an average performance.

GD Topic : Using Referendum for strategic policies : Is this good form of participatry democracy ?

Time limit : 2 min Individually and 20 minutes discussion.

In First two minutes I touched upon why it is not good at the central level and how it is good at local level. Gave example of Switzerland.The group and discussion was good and there was no fish market as such. Pitched in around 4 times concretely. Overall a better attempt than last year. ( Last year couldn't convert it).😠

Personal Interview : ( 3 Males)

Time taken : Around 20 min ( Thats what I thought.. not sure though ) rolleyes

Didn't hear the bell 😠. The person next to me pushed me to go mg

Went to the room, there was an Old Male ( M1 : May be Proff ), one middle aged Sikh (M2) and a relatively younger one in comparison to others (M3).

Greeted them and waited for them to tell me to sit.

Seated and came the first question from the Proff. (M1) sitting rightmost :

M1 : Tell me about yourself Amit, Your past, Currently what are you doing and your future aspirations...

Me : ( I wanted this question as I have scripted and prepared it well ) started from past highlighting my achievements of being a national level runner and then I mentioned about my current job. Went to future aspirations of being an marketing manager and of social entrepreneur in education domain. Then mentioned my interests of daily diary writing, writing poems,reading non-fiction, watching real life based movies and TED videos and so on ...

M1 : So have you watched Bhaag Milkha Singh Bhaag ?

Me : (elated) Yes Sir!

M1 : How many times ?

Me : Four times

M1 : So what did you like in the movie ?

Me : Sir, I can relate it to my story. Told him my story... ( I guess he liked it and I liked that he liked it 😁 )

M1 : How was your performance in Nationals ?

Me : Told

M1 : Do you still run ?

Me : Yes Sir! In marathons, In gym, wherever and whenever I get time 😃

Then M1 indicated M2 who was sitting in the middle to proceed ...

M2 : So Amit, you said you want to be a Marketing manager ?

Me : Yes Sir !

M2 : So what do you think are the essential qualities of a good marketing manager ?

Me : Gave my gyaan of a good marketing manager. ( was prepared for it )

M2 : So don't you think these qualities are also required for being a good engineer ?

Me : Surely Sir they do, but in marketing … more gyan … ( Kind of seems satisfied or confused … He knows better mg ) Somewhere I mentioned FMCG … ( So he picked up that )

M2 : So tell me any 5 FMCG companies ?

Me : HUL, P&G;, Coke, ITC and stuck a bit … finally Colgate Palmolive came to my rescue. ( Phewww 😲)

M2 : Who do you think is the best companies in FMCG ?

Me : Coke Sir, explained why I think so … like how they have strongest distribution and supply chain system and so on..

M2 : If coke face a competition from other beverages, then what ?

Me : Sir as it has strong brand name and supply chain, it can easily increase its product range n so on ….

M2 : Tell me the brand equity of the Coke ?

Me : I started telling how it has strong brand value, its campaign … but then he interrupted me saying that he wanted a number … ( Me confused .. Is brand equity has a number .. Wanted to ask what it is .. but didn't coz I thought It would be a stupid question to ask it at that point ) So I just said, I don't know sir. mg

So now it was the turn of M3 …......

M3 : Amit, you are a civil engineer, working in IT and want to do MBA in marketing and then want to be a social entrepreneur in education domain … I am confused ?😲

Me : ( I knew it would come … was prepared for it to provide the connect ) Justified by my learnings from civil , IT and how can I use these skills in what I want to do n blah blah … I guess I spoke till he was contended or confused splat

M3 : Do you want to education business for profit ?

Me : Sir, I want to do it as value addition as there is lot of scope in education sector in India ….

M3 : Amit so you have spent 2 years in TCS .. Is TCS happy with you ?

Me : No sir, I have spent only an year there ..

M3 : But you have written 20 months as your work experience here ?

Me : Before joining TCS I was tutor .. .so added that in work-Ex !

M3 : Ok.. one year .. So is your manager happy with your work ?

Me : Yes Sir, he is but certainly he asks for more …

M3 : What do you mean by certainly ?

Me : Sir, as he always want to us to achieve more and make us realize our potential … he push us to do more …mg

M3 : Do you like to be pushed ?

Me : Yes Sir, It brings out the best in me !

M3 : What is your email id Amit ?

Me : Sir its acechaudhary@gmail.com .. chaudhary being my surname.

M3 : But in your form it is Amit Kumar ..

Me : Sir since my father put it in certificates that way, I couldn't change it now 😛

M3 : Okay .. what is ace .. you mean like ace bowler .. perfect ?

Me : Yes Sir, actually I have given it two meaning .. one as you say perfect .. I strive for perfection and second is an acronym for Amit Civil Engineer ( ACE ) … ( all of them started laughing ) 👏

M3 : What is .com means ?

