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Dear all, This shall be the Official thread for the PGP 2014-15 admissions at ISB Hyderabad/Mohali. ISB's PGP Admissions Director - Admissions & Financial Aid, Mr AM Kannan is back on PaGaLGuY to answer all your questions about ISB PGP...
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By march 31st 2017 I would have 20 months of work experience. I wish to apply to ISB for admission. Can I apply in Early entry option ? or regular process this year. 

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Hi Guys:

I have created a group for post-GMAT preparations for Kolkata-ites. Join the group to discuss all your GMAT related queries as well as Essay and PI based discussions. 

Looking forward to your contribution.


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Guys i want to start my carrer with MBA from ISB can anyone help me with sugggestions how to make it happen, i am working with wells fargo last 18 months, should i take coaching it self studies

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Can you please evaluate my profile

Xth - 82.4%

XII- 80.6%

B.tech - 81.7%

GRE - 315

Work experience - 3 years and 5 months

Experience in TCS as Senior systems Engineer

Certifications - Six Sigma, MIcrosoft certified .net specialist,NIIT C++

Diploma in business analytics from IVY PRO.(done more than 5 live projects of companies like HSBC analytics)

Presented a paper in NABARD.

Internship - 3 months at TATA power + 4months At orissa govt.

Volunteered for 6 weeks with CRY NGO.(Field work)

HAs been a core team of SIFE KISS KIIT.(KISS - Kalinga insititue of social science for the tribal underprivileged children).

Has been a part of the 15 days Jagriti yatra .                                   Jagriti Yatra is a 15-day long, national train journey that will take you 8000 kilometers across the length and breadth of India, to understand and build the India of smaller towns and villages through enterprise.Jagriti is focused on the adaptation and replication of successful enterprise models across Middle India.

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Hi please evaluate my profile, My profile is a bit different, so I want to know about my chances in ISB...profile wise....

So, Xth - 90% and XII - 80%, Bachelors - 84%, Masters - 75%

I did my Bachelors in Planning (B. Plan - 83.9%) from NIT Bhopal and then did my Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (M. Plan - 74.9%) from Centre for Environmental Planning, Ahmedabad.

So basically I am an 'Urban Planner'.... Basically I work on urban development and planning of infrastructure like roads, housing, solid waste management, sewerage, sanitation, transportation etc....

I have a work experience of about 3.5 years in 3 organizations, all very different

1. 8 months work exp. as Research and Documentation Coordinator in a labour union for women in unorganized sector like - waste pickers, street vendors, home based wokers, beedi workers, agarbatti makers. I have worked on research on how the urban policies impact their livelihoods and with that did a bit of fundraising work for the organization from international donors.

2. 1 year 9 month work exp. in a Research Project on 'Water Supply and Sanitation in Urban areas - India' funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a Research Associate. I involved research on sanitation issues. More like using Microfinance for making sanitation facilities available to the lower income groups in India.

3. 1.5 year experience in a Corporate firm and into Urban Infrastructure Consulting. Working on government programs and policies like Smart cities, Swachha Bharat, PPP policies etc.

With a profile like this, what are my chances....is the profile good? Not soo good? Nutral?

Score that I should target at???

Thanks in Advance! 😃


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690 - gmat

10th and 12th >90

grad - 76

3 yrs exp in embedded 


any chance for isb hyderabad? please let me know

thank you

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Dear All, I don't have much knowledge about ISB admission procedures. I am sharing my current profile... X- 86.71% XII - 85.40% B.Tech - 96% Work Experience: upto June 2016 it will be 24 months. (working in L&T Construction) Had an internship in Solar Based company for 10 months during my final yr. State level Gold medalist in creative writing. Want to leave job in june 16 and give GMAT. So for 2016 class... 1. Am I eligible enough.? 2. GMAT Score required..? Please provide your valuable suggestions. Thanks to all...

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Hi ,

This is Manoj from Mumbai. I am working in IT as senior software developer and having 6+ years of Experience. I wish to pursue Executive MBA. 

Please have a look on my profile as below and kindly let me know whether I do have some chances for exec MBA..

X - 77.60%

XII - 57.0 %

Grad - 67.17%

Exp -  6+ years as Software developer 

Age - 28 years

I have to appear for GMAT yet. but even after appearing for GMAT will top colleges like

 ISB Hyderabad, SP Jain,IIM-B consider my profile since I have very avg acads..?? 

Wat woud u recommend me??


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Please go ahead and give the GMAT, a lot will depend on that. Your profile is alright  :)

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can someone post the criteria to qualify for ISB ??

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Beyond that there are many admission criteria that go into the selection process like your undergraduate scores n quality of professional experience.

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Hi Swapnil, you have sufficient post graduation work experience. With a well balanced GMAT score & great interpersonal skills you can qualify ISB.

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HELLO  Sir I have been working as a mechanical engineer in a core company , and its been 4 years of experience. I have appeared for CAT thrice but didn't got expected results . This year I have started for preparing GMAT and its going well . My academic 10th: 81% 12th: 78% Btech (mech): 7.77 CGPA could you suggest me Best colleges and minimum GMAT score for Operation Management . Does my acad profile affect my admission in those colleges . Thank YOU!!

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There is no minimum scores. Get as much as possible and apply to colleges and go through the admission process. profile looks descent. All the best

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