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All the best to everyone for their IIML interviews and please do post in your experiences. For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this: PROFILE: Acads X %,Board, year XII%, Board, year Undergrad Str...
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Hi. I am appearing for IIML GDPI in March. I belong to the DA category with moderate to severe degree of hearing loss in both ears. I want to know if there is a special procedure for GD of DA candidates or is it the same as general category students? Should I inform the faculties while I am at the GDPI venue?

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IIM Lucknow: Personal Interview Guidelines

i think a must watch video for call getters

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PROFILE: Acads X %- 90.8,Board ICSE, year 2004

X II%-90, Board ISC, year 2006

Undergrad Stream BE, Specialization ECE, Percentage 80.7, Year 2010,

Institute BESU Shibpur

Work-Ex:30 MONTHS Sectors- TELECOMMUNICATION, Company Ericsson

CAT 2012: Quant :98.3 Verbal :98.3 Aggregate :99.32 Category : GENERAL


Interview & Essay Venue: HOTEL INDISMART, KOLKATA Date :18-3-2013 2 PM

Essay : Topic: 50 years from now,you will regret not doing the things that you liked to do..

Number of Ppl present 9 Time:2 pm

Brief Snapshot of the attempt:It was an abstract topic.Realized that people will have very less to say.Thought about some unique points and raised them at appropriate times.

IMO, there are certain qualities that the panelists look for,to chose a candidate.If they see some of those qualities in the GD and essay itself, the amount of grilling is less in PI and hence your chances to convert increase.So,the battle is won in the GD Essay itself, if you perform really well.

Your performance in GD is subject to certain parameters.Remember, its your relative performance which will be counted.Don't get excited, when the topic is easy.Stay calm and drive it.Stick to the basics and things will be fine.

P2: I was slated to be interviewed almost at the end.

Panel Members Intro: Two gentlemen.. P1 (aged around 55), P2 (aged around 50)

Questions:P1.So,Hi..You work for Ericsson.What do you do.

Ans :- Explained in simple laymen terms.The idea should be to generate interest and also give an idea about how dedicated and passionate one is about his/her work.

P2. So, you are doing pretty well.Why MBA?

Ans :- Spoke my heart.Told about my family business which i aspire to expand and consolidate.Stated some supply chain terms (had prepared for cross-questions on it)

P2. So you want to be an Entrepreneur.Who is your role-model?

Answered.Said Dhirubhai Ambani.

P2.Why operations and supply chain.How does it benefit a business?Give examples?


P1. Was verifying certificates.Asked me about some documents which he wasn't able to find.

Showed it to him.

P1. So,where are you from?

Ans :- Bihar.

P1. Interesting.Tell me 3 things which Bihar can give to WestBengal in terms of governance?

Ans :- I was like..WTH! Said about some policies of Nitish Kumar.Education,developement in infrastructure.

P1. You are sitting in an IIM interview.You dream to do an MBA.Give specific answers.(Said in a harsh tone,his intentions were to grill me)

Ans :- I fumbled,but regained my self quickly.Told about some specific policies, atleast tried to.

P1. No no.Do you know what governance is?Define governance.

Ans :- Wow.This is an IIM interview.HELL! I fumbled.P2 was smiling at me.I realized that this answer is going to make or break it.

I defined governance.Gave my best try.P1 looked convinced for the first time.

P1. Ok, continue..What else?Why is Bihar underdeveloped?

Ans :- Said about the freight equalization rule which had been implemented in Bihar.Went on for 4-5 minutes.

P1. Hobbies?

Ans : -Said Music and guitar.

I was cross questioned on it.

P1. Other hobbies?

Ans :- Said cricket.

P1. What is south-paw in cricket?

I didn't know about it.I guessed something and told them that i was guessing it.

P1. Go home and find out.Good.All the best.

I said "It was a pleasure being interviewed by you". Smiled and left.

Rate your preparation(0-5):3

Rate your performance(0-5):4

Any other relevant detail:

Be yourself.Don't try hard to impress them.If you are good and if you deserve it, you will get through.