Me : ( Oops, seems like googly .. as I have read it long back but I forgot 😠 ) Sir it means company.

M3 : Since you are an engineer, I am asking you this .. How much sure are you?

Me : ( I realized my mistake and said 😟 ) Sir I am not sure !

M3 : Okay thanks Amit !

I thanked all and was waliking away and just heard my name … It was M1 and I replied … Yes Sir !He said “ Amit, don't leave running.” I replied. “ Yes Sir, I won't !!”

Felt so good ! Had a very nice experience 😁 The results matter less but the satisfaction I got from the interview is enough to keep me happy 😁

Met lot of good folks there, Wish you all the very best for the interview and results !!

Few tips :

1. Go well prepared, it will give you immense confidence and will help you perform better. Better make a script and use mirror technique. It really helps ! ( Recently watched Wolf of the wall street … learned a lot from there )

2. Especially for IIFT, your CV is your bible .. Just go through it thoroughly and know what have you written.

3. The answers you will give chances are the next question will be from it .. So know what are you speaking.

4. For me Tell me about yourself was very important .. It is a picture of you for them … make it worth watching 😃

5. Be yourself and original … You will certainly rock !!

I wish, I can and I will !
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Hi Everyone,Date :- 6/2/2014

Venue :- World Trade Center, Mumbai

Score :- 48.34

Profile :- Married Woman, 4.5 years work ex in IT industry

Essay Topic :- Is India better equipped to handle natural disasters?

Took a clear stand on "NO". Mentioned about Uttarakhand, Floods in eastern India, at coast of Andhra Pradesh, explained how army forces helped in rescuing from tricky locations but still no provisions from govt to move them at safer distances using air ways. explained about ppl losing their livelihoods and jobs. They get financial benefits but these do not last long. No proper steps which can again make them employed. forecasting, predictions can still be improved.

Gave a positive example of Neelam cyclone in Chennai, where govt took proactive steps rather than reactive, mentioned about meterological and weather forecast dept.One line on aftershock earthquakes

GD Topic :- Are Indian children more oriented towards being followers rather than leaders?

9 ppl as 3 were absent.

All of them agreed,

My points :- 1> education system, very less focus on research/doing a particular thing in a novel way. Focus is only on marks.

2>society measures sense of achievement measured by salary and designation not by sense of fulfillment.

3> mentioned about sports that are untouched.

2 students started discussing about poor/rich families. I intervened there and gave my point. But later no one was attempting to cut anyone else's point. So i also remained silent 😞

4> Then mentioned about Prof C.n. Rao that he had to carry out his research activities outside India because of the lack of good infrastructure in India.

5>Told India is progressing towards producing leaders, but still a long way to go.Gave exmaple of Arantxa Sanchis from Pune who made mark in Snooker World CHampionship (Female).

GD was suddenly called off within say 25-30 mins. Not sure why. but some students saw some another faculty entering and signalling to wind it up.

Personal Interview (3 panelists, 2 males and 1 female)

Entered at 12.05 PM, hence wished them Good Afternoon.

M1 gave a good smile and wished back. M2 also wished. F1 was not present at that time.

M2 :- "are you nervous?"I clearly replied :- " No"

M2: But your face shows that you are nervous.

I :- oh really? (with a smile) may be.

M1 :- "oh you have such a long experience, oh wow (smile)"

I :- yes sir(with a smile)

M2 :- pls tell me something about your work profile

I :- explained in some 3 sentences.

Meanwhile Mam also joined

F1 :- So your name is Zalak?

I :- yes mam

F1 :- what does Zalak mean?

I :- answered

F1 :- as you are married, why dont you plan to go for part time MBA rather than full time?

I :- i mentioned that i had a thought on this and it was after a deep analysis that i concluded to go ahead with full time MBA, explained how full time MBA will add more value to my profile. How doing MBA, job and managing my family will divide my focus.

F1 :- no, it wont divide your focus. you can alwasy join Symbiosis, be there in Pune without disturbing your family life.

I :- yes mam, but as of now me and my husband both are focussed on our careers, so i am fine in staying away from him.

F1 :- ya definitely, it would always be your last call. I was just giving other option (smiling)

I : smiled back

M2 :- tell me why do you want to do MBA, i mean all those common answers i know. tell me something new.

I :- explained them about current IT industry. Then told that with huge influx of people and lesser opportunities, it would take me a long time to reach where i want to.

M2 :- smiled, and repeated my last words...

I continued :- i think by now i have good amount of technical exposure and now would like to see how a project world from business point of view.

M2 :- so what are the various functions of a business.I thinking that he is asking me from my goal :- mentioned specific about my project and IT industry.

M2 :- no no, tell me overall

I :- mentioned about finance, marketing, accounting, resource management, etc (could have done better)

M1 was silent till now :- ok zalak, you have mentioned that you would like to into BFSI domain, and to be a vertical head is your goal. What if you are not put into baking domain.

I :- sir i would try into Insurance domain.

M1 :- no lets say nothing from this BFSI.

M2 :- So what if McKinzie recruits you but puts you into Pharma. what will you do?

I :- Sir i will excel there as well. During my college days i was trained in Java but in Infosys i was put up into Mainframes project. I adapted that and now i have been awarded year after year. Meanwhile,M1 pokes in :- yes, also she has mentioned "preferably",

I :- agreed in and said yes sir, thats just my preference.

All 3 smiles

M1 :- so your husband is your role model?

I :- yes sir

M2 :- is he a MBA graduate?

I :- no sir

M1 :- then how does he inspire you?

I :- sir he is into business development and i can see that he is very well able to link his technical knowledge to business domain. And sir he is into core engineering industry where they have an opportunity to move into business from technical stream. Whereas in IT industry is pretty difficult and possible at later stages.

M1 :- agress in.

All 3 looks at each other, and then you may leave. All the best!

I :- thanks a lot.

Guys, i just dont know whether the above was a good interview or bad.... probably you guys can give in your suggestions.

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your GD/PI seems to have gone well but the score is low but then again you have 2 marks for gender diversity.. you've definitely made it to Kolkata but can't say about Delhi

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Hey I was in the same slot!

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Sorry Folks for the late post, weekends are my only respite...:(

4th Feb - Afternoon Slot, Mumbai

Marks : 55.xx

We started by waiting in the Waiting room..Were divided into 3 groups of roughly 11-12 students...Then we were asked to go to a room where Essay/GD were to be conducted..Started with Essay..seats were already allotted application Numbers..we sat at respective seats..

Essay :There were 2 sheets given..1 ruled and 1 blank..ruled was for essay and blank was for rough work...It asked for Roll No too but I dint had the admit card..so Asked the panelist for my roll no..and other too asked then...I started writing to realize my pen doesn't work properly and again approached the invigilator for a pen.He helped me with one..Then we were asked to complete 300 words approx and given 20 mins..

The topic was "Indo-US Diplomatic Ties and the way Forward"...

Quickly started jotting points..Only Devyani case came to my mind..As I was prepared with this topic..I could jot down 10-12 points on this itself in around 2 mins..Then started writing

Para1 : Wrote on How India and Us have similarity not only in terms of economy but also democracy.Since 80's ties are getting stronger..Both consider each other allies and help each other in common goals..

Para 2: Discussed in detail how devyani case was a setback and brief story of the same.

Para 3: What should India & US do to ensure in future such matters are resolved properly.

Essay Round Pros : Completed in 13 mins...Wrote 270-280 words as was expected...Good structure of the essay..

Cons : Bad Handwriting...Very specific to Devyani topic..Could have wrote a lot more

Then came the GD..the ruled sheet were then collected and the same rough sheet was used for

GD..Topic : "Metropolitan cities are getting burdened under their own weight"

1st the individual round started...Everyone spoke well for 1.5 mins each approx..Then the topic was opened up for everyone..I tried to enter multiple times but in vain..Almost 15 times i could recollect I said "I believe..." or "I agree with my friend's point"...but could not or dint wanted to go ahead as all spoke at once..I interjected a girl once when she mentioned that in kolkatta govt changes every alternate 5 years..I objected at the sentence itself saying..your facts are wrong because WB is known for CPI rule for years...I could enter only twice...1st time i gave ref to Japan where most stay in tokyo saying that bureaucracy is a concern more than the population itself..2nd time when I entered..I named almost 10-12 gujarat cities and pointed it has been a model and there all cities are not like mumbai but yet has basic facilities..Due to the lack of my points..I switched role and starting noting points of others..When the points started repeating..panelists stopped the gd saying we should conclude and looking at all...there I raised my hand....Made a conclusion on points spoke by everyone..causes/issues and solutions..

Then came the PI...

Went In, 3 ppl I will name P1/P2/P3.

P1(left) - Middle aged..P2(Center)-Tall huge, sitting in front with hands crossed and not saying anything and looking at you as if you make a mistake and he will get physical ...P3(cant remember)...

Entered in..only I could see P1 and P3 at their positions..

Me : Sir,may I have a seat?

P3 : Sure.

P3 : (Looking at my CV Form carefully)..So how were the other rounds..

Me : The process were smooth and I am satisfied with how things went..

P3 : So you say you worked 33 months in this start up...How is it a start up yet then?

Me : Sir I have mentioned that I worked in 3 different start ups.this was the last one..

P3 : oh ok I see you have worked from this date to that date..