Verdict :- Converted 👏👍

CAT 12 : 99.32, XAT 12 : 99.2, IIFT : 50.49 || Calls : IIM A,L;XL(BM & HR);IIFT;MDI;IITB || Converts : XL (HR) IIML
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Can anyone give me the link to IIML converts official thread? and when will the waitlist for Lucknow release?

Manoj Kumar Raju M
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Converted L (only call), not joining...

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Any idea when will IIML declare the second list?? rolleyesrolleyes

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anyone from Noida..delhi..NCR here..?
or Infosys-Mysore employee..
IIM L Student 2013-2015
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yaar koi rti file karne k liye link do na??.. i cant find it on website

IIM Kozhikode| PGP 2013-15
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X %,Board, year - 89.83%, AP Board, 2002

XII%, Board, year - 96%, AP Board, 2004

Undergrad Stream(BA, BE etc) - BE

Specialization(CS, mech etc) - CSE

Percentage, Year, Institute - 86.2%, 2008, Osmania University College of Engineering

Work-Ex - 56 months, Cisco Systems

CAT 2012 - 98.89 (OA), 94.03 (QA/DI), 99.37 (VA/LR)

Interview & Essay

Venue - Bangalore

Date - 12 Feb 2013

Essay Topic - Fame and riches are fleeting, stupidity is eternal

No of people present - 10

Brief Snapshot of the attempt - A decent essay with a proper introduction. Gave examples on both the cases. Opposed the first statement saying that fame and riches achieved through proper means are eternal. Supported the second statement. Concluded with the reasoning.

Time given - 15 mins to think and write (Split the time into 1:2 ratio for thinking/structuring and writing respectively)

GD - Same topic. 15 mins to discuss. Started the GD well and pitched in about 2-3 times later. Had a very good discussion, thanks to the fellow applicants.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4

Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5


Panel Members Intro: 2 profs (Male - M and Female - F)


F: What is the meaning of your name?

Told that it means beauty and also another name of goddess Saraswati

F: Have you given this name to yourself?

Mentioned that my father had given me the name and also the reason

F: I guess it's a unique name. Haven't heard it often

Mentioned that it is quite a common name in South India, especially in AP

F: Ok, nice

M: You have around 5 years of experience now. Why don't you go for a 1 year course like that of ISB or executive courses in IIMs

Gave my reasoning on why I would like to go for a 2 year course instead of the others

F: So do you have flexible work options at your company?


F: Do you think it is better? or fixed timings like Infosys, TCS have

Explained that flexible timings are better in product companies along with the reasoning behind it

M: Tell me more about your work and customers


M: Why do you want to go for MBA? Have you come across any one who has already done MBA and talked about the advantages?


F: What do you do in your free time?

Cooking and reading books

F: What do you cook?

Tried everything. Continental, Nepali, Indian etc.,

F: What nepali dish have you tried


F: Oh, interesting. Never knew it was a nepali dish

M: So you are already earning a lot in your company. You might not get good opportunities once you're done with the course here

Explained why placements are not of utmost importance to me

M: Ok, I understand. But just giving information so that you can decide about it later

Sure, thank you sir

F: I just have one more question before you leave. You started off with the GD well but then went quiet for some time. May i know the reason?

Mentioned that I'd made a harsh statement in the middle of the GD and how I was setback. But then realized my mistake and poured in my thoughts into the discussion. Also mentioned that I wanted to summarize but there was not enough time.

F&M;: Ok, thank you. You can leave now.

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4

Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5



Though my interview was very generic, depending on the panel, you might be asked questions on anything (Academics, work experience, general awareness, standard PI questions). Please prepare properly without ignoring anything.

In the application form, though they ask us to fill the graduation details (Individual years) only if incomplete, the profs asked me to fill them up nevertheless.

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I think the ABM results are out. Not sure.

XLRI HRM 2013-2015 || XAT 2013 - 97.9 CAT 2012 - 99.56 SNAP 2012 - 98.56 NMAT - 214.
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