Me : Yes

P3 : So what is your role there?

Me : Sir, in start ups position are flexible..I am currently reporting Manager as well as Sr.System Analyst as well as Mobile Lead..

P3 : You have mentioned your role is "Execution of Mobile Projects.."..What does that mean..

Me : Sir as a manager, my role is to lead a team of 8 ppl as well as coordinated with clients..Understanding their requirements and changes..As well as coordinating with other teams to ensure smooth execution of projects.

P3 : And you have worked before this in XYZ company..Was it also a start up?

Me : Yes sir, it was canada based start up of just 10 ppl and it got taken over by ABC Company..

P3 : How do you get to work in such start ups..Where do you find them?

Me : I just apply..I think it has more to do with the fact that I am bit unique/different and start ups like such ppl more..

P3 : How?

Me : Like I do a lot of things of my own as well..I have made around 3-4 websites of my own and published few apps of my own..Start up firms like such ppl.

P3 : What type of site you made?

Me : For eg 1 of my site is a blog sharing network..Explained different compared to Google's Blogger and Yahoo's Tumblr..

P3 : So how many were involved in making these?

Me : I made all alone..Basically wanted to try learn new things.

P3 : What is the status of these projects..

Me: Gave some stats of total Hits and app downloads.

P3 : So the sites are still active?

Me : Yes

P3 : As of now do you think you should have done something differently?

Me : Sir, in some of my projects I realized after a while that I was lost as in I either dint had a fix goal or my goal was no longer achievable..So, Will try to have some type of phase 1 goal..for eg I want xyz hits and something which helps me stay focuses but overall i don't regret things as I learn different things including marketing of sites etc.

(Maybe he wanted to hear that I will try to include more ppl in such things and not go solo 😠😠😠)

P1(Has a copy of form too and now entering the scene) : So, you have mentioned that you are most criticized for sleeping less.Is that due to work pressure?

Me : No Sir, although due to work i need to stay longer but Is not due to that..My responsibility is such that I need to complete daily tasks even if no pressure coz otherwise feel a bit guilty.

P1 : You have mentioned in hobbies "Searching things I am curious about?"..What is it exactly?

Me : These are normal things coming to your mind randomly..I like to find answers to them..It may be anything..for eg other day I was searching How to mine bitcoins? ..

P1 : So what was the last thing you searched for?

Me : I searched for women Body Language?(All 3 seem surprised)

P1 : So what did you learn?

Me : Sir, I learned how most informal communication is by body language..Also that women sends 5 times more body signals then men..Also I learned to make sure you look at multiple indicators if you want to form an opinion.

P1 : So did you try this knowledge?

Me : As it was the last thing I searched, so I did not try it to a good extent..But when I was waiting earlier in the waiting room..was unconsciously observing ppl..

P1 : So how many ppl were nervous?

Me : Around 30% shows signs of nervousness

P1 : Were you nervous too?

Me : (Loud and Clear)No.

(At this point I realized all 3 were looking at my body Language and hand movements so carefully.)

P1 : Ok you can Leave now

(P1/P3 were smiling but P2 did not speak a word but was actively listening of course with a Neutral strict expression..)

Shook Hands with all 3.

Lasted for 10-12 mins..No questions on acads/economy etc..Good panelists..All chill.

I wrote complete experience as I realized I may forgot the entire episode..So better to have it in writing somewhere if I want to look back in future.Atb to all 😃
Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.
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Hi everyone,

Date & Venue - Feb 6th, afternoon slot, World Trade Centre, Mumbai

Work-Ex - 2.5 yrs., Reliance Retail

Essay Topic – Continuation of IPL for promotion of sports in India

Comments – 20 mins were given with a single sheet to write your essay

GD topic – Are MNCs better than Indian Companies

Comments – First each of us were asked to speak for abt 1.5 mins, then the floor was open for discussion. Thankfully it was not a fish market, the discussions were smooth, and everybody pitched in, listened to everyone.

PI – There were four ppl in the panel, three gentleman (G) & a lady (L) seated in the order G1,G2, L, G3

I was the first person to in, had a short interview abt 15-20 mins, I guess

G3 - So you work in Reliance, tell us your work profile?

Me - Told them about my role & responsibilities. Further questions on that.

G1 - You have mentioned you want to be an entrepreneur; how does MBA fit in all that?

Me – Explained how MBA helps

L – Tell me one biggest advantage & disadvantage of FDI in retail?

Me – Told

G2 – Give two examples where u helped resolve conflicts between team?

Me - Give some examples

That was it for me. The IIFT guys were super cool!!

Calls : IIFT, NITIE, IIMI ; Convert : IIFT D
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what did u answer wen they asked how entrepreneurship requires MBA?? and adv and dis-adv of FDI in retail??

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